The journey of KTM Drive~

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Being the founder member of this group, my experience has been amazing. The ride has been really good and it has taught me ways of living, made me realize how blessed we are with the things we have. It gives me different energy and enthusiasm to plan the events each time which is unexplainable. The magical blessings from thousands of people have been heart warming. As we have touched the lives of about five thousand people, we are willing to learn more and give the most to the world.

The best part about KTM drive for the members is that it is not a compulsion, nor is it a strict rule that once they have joined the group they have to be present at the event. The decision of being a part of different events is left on them and it has made them more participative. Since everyone wants to give to the society in some or the other way, The Ktm Drive has created a platform where one can give ideas, involve in different activities as well as sponsor the events and connect with many people. The group is a combination of professionals from different fields which makes it more interesting. The events are held on Saturdays which makes it easy for everyone as it is a holiday.

The people who observe our events question me on why don’t we get ourselves registered and work as an organization. The simple answer to that is: – We are not a NGO but work like one and we believe we have inspired and motivated many. We have ourselves discovered so many things as each event has been a learning curve. The next part where people are inquisitive about us is on our working area, which is diverse, from planting trees, to distributing saplings, visiting old age home, rucksack projects, bakery and ice cream treats, sponsoring kids for their education We are involved in all which surprises many. The reason behind this is we want to give to the society in whichever way we can and we do not want to be restrictive. Since good is happening with each creative event we do not concentrate on one field.

40 events, which included visiting Montessori’s and meeting the notorious and innocent kids, coordinating at schools , hospitals for plantation program, collecting clothes for rucksacks, awareness program at various orphanages, playing games and flying kites with differently able kids, finding individual sponsors for the event, taking permission from the Agriculture Ministry for collecting number of saplings from Chobar nursery, it has been an awesome run. There are instances when there have been people excited to hear about the events we do and promising us that they would be involved in one way or the other and they are times when individuals have not bothered to take care of the plants they grow. We have met extremes. This encourages us to reach more people and make them understand that the act of giving in itself is never wasted and should not only be in thoughts.

While we plant and monitor saplings at different places, we spread the benefits of Mother Nature who has given us in abundance. We do the bit we can, spread smiles and give gratitude. An idea of making the town greener which has gone out to various social causes is appreciated by all. We have a logo, a site to ourselves ( which explains about upcoming events, what The KTM Drive is all about, how to be a part of it. We got shirts printed for ourselves. There are sponsors, who have deposited money not wanting to know which area we would use it for. They know how we roll, what we do and are assured it would reach the right place. That’s what we wanted to be: – transparent. Our work shows what we are.

There are moments when we were asked on what are the benefits we achieve from the events? To this I would just describe in a line saying that :- “Some achievement are not material, each one of us involved in the drive has received satisfaction, inner happiness and are proud of ourselves for doing what we are doing.”


Season Of Hearts:*


Change of season adds spice in our lives. Each season has its own charm and has something new in store for us. Be it the winter cold or the sunny mornings, frozen snowy nights or the autumn breeze, it gives a different good vibe and is bliss to wake up to sunshine. Starting from the winters when it is colder in K-town compared to the previous years, the temperatures have gone to the extremes all over the world. Summers have become really hot and winters frosting. The difference in temperatures is happening everywhere because of global warming.

As the global warming discussion continued in one of our get together, a cousin asked me on which season did I like the most?” Which season you wait for in a year?” she said. I thought for a while and concluded that I was in love with all the seasons. To classify and think about it, I love winters when one can just sit in the garden or home terrace on holidays and have a great time basking the sun, eat oranges and read a book. One needs to be careful with the sunburns though. The fun part is the winter breeze while riding the bike and the foggy morning. There are times when one cannot see mile ahead while driving which gets pretty challenging. The fog gives the feeling of being in the clouds when one can touch the cotton candy and fly pass it. The winter cold is biting and chilly unless one warms themselves with layers of clothing. The plump look with layers of clothes is worth the risk. The winter cold gets in the laziness as intakes of coffee increases significantly.

