Smile as we think about you:)

As we talk about you, there is a warm smile that comes through,

Remembering the different moments when you always knew,

All the goof-ups, mistakes which we did not have a clue.

You always amazed us with your patience and gave us a second chance,

Be it the wrong booking or not having that perfection while building the fence,

You encouraged everyone with your words and no one around could be tense.

As we talk about you, we remember the small things that made you happy,

Be it the coffee-chats, gardening, and spending time with your Popsy,

You were the root of our family, always content, and super canny!

The days we remember you the most, I wish I can let you know,  

That we are super blessed to get theses learnings from the start in a flow,

We know you are always guiding in each step, how I could send you these writings in a blow.

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