Our perception towards life:*

Why do we think that we have forever? Why do we not comprehend that there is an end and life is more than what we are striving and living for? Why is it difficult for us to accept that we are not immortals?

We never think about this, as we are busy in our everyday life, as everything is running smoothly and we do not realize how swiftly time is passing. To think about it, how would we? We were not taught in our school nor did our academics have this topic. The Art of Living, which is the most important subject of life, is overshadowed. I personally would never understand unless I bid goodbye to my dad last year. There were lot of questions, emotions that did not have an answer but this happening surely gave a reality check about what life eventually comes to.

It taught everyone closer and me, value each day, to feel blessed about the small things in life, to spread more happiness, to do that little extra for someone, to help, to smile, to live. Unfortunately, we had to go through this to apprehend what it truly means to live each day to its fullest. The phrase “life is unpredictable” resonate and some situations when we keep finding the right time when there might be no more time started making more sense. This again does not mean that we do not hope for tomorrow, to welcome new relationships, and worry about what will happen because it definitely will. It is the unchangeable. We should dream, make plans and not worry about the end.

What we need to do is very simple. Break our long-term plans to short-term; execute them rather than only planning one long term. It is with these small ones, we will feel motivated and happy as and when it completes. We all have read the quote from Steve Jobs “If you live each day as if it were your last, someday you will be right”. Living might be difficult, but the feeling of it being the last, if it stands with us, changes many things, and having experienced that, I believe on it more. Our behavior to someone, our actions, and our decisions in life will not remain the same, and we will make more choices that are conscious.

In addition, we should not stress, as these smaller scenarios, which seem like the biggest one now might not be worth losing out time of dismay. With all of this we need to give gratitude to the healthy body that we have, and enjoy, do the things that our body permits for us to do now. This is for us to think that the day it stops being fit, all of the running around and being upset about the minutest of things, which could be the weather, wouldn’t really matter. The time that we think, we would be able to relish will no more be there.

The point here is if it would not matter the future then, it should not matter now, we need to live keeping the bigger picture in mind. The mantra is simple. It is for us to choose.