Destination Known:)

It’s been a month that I have posted on the blog. There are so many events happening, so many places that I have travelled past month and so many crazy incidents adding so much to write. I added the topics on the note of mine at different times and as I compiled them all, the headings seem to go on for another 2 months. Whoa, that’s going to be a whole lot of interesting work. Writing is one of the best things that one can fall in love with. As I have started with VLOG, which is addictive too, the experience is great and each video gets better each time.

Each travel has added a travelogue and articles on interesting incidents, people and various cultures and lifestyle. It is so incredible to see different religions and so many different natured individuals. Observing the situation can be so amusing and entertaining.

I started with my travel diary after a year of blogging. It never struck me that my journey could be drafted in a blog. Since then I have been regular. It was the same with the videos. After two years of posting articles, one fine day I realized that I missed out the opportunity of making small videos. About 10 travel blogs have been posted already on You Tube after that date. As one thing led to other, I have no idea what is going to be next, but my creativity is surely on a high.

All I want to convey is write your heart out, it need not be in a very complicated language, simple words and easy sentences. You could start with writing your everyday journal and pen your thoughts on how you feel about a particular occurrence. This will not only increase your vocabulary but clear your mind on so many things. And there will be a time where you will want to write for hours and hours as you get addicted to writing.

Baggage in a  relationship:*


Relationship can get trickier at times and once it starts getting complicated there are two alternatives, some fade with time and some just end so quickly that there is no full stop. There is no conversation, which leaves the other perplexed and confused on what happened. I guess, it is always nice to have that talk when you end things, the presumptions and assumptions about different things do no good to anyone.

Imagine two individuals being in relationship for the first time, without any previous attachment, things would be much simpler. There would never be looking back, and the bond would be stronger as there would be nothing to hide, the lives being an open book, and nothing that you would feel not happy about. The firsts are always special and if you are with your first for the longest, life could not get any better. You learn with time but being each others first is the most special feeling.

There is a different charm of being in a relationship with someone who has been with many and wants to be with you for years. Even if you are not his/her first, you are being pampered and loved and the number just does not matter. Everyone has a history and as people grow in each relationship, the way he/she has been is because of those many relationships they have been in. So you should be happy that you found someone who can handle things better . Everyone has a baggage, who doesn’t is the question? You should be completely cool with it if you have your own baggage. But the faster you forget about your own and your partners past, the better your relationship will work out. You should not be comparing with your ex or talk to them about their exes time and again. If you do that, it surely is a relationship killer, unless you are in a very different comfort zone.

There are so many relationships which do not work after a decade of being together. As time passes by, some attachment stays the same and some don’t exist, again depending on the nature of the person. It surely becomes hard, and there are reasons for it not to work. When you enter into another bond, there is always a question which stays in other’s mind. It is hard not to accept that the same story will never be repeated. If you do not want that question to arise in your loved one, you got to move on completely and love them like your first as the past is gone and it’s better to leave them in the history.

Do it for a life:*


World Health Day is marked on 7th April, 2014. I had no idea unless I saw it on the newspapers yesterday that this day is celebrated too. I am sure there are many of us who are so bad with dates and since there is celebration for each title, it gets more confusing. So what do we actually do on this day? What do we do on the environment day which comes each year on 5th June? There are many events which take place on that particular day and the result is short termed. Don’t you think we need to carry these habits everyday in our lives and create awareness among people who are not using them or are not contributing to the environment?

This thought led to the making of THE KTM DRIVE. We don’t do same things here, but we do things differently. It all started with giving out tree saplings, some bearing fruit and some flowers. When we gave them for free we were not satisfied as we were giving out a message for a greener town, but at the same time, were those saplings being taken care of? Were they planted around the house? What was the result of the event? This inclined us to create awareness in various ways. We started visiting schools, orphanages and planted the sapling with the kids, made sure that they had the responsibility towards the green.

One thing led to the other, and we started with RUCK SACK PROJECT – a project where we collect old clothes and give it out to the one in need by wandering around the town. Giving clothes to the homeless, contributing our time at the old age home and having a mini-ice cream party, giving out new socks and gloves in the winters, this time we met young girls and taught them healthy habits. They knew it all and were so smart for their age, but a little brush up on their oral hygiene and sanitation was required. We gave them healthy kits with toothbrush, toothpaste, hand towels, nail cutter, body lotion, hair oil, ear buds and bathing soap. This is how we celebrate each event as world health day/ environment day.

These kids sang for us in chorus to the Nepali song Slowly Slowly and we were surprised when we got to know they were singing together for the first time. They were really good. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the talented kids spreading the message of cleanliness. After the talk was over, this girl asked one of us as to how much water do we drink in a day?? It left us surprised. The smartness and promptness of the kids these days is uncanny.

There are times when people come to us and ask on why are we doing these events, are we being funded, where do we get the ideas from and what joy do we get from it? Here is the answer. Each event has been a two way learning process, and we have inspired many through our journey. We are not registered neither being funded, till date we have been collecting money from our members for our events which need monetary help. Let’s see how far we can go with it as it is a team work and we do have amazing members around, we are waiting for someone to take the lead and carry it on later.

Each one of us is busy in something or else in our professional careers; we conduct these events once a month, 12 times a year. I am sure each one of us can give in that much time for a cause, something that is making a difference in the lives We would love you to be a part of our drive but even if you cannot, we request you to do your bit and give in a little time of yourself, to the people who are in need. It could be the smallest, but an act of giving gives you satisfaction, contentment and happiness which are beyond thoughts.

Its not right or left, its right or wrong:*


Each one of us is raised with values and principles. We have always been directed on what stands correct and incorrect. The steps as a child are set at home and the same is strictly followed at school. The rules have been made ages back and the tradition has been going on since then. We are revolutionizing, changing the pattern but there are some custom which have been the same. Just for example: Women leave their houses, and go to a new home after marriage making an unknown place their own. Not just home but they change their surname and take their husband’s last name. Why aren’t they allowed to keep their father’s last name forever?? Why aren’t the men leaving their houses and adapting in their new home??

This practice has become less with time and prevails in most of the countries. We need to accept the power of men in the modern times is higher. Even in the 21st century, the responsibility of both the sexes is differentiated after wedding. Especially in Asian countries, there is an extra accountability and expectation from the daughter in law of the family even if they are capable intellectually.

Who decides what is right or wrong? Who makes the rules and where are they inscribed? I believe it is just the belief which has been going on since a long time and we are afraid not to follow them. We want to reform the conventional practices and carry on with our transformed thoughts but are anxious if it would be accepted in the society or not. With the uncontrollable expenditure in weddings, exchange of monetary value from jewelry to gifts between two families (another form of dowry), and inviting the relatives who has never kept a relation till now, it seems illogical. But there we are attending the ceremonies half halfheartedly and as a requirement.

That was one perspective and there goes another. As kids our acts are calculated each time and categorized as– A naughty kid who is inquisitive and tries to explore more than required for his age. The right was always known, but there were no reasons given behind why is it the correct thing. We all have faith on the universal and omnipresent. We want to lead the path which Lord Buddha has enlightened us with. The various teachings in Mahabharata and Ramayana are etched in our hearts and we follow them. The phrases in the holy book “The Bhagwat Gita” teaches us so many things. The different religions follow their own morals.

Have we ever given a thought on various wrongs at those times, how Mahabharata is based on the fight between cousins for land and property? How Pandavas could bet their wife in a gamble?? Why was Lord Ram sent to exile for 14 years just for the reason that his younger brother would be given the throne?? I believe there is no right or wrong.There are many ways to see the same situation.