Chef on the roll :*


I have never been a reality show fan. Never. I cannot watch with the advertisement that takes half of the time of the show and somehow never been inclined towards it. Surfing channels and sitting in front of the television had long gone as my pastime.

There was this one time that my mom mad sure I watch this episode of a kids show which is related to food preparation. She said it was amazing and talked about it endlessly. The least interest that I have towards cooking I gave it a second thought and wanted to rain- check. It really did not work out, and there I was watching Junior Master-chef. These kids of 8 to 10 years are unbelievable, and the way they prepare their dishes starting from chopping to dressing is awe-inspiring. The charm, innocence, confidence, naughtiness, talks are splendid.The love for preparing such food items and the way they explain it to the judges is so accurate. I possibly thought how it is possible for them to make such nice and scrumptious food items. As it’s said the nothing is impossible, this can be proven by these cute, pretty, chubby, handsome angels.

The part which was really sad was when the results were being announced. Everything need not be about winning and there need to be fewer competitions for this lovable kids and more workshop for them so they can carry out the activity that they are really good at and get motivated and stirred.

P.S :- We really need to come up with new and innovative ideas for contest rather than coping it from the other end!!

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It just got me thinking how generation of today would define PATRIOTISM. All of us are so busy in getting what we want, and some are not really sure if the thing that we are running after is what we are looking for and it will give us utmost satisfaction. Our wishes and ambitions are never-ending and with this schedule of ours we have totally forgotten about two things. One is the beautiful Mother Nature and the next is the Mother land!

Both gives us unconditional love and gives us so much that we have taken it for granted. There are so many small things that can be done to give out gratitude and respect even if we cannot be a part of it. The majority of youth today fails to understand that. You need not study environment sciences; need not be a part of the Army or a Gorkha soldier. What you got to do is stick around with your country and make it a better place to live. Get the changes that you look for in another nation instead of running away. It sounds all fancy while writing and it is equally difficult while practicing it but somewhere we got to do the small things that we are responsible for as citizens of this beautiful homeland. What does being patriotic really mean to you? Celebrating various national holidays whose history or significance is not clear in your mind, By-hearting the dates of wars for school exams, getting the citizenship, enrolling yourself for voting for election, cribbing about the situation around you which is endless. Have you ever done something which you can proudly count as doing it for the mother country without any self-interest?

This feeling surely comes from within. It just cannot be forced. Go ahead. Try this out. Spend ten minutes in the evening sunset and you might just get the answers that you have been looking for so long! If you cannot take care of your surrounding the least you could do is plant a tree and nurture it and take care of it as it’s your own. If each one of us wakes up to our conscientiousness, the world would be so different.

“In the face of impossible odds, people who love this country can change it.” 
― Barack Obama

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When you are on a battle field, you have no freaking idea when the bullet might just hit you or run pass you if you are lucky and still you are standing with your head held high and fighting for your motherland, the thought of it is super crazy, and super scary. You never know what is going to happen in the next couple of minutes and you might never get to see the people who are closest to you! This is the price of getting into the army. KUDOS & A BIG SALUTE – To the men and women who have been really strong and taken the decision of getting into the military.

This thought comes in my mind each time I go out to play PAINTBALL. It’s an amazing game and if you are wondering what it is. The ones who have watched the movie –THIS MEANS WAR can totally relate to it. It’s quite interesting –all about shooting and firing, blank target, even if your aim is really bad it’s all about having a great time and fun. It gives you the whole experience of being in the warfare. You are clad with a military jumpsuit and given in a gun filled with paint bullets. Being in a team and covering up your team mates and at the same time escaping from the paint bullet and not getting shot. The best part is when the game is on hold and when the other side is shot with the paint, you presume that but nothing happens. There are no tricks to win, you just shoot, and enjoy the hours running around, crawling, and surrendering the other team members, protecting one behind the barricades and brick walls and try not getting the paint on your body or a bruise from the ball because that sure hurts and leaves a mark – all out of experience. If you haven’t played yet you surely need to get to the field. The game of PAINTBALL is never disappointing and it excites you even if it’s played time and again.

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As a VOICE @


While I write this article, I can’t stop smiling and feel awesome on being a part of REVOLUTION RADIO. The journey from the start has been crazy and amazing. The morning shows are just the perfect way to start of my day. Going live on air is the best thing that can possibly be. With the late night sleeps and early morning shows, getting up can be such a pain, but the love to go on air takes it all. It’s been more than a year now. I still remember the first time I went on air, it was fanatical – extremely nervous, everything scripted, I had no idea what was I suppose to do when the song was missing in the archive and I was to play in some seconds, how to go about the different players. I had practiced quite a few times at the studio but the first is always the first.

