Amusing relations :*


I met some sixty people during the family function last week, my mom made me meet quarter of them, and my granddad introduced me to half the crowd and the remaining lot asked who I was. That’s how I added those many faces in my mind, all in one day. I don’t remember their names individually nor do I recall how they are related. Some of them had interesting stories to tell about me, the kid they had seen years back who was all grown now. It was a fun conversation with some knowing about their experiences and their life tales and with some I wanted to take a rain check the moment they started talking.

It is so strange how the entire generation is associated with so many people whom they have never met nor heard. The bond and link of the newer lot is automatically less with the older age bracket as the family expands. The newer ones can relate to their immediate family members . Majority, it happens that the older ones are familiar with the family structure of far off relatives and still have that soft corner for all of them. This is because they have lived with one of the members and the second generation of that family gets related too. It all depends on the time that you have spent with the other person, that is when the attachment increases. A cousin brother of my granny is dear to her but when it comes to my connection towards him; it seems like a distant one. It surely is a closer one when its from his side, as I am his sisters granddaughter. With time, the knot between two individuals from different era is almost nil or a reduced one and the bond is not same on both sides.

We hardly know the names of our far off relatives?? We wouldn’t be bothered about what is happening around them?? And since we have not stayed with them we do not have the attachment. At the same time, if there are people who are not even related by family and you have a friendly relation with them, the affection is more. It all depends on the individual comfort and chemistry. Each relationship is valuable and the two people who are a part of it only understand the significance of it. Relations are pretty amusing as the level of it changes with each person but the nature and character of each entity remains the same.

Live to eat or eat to live:*

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Do you like exploring new restaurants, checking out new places in the town? Would you go to the food joint which is recently opened? Are you the one who checks off each place from the list that never exhausts?? If you are saying a yes for all the above questions you would be more surprised as I ask you the last one. Are you a foodie? I wouldn’t be amazed if you have an answer which is negative.

We are the set of people who want to try new lounges not cuisines. We are happy with the ambiance and the kind of music played. When our favorite songs play consecutively, it complements the interiors and styling of the place. Some of us like dark settings, candle light dinners and some of us chose a brighter place. For some people loud music and some drinks is how their day is made, and for the other lot it is conversations and coffee in the open spaces. It all depends on what type of a person are you and whom you meeting and your common interests. We love ticking off the cafes and cannot go to the same place repeatedly. Many can relate to this situation, unlike some foodies. It is totally opposite for them.

The other group lives to eat and would love to try different kind of food. They crave for junk and enjoy their meals the most. They can spend hours talking about various appetizers and experimenting on recipe. There are some lucky ones who do not grow fat with the quantity they eat. They are blessed with a perfect body structure and can fill their desire to eat their favorite item each time without thinking twice. A perfect situation is when a foodie need not restrict to eat for any reason. This group will not explore and would be happy to go to places where they get the specialty of their choice. Cooking new delicacies each day and being fond of catering does not necessarily mean that one loves to eat. There are people who love serving others and some are connoisseur of good food.

Do you fall on the first category or second, aka do you live to eat or eat to live? Either way, this quote from Mahatma Gandhi stands so correct: To a man with an empty stomach, food is god.So eat what you prefer, but just remember to eat HEALTHY!!

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What goes around comes around:*

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Do you believe in KARMA, do you believe what you put across the world comes back to you?? What do you think about this statement: – The action of yours towards others, affect the reaction of others on you in future. It could be some good that you have done to a stranger whom you are never going to meet and the similar situation comes around where you are the recipient. What about the relation between past lives and the deeds done, does the act carry on in this life too. How far can you relate to this?? There are ample of books on this matter and the most famous being Many Lives, Many Masters by Dr. Brian Weiss. These are not difficult theories, it is just about how you consider and perceive life.

Some of us who have experienced or had incidents where the universe has gifted us the same situation that we have been in as a giver is quite mesmerizing. We all accept how Karma works, but once we have had a story that we can share, it becomes exciting. This episode starts as I met a stranger and gave her a lift in my car. I have a bad road sense and hardly remember the narrow lanes. That day, I got lost while coming back from work, as the road diversion led me to a place I fairly remembered. I followed my intuition and ended on the wrong path. Since I had to figure out the way, I asked a girl who was neatly dressed in her school uniform for directions telling her the nearest landmark to my house, which is a government school. She was delighted as she studied in the same school. So, Iimages (2) told her to sit in the car and get ready for the drive. She could show me the way too and I could drop her to school. Both our mission would be accomplished. She was surprised during the stretch of 5 minutes as we reached and the look in her eyes was captivating as she had never sat on a car.

There goes another interesting time when I was going to give my professional exams, and I got caught in one of the strikes, I had no other option than to walk towards my exam center which would take more than twenty minutes. The clock was running faster and half an hour was left for the papers to begin. I was running around the shortcuts to reach as there were no four wheeler plying. Some two wheeler were running, but I could not call my friends in short notice. So I took a lift from a lady who was riding. Since the tradition of asking and giving lifts is not there in Nepal, the lady asked me so many questions, analysed the situation properly, thought on what I was speaking, read my actions well, and finally agreed to give me a ride. And after some conversations we got to know we had some mutual friends. So that’s what I am talking about. It’s all about KARMA: – What went around came around~ It might not happen sooner, but will come back in some or the other way.

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Have you ever had a similar circumstance?? Post in. It would be fun reading your KARMA stories and opinions on it. The next line describes exactly what I think “We are bound to others, past and present, and by each misdeed and every kindness, we birth our future.”

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Affair of the heart:*

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You have to realize that some people can stay in your heart but not in your life, some can stay in your life but not around. This is when we are talking about different relationship that you have been in. Some connection with your loved one, friends or a stranger you have recently met lasts for ages and some withers in no time. It all depends on the effort that each one of us place for staying connected and the chemistry which lasts even if you are not in touch for a long time. The relation stays for endless time when the feelings have been expressed and reciprocated. A one sided affair lasts for a while but wont forever. If you want the other person to stick around; you need to be there when the other one needs you. Each bond grows when it is a two way process or it will end way sooner than you can think.

There are times when everything is perfect, you meet the most charming boy/girl in your life and things are just the way you imagine it to be. Then comes a phase in the relationship where you have you make that choice. You do not have many options, the first one would be being around as companions and the next one would be to let go. Both choices are hard but the most difficult one is latter. You do not have the last alternative where you can be around your loved one forever. So you have to move on as it is the best pick not because the circumstance is not in your favor but that’s the reasonable thing to do.

The heart knows it all, it is clear about what is happening and what will the result be. It is surprising why it does not want to accept the decision made. It wants to defer the conclusion till one can prolong to. It does not want to admit the changes which are the best. It wants to be in control till the time it can because it has deeply fallen for someone and it doesn’t want the love to flee. The quicker the heart relates to the way the mind thinks, the better it is.

An affair these years is not only about two hearts and related to the duo; it is a signal images (7)which is given out on Facebook of what the status of the person is. You get to know if the other one is happily single, is in a relationship or if the relation is complicated. It is correctly said that the best sign of a relationship is no sign of it on Facebook. It has become a style statement on updating about every smallest detail. With no privacy, we have started becoming judgmental and there is so much that can be learnt about the person and their heart affair.

A heart affair in not a vacancy that needs to be filled each time, there need not be a replacement, someone to take over the last role. You need to be on the search, if it has to happen it will. Be sure to give in sometime before racing into filling the spot. It is a special place which is just for the one whom you think fits in the best and can stay forever and for always.