Growing another year wiser~

Happy Birthday to me,

Happy Birthday to me,

Happy Birthday, happy birthday 

Happy Birthday to me.

I am usually super excited for my birthdays, I plan a lot of things myself for my special day but this year growing old felt like a different milestone altogether. Crossing 30 felt a bit weird and each year as the number is growing up, it feels strange. While I think about this I remember my aunt saying, ‘Don’t think about getting old, worry about thinking old”. This is such a profound line. I thought to myself how past year has been, with so many learnings and building relationships with a lot of people. 

My main highlights of this year were starting the Bay drive and joining the school for my MBA. I was blessed being healthy and being loved more by my favorites. I did a couple of vacations this year, each one was fantastic. From driving in the Dublin to backpacking at Tahoe, I loved them all. This brings me to my last line which is going to be from the wiser me as the clock strikes 12. it doesn’t matter how old we get, what matters is what memories we create and experiences we live. Life is so super short, that we need to make the most of it, or else it will just slip away and we won’t realize it has:) #justathought