I love the early spring time and the cool summers when I can flaunt my flip-flops over shorts. There are majority who love summers because of the longer days as many activities can be done. The flowers which grow during that season are lovely and the sky looks beautiful during the early sunrise and late sunset. The change of color in the sky during evenings looks magnificent and the different shapes made by cotton clouds are harder to guess. With the beautiful view and breeze the different seasons has awesomeness stored for us. It’s surprising to see how people around complain about each season. When its winters, they can’t stop cribbing about how cold it gets day by day. When it’s raining for a month in a row, they have problems as it gets difficult to travel or plan an event and during summers they complain about the scorching heat.

Each time of year adds essence in our lives. We need to prepare ourselves for the lovely weather as I am now by writing this piece on a chilly but really sunny and warm Monday morning.

Learning lesson:*

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The other day, I was asked about THE KTM DRIVE event which was conducted recently. I replayed the day in my mind and it got me thinking on different incidents and learning that happened on the 39th event. Since we had been conducting events twice a month, the numbers were increasing and we were already on the 39th event in the first month of 2015.

While talking about the drive, we started the event pretty early. The idea was to give out warmers to the people in winter cold who needed it the most and not to the ones who were sitting on pile of clothes outside the temples. We had purchased a new set of shawls which was sponsored by one of our member’s grand mom. We wanted to distribute it to the elderly who were sleeping on the streets.

Each member had collected a bunch of winter clothes for men, women and children. We reached Swayambu as that was our first destination. We saw many people sitting outside the temple asking for help. These young men and women were physically fit so we left without giving them clothes. Our main agenda was to help the old and the ones who were differently able.

We gave jackets to the old men at Durbar Marq road and outside the stupa. Right after we headed to Bishnumati Bridge to give out sweaters to the children of families one of our members suggested. The next spot was Kamladi, and as soon as we reached the temple we saw a family distributing a new set of blankets to the poor which was an amazing gesture to see. As we saw how delighted they were to receive the blankets, it made us realize that there still exists kindness and the joy of giving among human race. Some wrapped it around themselves instantly and some put them aside. As we spoke to one of our experienced new member, we got to know that some needy ones sell the new blankets for money. He gave us some facts about professional beggars and artists who lived in flats and earned at a higher rate everyday!


As it made no sense to give shawls to them, we headed near the Pashupati area, where we gave clothes to the street kids. As much as it got difficult to control these kids with their actions and language, it was a different side of a kid that each one of us saw. We treated them with a cup of tea and as we observed their activities, it got me thinking what would have happened if these kids would get an opportunity to study and if child labour was abolished?

10933158_10155060578145398_1328272106_nThe event ended on a good note as we decided on giving the shawls the next time as we could not find people who really needed it. We did not want to give it to an organization because they receive grants and donations. This event gave all of us a reality check and raised the same question in our minds. Who are the real needy if beggars are artists, where do we find people who are suffering from the cold? How do we make a better place for the street kids who are being raised in domestic violence? Why do beggars keep collecting piles of clothes if they do not wear it?

Finding out answers to these questions are necessary because the joy of giving doubles when it is on a right note. Just giving for the sake of giving does not better the place and that is never the idea of THE KTM DRIVE!! If you can think about a place or an area where around 20 shawls can be given to the ones sleeping on the street, post in.

On a Bandh day:*

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As I sit on the chair at my home terrace, listening to the sound of motor bikes at intervals and bask in the sun I have many questions in mind. I am sure these queries are thought by majority of people who are tired of analyzing and interpreting the situation. They have given up hopes as they see no solution to it. These questions are for the citizens of this country, the unstable government which is being asked by different individuals who have no interest in politics, whatsoever.

The main issue: – Why are strikes called for when each one of us know what the result of constitution is going to be? It has become a routine of troubling the normal working day life of the citizens of the country before the deadline of formulation of constitution is met. The strikes affect every aspect of development and have been going on since years.

