Just one wish:*


Wishes are never ending. The craziest part is the rule for making wishes is different for each one of us. Some have unbelievable ones. Imagine a day when everything that you want is rolling at its best. You feel so blessed and there you wish each day goes by that perfectly with your small needs being fulfilled. Have you ever thought about a situation like this: – You have a genie and he is asked you to wish for anything in the universe, but it could be one wish?  What would it be?? Getting the answer to the question is very difficult. We cannot suffice with one dream and the list can go on and on. The world is all about the dreamers. And once you get it make yourself the genie and go get your wish by yourself. It could be impossible to get it but you at least tried. There is not much of thinking given neither is the situation understood while you are wishing. You want things your way – It’s as simple as that. Some have desires which are attainable and some work so hard getting their wishes, but still fail.

I know everything happens for a reason, but if you could know what the reason was.  The trick is :: Never give up, it’s your wish list, don’t let it go easily .

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