The time that we had spent,

Seems like it has gotten a bent,

The nights passed in a quick,

The endless talks across the wall of bricks.

The feeling so strong,

Kept us in a closed bond,

The connection so instant and fast,

Was rare to find around the place and in the past.

There was so much to share,

That it got us in a pair,

Analyzing on the next step and dare,

The relation we could not spare.

When emotions said out loud,

It was a one way cloud,

The answers left unattended,

And the heart was tainted.


Its okay to say NO:*

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There are a lot of times and situations where one gets puzzled to say “NO” to the nearest people in different circumstances. It could be a request by favorite, or it could be about some work that one has no idea about. These are the set of people who are up for anything and everything at anytime. They will be ready for a getaway plan which is made a day before of travel, or would go an extra mile to be solving someone else’s worries. They try balancing different parts in their life, and would love to participate in every activity possible. There are times when they forget to balance themselves while running around. This definitely keeps this particular group busy.img-20141206-wa0005

It is really nice to come across people who have the above habit and thought process. The world would be such a gloomy place without these bunches. With all this appreciation, there are moments when this lot lacks the skill of prioritizing. It is amazing to help people, be around many and be their saviors. Nevertheless, they should also know what is important and when is it not.  People need to realize it is better to be finishing one task than to try and compile all of it together.


As we speak about one set of people who cannot say no, there are others who do not get affected with words and behavior of people in the long run. They do not over think and it is very hard for them to make a straight face. They are the types who forgive and forget and could also include the ones who would not forgive, but forget. Their attitude is never based on how they have been treated. They cannot hurt someone else’s feelings, just to let them understand how it felt when they were hurt. Even if a scenario opposite to this exists, the amusing bit is how people get offended when they are finally treated the same.


I personally would not vouch for what is correct or what is wrong, it is who we are, the values that we have and the individual’s nature. People with good hearts are rare, but when we meet them we get to know instantly. This is who they are, with their heart and soul. There is no situation of “tit for tat” for them but it can get awful at times when the same mistake gets repeated several times on the chances given.


The first time I opened the gate,

You were standing with a confused face,

The first time our eyes met,

We knew it was hard to get.

The exchange of numbers and mail,

Led our conversations while on sail,

The wait for calls and those few words,

As we look at the watch, twist and curl.

The little surprises across the ocean,

Felt like a fantasy, with so much of precision,

The relation never fails to amuse us,

Even though there are so many unsaid emotions.

Each time our talk feels like the first,

Can’t wait to see you, it is a must,

The universe will conspire,

To get us together, wrapped in a wire.


Splash of hidden happiness:*

As I write on a Saturday morning, there are many thoughts on my mind that need to be written and published. The feelings include lot of instances that has happened in a span of a week, the situations that I have come across, and the expressions that need to be said out loud. Writing is such a great and powerful activity that I feel proud to be continuing it for about half a decade.

There are so many circumstances that affect, inspire, and motivate each one of us in our untitledeveryday lives. If these affairs are penned down, it not only gives one a sense of realization but also spreads the word out to thousands reading the piece. There are many readers who can relate to the writing and for them it feels like a story they would be narrating if given a chance. It gives me a sense of achievement when there are individuals who appreciate writing and wait for my next article. Spread of 15000 of readership, covering a different reader from a country every single week, it makes me feel wonderful. Out of 500 articles, sixty have been published in the newspapers. Let me tell you this did not happen overnight, it took me a while to be a regular published writer.

It’s entertaining to read my blogs from a while ago and discover that there was a certain thought process that existed while writing the blog at that particular time. That idea might just seem vague to me right now but it made a great topic to write back then. There has been learning each time that I have written and there is definitely a scope of improvement. It is a learning curve wherein we learn a new word every day or grammar which has been ignored in our vocabulary since long.


Writing is not a task, it is happiness. Every article that I have written till date has been straight from the heart. There was a point in time when I would write every single day. With a little of workload, the frequency has reduced but I would love to get back to the same number. It is very true when people say that it gets difficult to get back to the activity that we are not in a habit of yet I promise to be back soon as I have so much to write on my travels, love and my story.

There is so much energy that I get after every piece of writing and I would recommend everyone reading this to try “writing”.  Writing is just for oneself, it could be on the most random things that we come across. We need not publish the article that we aren’t confident of or don’t feel the need to. Writing is a state of expression and sub-consciously answering a lot of question that we already have answers too.


If you have been one of my readers since long, why don’t you let the world know how much you love reading the articles, or you could also let me know how I can improve:) . If you are reading this and writing your first article I would be happy to have inspired someone to follow something so beautiful that they are missing out on.

P.S:- Blogging works better if you actually write something. Blogging does not work if you are only thinking about writing something. Also, make sure you take an hour out from your busy schedule and be regular, because a minimum of an hour is an average time for writing and publishing a blog post:)