Who gets highly impacted with the strike: – As much as the kids are happy not attending school, the education of students is at loss as they lose out days of schooling and college. The productiveness of a working group becomes lesser as much work is not carried out on a bandha (strike day) and the work timings become flexible. Some deny using their private transportation specially a four wheeler drive because of less security on the roads. Even the motorbikes are seen lesser in number as compared to a holiday. It is definitely because there are fewer people ready to defy bandha. Since public transportation do not ply, the everyday wages earned by the drivers as their only earning source gets blocked and it also gets difficult for people to reach different destinations. Many other people who live on their everyday earnings lead a hard life and since the industries are semi-closed the economy of a day is at the lowest. Undoubtedly, the most affected people are the tourists and the ones who travel on that date. It becomes complicated to get to the airport and more difficult when people have to visit hospitals during emergency situations. Nevertheless, there are situations when the goods are stopped at the country borders because of the strike.

Who calls for a strike and how successful is it: – This has been a puzzle for many. Most of us do not know who has called for the strike and the news spreads faster making the strike day powerful. Since we do not know what to expect on that day, we keep juggling our minds on taking our vehicles on the road or not. It all depends on the number of cars and bikes on the road, the lesser number, the strike becomes successful. Imagine a situation where everyone is independent and each one of us defy the strike by plying our vehicles; it would be a normal working day if it happens.

As much as each one of us is confused if it is a bandha or not we have the fear of the happenings if we challenge the bandha. We cannot let this scare threaten us and we need to stand for what belongs to us, which gets us thinking, what should we expect from the constitution this time, which has been delayed since years?

Embrace what we have :*

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We need to embrace more of what we have, the people we are with,the different things that we are blessed with. If we give it a thought, all of us are grateful and privileged to have an amazing family. If we are staying in a joint family, there is the next level of enjoyment and fun as we love the togetherness between cousins and elders. It is awesome living around so many people.

There is so much to do and talk about with each member of the family. The bond with each one is strong and pure and that is one prime reason which keeps family together. The generation that grandparents are from and the era that they have seen cannot be compared to today’s time. The transition till date is vast, that at times how they have accepted the changes is applauding. The love and care that we get from them cannot be measured. In spite of the years gone by, we are always going to be their favorite and pampered like children. We should be thankful to them as they shower blessings and forgiveness in each step of our lives, on any mistake of ours.

The most we can do is to make them happy and not give them reason to complain for not being able to spend time and give attention to them. There are situations when the wavelength and thinking does not match between generations, and the reasoning is never understood by elders even if it is tried hard and at time there is communication gap. This can be removed when both sides compromise, adjust and are flexible. The conversation and the talk taken in positively is the best option.

But, all in all, being in a family that supports and encourages is wonderful. There are many decisions which have to be asked for, which everyone might not approve of, but with it comes various approaches on different matters and also the perks of staying with each other. There are many ideas which we believe in, as we evolve with changing times, the concepts which alter previous rules as we revolutionize and make changes as we grow.



My heart stood still,

When I looked right in line with the tree,

The most spectacular thing right in front of me,

Could not take my eyes of and watched in glee.

The feeling of being in love,

Is quite amazing and as warm as a glove,

What the craziness that lies within,

The beautiful monument was made in.

The work of art and the carving on the marbles,

Made me marvel how polished the work was done on the pillars,

Thousands of people to watch the wonder of the world,

As they got closer they took a snap in the cold.

So much of history of the times gone by,

Each statuette has its own and crazy sty,

The chronicles and tales are as lovely,

As the look at the time of dawn of the white beauty!

The FAT Indian Wedding:*

The idea of an event celebrating love between two people and their hope of growing old with each other, sharing every moment of their life together is marvelous .The whole practice and ritual while tying the knot is different in each custom and culture but in the end it gives the same feeling to individuals– Being together forever. The big fat Indian weddings are always fun when cousins get together and meet after long which results in crazy bonding and sleepless nights.

The wedding days pass faster and quick that the time spent is not realized and the madness is missed later. In an Indian wedding, there are different functions like mehendi, mahira, musical night and the main event when two individual take a vow with one another. Mehendi is imprinted on the hands of the groom, bride and the guests. The embossed color looks brighter in some hands, depending on the quality used and the number of hours left for it to dry. One needs to be patient to sit and get mehendi applied; which is more like temporary tattoo. Then the next event comes along which is the musical night; all about dancing, singing, music, having fun with family and friends. The last occasion is when the couple takes a vow with each other. It is a moment that stays in their hearts eternally and forever.

