Dance like no one is watching, Sing like no one is listening and Dream like you will live forever:*


There is so much to achieve. And our goals and targets are so challenging that it leaves us with each day as a test. And taking each day as an examination we do the best that we can with the best we have. That is the charisma of time. It slips by so fast and 24 hours seem so less. I wish there was an extra time for the ones who think it’s less. Somewhere you could trade time with the ones who have no idea what to do with so much of ample time. And there are so many of us who are grumpy and tetchy about how boring the day can get or there is nothing to do at all. Look around there are thousands of things that can be done and hundreds of stuff that can make you smile. Just choose what interests you and pick that hobby and do things that make you feel lively and productive by the end of the day.

There are some of us who do not like the 8 hour job and can crib about it day and night. There is less of concentration on what you are actually doing and again we gripe how we are so bored in life. If you do not like it why don’t you just leave it?? What’s the point on continuing with something and hating it at the same time? And in addition to that people nag about not having time for their loved ones as they are really busy. How can one be so busy and forget what they really want or wish for??

And I just came across this quote which says : STOP ACTING AS IF LIFE IS A REHEARSAL, THE PAST IS OVER AND GONE, THE FUTURE AIN’T GUARANTEED :)There is not much understanding to the whole thing, If you start living your day as your last, you will get all the answers that you are longing for!!

As you waste your breath complaining about life someone out there is breathing their last.


There are these times when you take a step and decide about something. You are so clear about what you don’t want and you have no clue what’s in store for you. The best part is you are so chilled about everything because as we know nothing goes by as planned, so it is no point whining about stuff. Even when you are heading to a “Destination Unknown”, you can just trust and believe that everything will just work out fine. It always has. Why not this time??

That moment that you believed your heart and went ahead with your intuition, now there is only looking ahead for the best things. Standing strong with the judgement of yours even if it’s a wrong one is what growing up is all about.

It is so true that you are left with mixed feelings and are unsure of things around you as you are answerable to so many people, about so many things. You need to solve the puzzle of your life. It could be real soon or a little later. It is your call and you are the making yourself a masterpiece. All I am saying is if some plan doesn’t work out, it is totally fine, you got to know it was not meant to be rather than pondering over the things that you always wanted to do. Don’t let others play with your mind about their views and get onto you. You have taken the choice which is not momentary, and a thought has been given to it. And I am sure these transitory and quick decisions are for the best.



Hard to impress a girl:*

When it comes to keeping the relationship charming, it seems like an easy task, but one of the most difficult things is to keep a girl happy each time. I am sure most of the guys will agree with me on this. It’s just something there that they are not satisfied with. If you give them space, they are of the view that you don’t really care about them, if you are getting more updates about what is happening in their lives, they will have a long talk on being free and not interfering too much in their lives.  They don’t need any reason to be infuriated at with their loved one even if the person loves them like crazy. Till date I have always been the speaker for men and will be, always justified the boy’s part, and I personally think they are more practical and reasonable than girls. It’s more like ladies are more of attention seekers. But then there are a few of them who don’t really care much about anything. There is not much thought given to the relationship because it’s a part of life, not the LIFE. There is so much more to be discovered than being in a relationship. But even when they are so chilled out about things and situations, a bond can never work out smoothly. Is it because of change in time?? Is it because of taking the other one for granted?? Is it the thought that she doesn’t really bother because she does not talk about it?? I fail to understand when I hear relationship not working out after 7-8 years.  The love does not die, I guess it’s the communication and expression of feelings which does !!



And when the relationship is growing with each moment ,  this feeling remains the same after years and years !! THAT’S THE CRAZY -THING-CALLED -LOVE 🙂

De blog life chose me :*


And one of those days you just feel like writing, letting your thoughts out, and where you can just talk about anything and everything. It could be the random idea in your mind to something very important.  It could be about the smallest thing that made your day when you did something like looking at the stars and make a constellation or about a particular incident that changed you. I know it sounds crazy.  But that is the power of a BLOG.  It does not matter if someone is reading your piece and judging .It’s just for you. You don’t need to impress anyone and need not care how others interpret it. So if you have not tried it, you should start right away as you are missing something AHMAZING. And trust me it’s so much of fun when you keep posting and expressing through words.   The time when you read your writings after some days, it’s gets crazier and I bet you will start wondering  where was this perfect writer lost?? And come to a conclusion that you should start writing a novel . And there are times when there are puzzle of words which has no meaning but yet it forms a beautiful piece. And this one being the latter one !!



IMG_3578They are born with special powers,
Which is beyond this place and towers?
The way they do all the talking,
With the expression, and let out their feeling.

Even if they are treated differently in our community,
The elegance and charisma is beyond perpetuity,
Let’s shower them with all the love and respect,
At each path as we make our expedition perfect.

They are superior around mass and crowd,
As they are gratified what they have found,
And they have different capability of undertaking,
In which we have no idea until we believe in.


Goodbyes can be super difficult; this reminds me of a post that I had written some months back when a friend of mine was leaving for his higher studies. i guess the word is overstated, because you can never be away from the people you really care and love. There is no saying goodbye. And as time passes by, there are changes in our lives, with a new phase and another chapter beginning, it’s hard to bid farewell. There are so many people whom you meet in your journey, and each one of them have inspired you in some or the other way and there is a connection and the bond is just amazing.

Sometimes I wonder is it just the feeling that I have. Or does it revolve round everyone??Going to a place and spending couple of days I feel attached to that surrounding, and there is something more to the area, and I can probably relate loads of things to it.And it’s unbelievable how I get close to people whom I just meet over a flight, or somewhere unexpected .Meeting the best of people, it just cannot get any better.  It’s so great to have a feeling of being associated to so many things and people. And the best part lies where the next step teaches you more and lets you explore and grow like never before. Every day is a new learning experience and the time that you have been with so many people are cherished and remembered. And even when goodbye is the sad part, there is a something great in store to be added to your escapades like the addictive new television series that you were waiting for!!

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Towards the destination :*

My feelings wonder far away,

With so many plans in the tray,

Mind is blogged for quite a while,

And the number is out in a mile.


The situations can get so confusing,

You just forget where you were going,

Trying to think about your destination,825

It’s easy but takes some perspiration.


The best is to go with the flow,

Cause time always gives you a blow,

And it is on us to stand firm and strong,

Even when the torrent is coming all along!