It was the 23rd of July 2012 when a dream of a girl of 10 actually got a chance. I always wanted to be a Radio Jockey but I was so occupied with the craziest stream ever – Chartered Accountancy and never got the time to apply or give it a chance and moreover staying in India for 5 years the dream had almost died.

How it all fell in place – It’s quite an interesting story and all of the credit goes to THE ONE whose voice is a LEGEND and can make you fall in love time and again. Each time I hear him on air I just go speechless, till date. I am talking about Ashish Da. So, I was preparing for my papers and being a follower of Lex Limbu, I came across Revolution Radio – The Online Radio Station. The whole idea was exciting and attractive. Never had I heard about something like this in Nepal. I wanted to know more and all about it. After searching for a while, I could come up with a couple of things. For starters it was started by” The Rhythm Brothers” and Manoj Dai, and the studio was at Moksha. So I called up the restaurant thinking that the studio was in the eatery itself and he asked me to talk to the person concerned – Ashish Da. Immediately spoke to him and got to know loads about RVL Radio. I was really anxious on asking him if I could be a part of the team. I had never been in radio before but I knew that I always wanted to experience being in one. The half an hour conversation could not get better. I was asked to meet but only with the ideas for the shows. This was the best time for me to get creative – While studying and preparing for my C.A exams which were in 20 days. I was hooked on to it, never missed any show and went completely crazy recording my own audio clips. In a day, I almost recorded 100 clips. I would just stop in 20 seconds not remembering what to say or a slip of tongue which I noticed. I loved the whole feel of it and I was all set to meet with my crazy ideas. The talk went really nice. And there I was asked to come and practice the shows and learn the technical part.

Initially I goofed up, made some silly mistakes, but that’s how you learn was the reply. And since then the wait for Tuesdays and Fridays is there and the passion and love for the microphone and headsets increases each time. Sleepless nights, winter frost, rains, bandhs – taking the routes that I never knew existed, the bliss of reaching at the studio cannot be compared.

You definitely have to be good with multi-tasking – getting the tracks in place, replying to your listeners, interacting with them, taking in messages, Skype calls, dedications, the quality of song, thinking about what you got to talk next, and also the ROFL moments on air, the moment when you are off air and you realize after a minute or vice versa coffee and craziness – It all happen in those 2 hours.



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On a rainy day ~


The weather is so unpredictable; it’s a sunny day in the morning, as I leave for work. The breeze is so fresh and welcomes the new and yet another eventful day.  On a 20 minute ride, I love the sun rays coming right on my back, not hard, it is perfect. Just wondering how much tanned are my hands going to be. There is some kind of happiness as I ride, is it the weather, is it the day, there is something about it which cannot be found. As I cross half my travel time, I can see the grey clouds at a stretch. Hoping I would reach the destination in time and without stopping in between, I could feel the rain drops in my hand.

In no time, I see the pedestrians using their umbrellas, some open it in no time, and some are yet figuring out what should they do. Wait for it to rain a bit more. The varieties of umbrellas can be seen everywhere. The different colors on the street make it beautiful. It started raining heavily and I had to stop and wear my raincoat. And many others riders did the same. The ones which did not carry their jackets as it was a bright day had to wait in the shades at the shop. Some just kept riding even if they were fully drenched.

As I started my bike again, I could see vegetable vendors covering themselves in plastic sheets and still doing their job, some street kids were enjoying the rain water in the puddles not caring about being damp. The street sellers were removing their things as fast as they could. The dogs were getting wet, and I wish I could do something for them there. And my 5 minute ride turned out to be a 15 minute as I got stuck in signal and then a huge traffic.

Some really enjoy rains with a cup of coffee and a novel. Some like it while playing in the gardens; kids love it as they make small boats and get a flow for their sail. Some go crazy for the smell and some for the sound of  patter on the roof. I am sure you love it too!!

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Release the kid inside :*


While talking about wishes on my earlier posts, there was this thought that came to my mind, how many of you wish you could rewind time, and be a child again. I bet loads of us would. It is one of the best times of our life, where we are carefree about things. There are no expectations, no worries, and no wrong judgement, not much to think about. It’s taking each day like a trip, a holiday. Least responsible about anything happening around, not caring what the world is doing, because we have our own small world. We love the small fairy tale that the kids are in – having fun with colors, spending ample of time playing outdoor games, dancing, watching television without an alarm, practically doing all the fun and silly stuff which no one cares about.  I saw these girls of 7 in their pink frocks with a bow neatly tied. They had come for their dance class to the club. Seeing them giggle for the smallest things, and the sounds of chuckle made the place so lively. Their talks and innocence were so charming, especially when they did things older to their age. The irony is kids want to grow faster and not be directed to do things and controlled and we would love to go back to that year. It is just so crazy on how minds work.