During weddings all of us are dressed in the best attire with each accessory falling in place and the heels that compliment the color of the outfit. The dressing part during the wedding season is amazing but there are some who spend hours thinking what will match better with the dress. It’s how confidently one carries the attire that reflects personality. Being very particular and keeping everything detailed does not make sense because before one realizes the moment sweeps away. In a similar way, one should not spend exorbitantly for the wedding and take time for making decisions on the minor parts. The gathering should be limited and the closest should only be invited. The clothing should be comfortable and the concept of making wedding “A Show” should be stopped. It should focus on the turn that is being experienced by two individuals and families.

Especially for the bride and groom the ceremonies are so long and happen on a stretch that it gets tiresome. There are times when they can’t even remember how the big day passed by and the memories are vague. It is surprising but the bride and groom enjoy the least as they get busy on some ritual or the other. It is the same for the host and members of the family. They are busy with the last minute preparations and making everything perfect. Even if the planning and arrangements have been done months prior or it has been done by an event planner, the members of the family get puzzled throughout nights. Isn’t the occasion to celebrate love and the knot between two families? Why do we complicate it and not chose the simpler way? Why is the society still following the same method in spite of the modern thinking? Why does one bind himself with the social phenomenon?


The movie titled PK, released on December 19, 2014 was loved by many viewers and at the same time criticized by a lot of spectators. This movie has been in many controversies after its release which has crossed the earnings of 200 Cr in India. Have you watched the movie?? What do you think about it??

I watched this movie twice and would recommend it to everyone. One was a coincidence when I was offered the tickets for the show on the second day of release and had no idea on what the movie was about. Since recently I have been particular on choosing movies, and when the trailer did not appeal to me, I thought I would give this movie a skip. I was then convinced by my best friend on how I would thoroughly enjoy the movie and it would be on my favorite list once I watch it. He was correct and this movie indeed stands on top of my list among the category of 2014 movies. That’s when I took my parents for the movie. The first cinema experience that I remember watching with them.

The movie is interesting and perfectly made with a nice story-line with awesome acting and gives out a very strong message. Majority of people say that the movie is like OMG, a satirical comedy drama released back in 2012. Both the movies are very different and a part of PK is concentrated towards religion and the belief on the omnipresent. The movie shows various other factors that revolve around the mankind. It shows how complicated our lives are and how we make the smallest things complex. This is depicted through an individual from a far away land who is surprised on how different the systems are and the strange rules which are followed.

The best part is how the movie is synchronized, the ones who have watched the movie would relate to the various traditions and rules of each religion that I am going to talk about. There is a scene which shows how the actor wears slippers and enters the church, whereas the same is not allowed in temples, how he wants to offer wine in the mosque and is beaten, while the same is offered in the church. How there are different lines for rich and the poor in famous temples. It is so strange to realize once again that there are various ways of praying, some stand, some bow down, some kneel in front of God. Even if everyone respects the one, there are innumerable stalls and pandals at the time of festivity and every day in a week is celebrated on a different name, when all are the same.

In the same way, the attire and the representation of each religion are followed till date. When the widow wears white in Hindu religion, and the same colored dress is worn by the Christians at the time of wedding, one for sorrow and the latter for happiness. The color black is for funeral and grief within Christians whereas it is the traditional color of dress for Muslim ladies. It shows how the look of a person discriminates the religion, which is no longer true.

The three hour movie also shows how people are fearful and when they are frightened they chose the other methods when the answer to all their questions is within themselves. It talks about how terrorism is spread and mankind is on the decline and civilization is deteriorating. It also states that the right thing is to believe in the omnipresent directly and not choosing different ways to accept the Supreme. The movie beautifully portrays the activities which are carried out in our everyday lives which do not have any reasoning but is still accepted.

The movie which gives us a reality check on the happenings around us which complements a feel good style of honest and innocent story telling.