As we celebrate Women’s day

On eighth of March, all our posts, messages start with celebration of Women’s day. I am sure if we are not in the habit of forwarding messages, we might have gotten one in the different groups that we are on the social media, be it WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook. The quotes shared are strong and the messages are beautiful. There is depth in the words and as we read, there is a different level of accolade in our minds. Some of us tend to ignore it while some of us love the fact that we celebrate this day and some of us are happy that it is a public holiday, a day off from work.

It is interesting to see various campaigns and events happening around different parts of the world but at the same time there are so many instances wherein we withhold women. It could be towards their right, on their thoughts and opinion, on their freedom. Some examples that I am going to list could be the ones that I have seen around me, in the Asian society, but these still prevail.

The fact that the family should have a boy child is prevalent in many homes and the daughter in law if not pressurized for another child, are still not spoken well of. Instead of rejoicing the capability of bearing a child and taking care of it for nine months in the womb, we are still under the impression that the girl child is ultimately going to leave the house and there would be no one to carry forward the family tree. Why cannot the daughters in the family lead it? This is during birth, the same perception lies when a person dies. How sons are accounted for during many rituals, and these are by default. It is heart – wrenching to know that daughters are not allowed during the last rites of their father, let go the scenario of doing it by themselves. How different does the society, treat a boy and a girl, of the person who loved them equally.

Similarly, the differentiation in attire, every day attributes that a women goes through when she is married and when she loses, her spouse is not correct. Her marital status should not affect the participation in the ceremonies, the respect, the inclusion on different other activities in the social order. This is where we need to change completely, not just with our views but also with our voice. We cannot count on how things were happening, and let our opinions disappear. We should be that change that we talk about, especially from the day we celebrate us, celebrate every women who are around us, be it our teacher from school, our moms, our sister in laws, or a stranger who is an innocent little girl waiting to be the fierce yet calm woman someday.

I agree men and women are different in many ways, and there is no debate about it, but we really need to buckle up, just not with our words or thoughts but our everyday actions to salute women every single day. Let them know that they are the best supermoms, and the way they take care of everything being so selfless is beautiful.

Time is powerful

As I roll my month calendar, as I think about the days spent, I am surprised that two months of 2018 is over. While giving it a thought, there were numerous things that happened past two months, yet I feel that the time just flew by and I cannot quantify my actions. I am sure most of us feel the same and in no time, we will be ready to welcome 2019, without even looking back and analyzing the past year. While we question our schedule and time, do we value time in true sense?

We think that we are being productive and making the most of time, but we need to understand that there is more than being in the present, there is more than just showing up. Easier said than done, is why we must practice, many aspects of strongly being in present. We must not be obsessed with having things go other than the way they are going. We need to let things be and it will resolve itself. Life happens. What we do not want to do is spoil this moment worrying about that moment. This way everyone loses, and most importantly, time is lost.

We should also appreciate what time makes us do, and how strong we become in some situations that we had never thought of. We could have a different approach to various circumstances and each attitude being ours, reflected according to the phase in life we are at. It is super interesting to observe the same person responding to similar situation in different ways. I feel the biggest continuous challenge that we are facing is the time. It has rewards and scores for our life in its own way but the sad bit is, it cannot be repeated once attempted. If we follow this mantra very actively in our day-to-day life, we might make our choices differently.

In addition, we need to realize that the time for us as humans is short, shorter than we imagine it to be. Our journey of life is going to be so different if we get too busy chasing down the extraordinary which on the bigger picture will matter by the end. What will matter is the joy that comes to us in ordinary moments.