Living in the present and enjoying each beautiful moment is the mantra. Even if you have made  many mistakes in your past, live your life in your fairy tale land and never let go of the kid inside you.

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Just one wish:*


Wishes are never ending. The craziest part is the rule for making wishes is different for each one of us. Some have unbelievable ones. Imagine a day when everything that you want is rolling at its best. You feel so blessed and there you wish each day goes by that perfectly with your small needs being fulfilled. Have you ever thought about a situation like this: – You have a genie and he is asked you to wish for anything in the universe, but it could be one wish?  What would it be?? Getting the answer to the question is very difficult. We cannot suffice with one dream and the list can go on and on. The world is all about the dreamers. And once you get it make yourself the genie and go get your wish by yourself. It could be impossible to get it but you at least tried. There is not much of thinking given neither is the situation understood while you are wishing. You want things your way – It’s as simple as that. Some have desires which are attainable and some work so hard getting their wishes, but still fail.

I know everything happens for a reason, but if you could know what the reason was.  The trick is :: Never give up, it’s your wish list, don’t let it go easily .

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Perfect Chemistry :*


I see the view from my balcony and the words I put it to describe this panorama would be less beautiful on how the sky looks today. Each day the view looks exhilarating and I spent almost 20 minutes looking at it. And when I think about it what did I do for almost half an hour I have no answer. I am neither on the think mode, neither answering the questions which are to be resolved, nor relaxing, neither reading a bestseller. I just get so mesmerized with the sight and finally today I sat down to write a blog on it.

It’s like a painting which is in front of me, and changing every second with a new one. It’s got only 4 shades – Grey, White, blue and tinge of orange, more like milky white. These are the colors which are making it shiny. The combination and mixture is next to perfect for each time I look at it where I see clouds forming the border in the skies, and the way it is blending with each other, I feel like throwing my hands in the air and touching some. With that a little ray of light trying to show us something, but at the same time covering it all. That is the beauty of showing us on never to lose hope. It’s just about the chemistry between the weather, clouds and the stretch of those black lines in the sky. I am not really sure the way it moves so perfectly, with rounds and rounds. As I complete this piece, there is a volcano of cotton candy and the map of United Kingdom in the opposite side. I love the way our minds get creative when it comes to describing a vision.

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With friends like these:*


There are so many people who come in our lives and teach us so many things and made us what we are today. Some can be called at 4 in the morning, some are Facebook/twitter friends whom you have never met, and then there are friends whom you want to share the hilarious stories and the others that you have met in your travel. They leave an impact in your life and their opinions matters. Some stay throughout the journey but some fade with time but their memories are fresh and lovely. Our journey is full of such amazing and crazy people who are a part of our ride. They stand by our side in each step and some choose to escape and the best is letting them go and welcoming the new ones. I am blessed to have such beautiful lot in my life. As every day, when we celebrate the bond of love and togetherness, I have a small note for the special ones.

Flat 11, Horizon Apartments (aka S Cube): The love and care, the random plans the stories which can be laughed each time we talk about it yet cannot be told out loud. It was amazing to be a part of it!! And I can never forget the best place there – The Terrace!!

Talking about my bêtise – Zeeshan, Far away but still the closest to my heart. We have seen each other grow as individuals and been there through all the thick and thins. It’s all about sisterhood.

Symbians ( Smk, Ranjoey ,Mr.K) – We are so busy in our everyday lives but are still connected even if we meet each other after couple of years. The warmth, the love and the hugs are irreplaceable.

The Gang- I have no idea how we got so close, a group of 10 boys who were buddies since childhood and are till date, but all of them have never been together. And couple of us became a part of the craziness. In such a short time it feels like I have known them forever. The endless gossips, suggestions, coffee treats with Soky and Ritima 

Khushi – The one and only closest school friend ever. We hardly stayed together after school but the attachment has never washed out, in fact its been more.

The Princess& Fairy: We had our own struggle and faced the challenges but we never gave up and are professionals. It’s been long since all of us met but we surely have had a great time together with the night outs, drives and outings.

Konark Campus- How can I forget the parties, and endless talks in the night, on the other side of the town in Pune stayed these awesome school friends of mine and we grew together through our college times.

Jazmin -One of my oldest school friends, not really school friend, we met each other for a day, that too in the school bus. It’s all about destiny and how we clicked and share the bond till date. More like far door neighbors.

Surbhi- A friend and lesser like a sibling, giving advice’s and covering up for each trouble that we got into. The fights and concerns, the non stop one liners and laughter, travel and vacations, its been great

There are so many other people who have been around through the ups and down. Take some time out for the awesome ones out there. If you have been really busy and caught up in uptight schedule, get out there and let the special ones know that they bring the best in you and have been a great team to the craziness!!

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