Finally, there goes the two hundred fifty  :*

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I was waiting for this one, this day when I would pin my 250th article. I have come a long way in blogging, two years completed at and a domain at There are so many things I need to improve on, the grammar, the choice of words, the typos and how I forget to proof read before publishing it. With each blog I learnt so much, a new word being added to my vocabulary, synonyms of different words and how imaginative my mind tried to be with random thoughts and tried to make a piece of writing in my mind in different situations.

Writing to me is expressing what my thoughts are and different instances that we come across in our everyday life. The ideas and topics keep striking from the start of the day; some are real issues added by review of an inspiring movie recently watched, the love talk which can be related by all and also serves as a travelogue. There is no trend on the writing and that is the best part. It is a diary which has crazy fairy tale of a valley girl.

I remember my first writing clearly, I had no idea how did those words come together, rhyming with each other and made a beautiful fictional story. I never thought of being a blogger unless a friend of mine read some of my articles and he suggested I should start blogging. I was scared at the beginning wondering if I even had the time to write in a day, and if the blogs are going to stop before they start. So it all started with writing for myself and describing what is happening around me. As there were various comments and responses and some of the readers could relate to what was being published, it started encouraging me more. The readers appreciated the ideas and loved the short writings.

Some critically read it and suggested me on various areas so I could improvise and this was the part I loved. Trying to be better and making it an interesting read for all.

I would never call myself a writer because my writing is not refined and polished. They are bizarre at time and some topics cannot be understood or related by the readers. It all started by aiming one blog per day and then went on a blog in a week and at times a blog in a month. Targeted 10000 views this year and we are already at 5000. In the process, I achieved patience and became more expressive. This motivated me to write a novel THE CRAZY STUPID THING CALLED LOVE which once started with rhyme phrases at the journey at PARADISO. And yes a big shout out saying THANK YOU everyone who has been a part it. Give in any suggestions and your feed back to make it better 🙂

Summer on its way:*


All of us were meeting after a long time, there was so much to talk about, so many things that we had to update each other on, reminiscing old memories. We loved making last minute plans then and we did the same this time. We decided the place for the trip and were excited for the next day. The night went by quick and it was time for us to head out. Early in the afternoon, we were set for a ride to the nearby hilltop when the climate changed drastically, and it rained heavily. The sudden change of weather made us think how the morning was sunny and bright. Some of us remembered getting up to the sun rays across the window sill. Some complained that they could not laze for long as the harsh sun rays came on their face.

As we discussed about the morning sunshine, it was gloomy and dark on the outdoors and in no time the garden was filled with white sheets of hailstones. We settled back and changed our plans as the ride wouldn’t be fun with the puddles and potholes all around. We treated ourselves for coffee and continued with our conversations.

All of a sudden, we started with a serious discussion and it was all about global warming and climatic conditions. How the weather
had been changing these years and how the extreme weather leaves everyone with a surprise. The winters had increased in the mountainous region and the southern part of Asia had been experiencing uncontrollable heat. There were so many factors and one of it had been urbanization and less of greenery.

This led to the topic of choosing the weather, summers or winters. As preferred choices were given, I stood amused with this question. It was a situation when I had to choose between blue waves and lagoon or the hilly mountains. Both were my favorite. The choice had to be made between scorching heat waves and the frosting winter cold,I voted for winters. To think about it again, I love summers too.

We keep complaining about how cold the weather is, and feel twice the cold. We cannot tolerate summer and whine, and the warmness increases. When its time for summers, we want winters more as it’s all in the mind. Its truly said the grass is greener on the other side.



Do you believe in signs? I am not talking about zodiac signs neither talking about the assumption of traits. The book clearly defining the person or depicting that the set of people born in a span of a month are similar. Neither am I talking about the signs shown on the roads to follow traffic rules or at public places.

The signs which give you a warning that something might go wrong or a caution signal which says things won’t happen correct. This is the indication I am talking about. At times we forget these and carry on with our plans especially the immediate ones. Those that are made in no time and gets us super excited and we are looking forward for an adventurous day. Nothing beats an instant plan, the one made at the spur of the moment.

So this trip started with making a few calls on a lazy Saturday afternoon where we decided to visit Joamcho, which is at Nagarjun Hill. It is some kilometers from Balaju and not that far from the town. This place is reached in about three hours by hikers. The path is beautiful with greenery all around that takes away the tiredness to walk an uphill. The Shivapuri Nagarjun National park is one of the famous hiking trails. The entry is shut at 2:00 P.M sharp for people who are driving uphill as the gate closes at 4 in the evening. It is closed earlier for the people who walk. Since it is a protective area and one has to climb about 754m to reach the stupa located at 2128m the hike is suggested to be started earlier.

Our trip was a last minute, and as we reached the gates at around 2’o clock we requested the army personnel to let us in as we promised to get back on time. Our drive to one of the most beautiful forest had started and we loved the different types of trees on both sides. The pathway was so pretty with leaves falling off trees. The trail was filled with colors of brown and green and we were in for one of the best drive. The road was narrow and we reached the next army point where they gathered some information about us and gave us the number to call in case of trouble.

We did have the number, but we were into the wild. It was driving in the woods and our minds kept thinking on what could happen. There were no shops, not many people could be seen, and residential houses were seen far away. We were having fun imagining various situations in this place. We thought what If the tire went flat or something happened to the vehicle We were at the forest and the first thing to expect were some wild animals and our discussion on the 20140315_142609strength of a black bear paw started. It was all for the fun of it. As we were talking about different animals which could possibly encounter if we get stuck in the middle of nowhere. Our conclusion ended and we decided to run for our lives at the farm house which we saw at the diversion.

The adventure had all begun. We crossed a number of taxi and bikers so we had an idea that there were a number of people visiting the place. So we took the car in that bumpy rocky road, it was a hard drive but we made it for an hour. It was already 3.30 P.M and we weren’t even close to our destination. So we thought the best for us would be to get back as we were asked to be back on time. One of the narrowest roads to take a U-turn but finally we got back to the base with the car breaking and making some noise. The drive was super fun. We could not reach the top and missed the view but I am sure it is going to be sooner and gave us a reality check.

The signs all started with the confusion of picking the car over bikes, filling the petrol at the last moment, and getting late for the entry. At times we should not push things to hard, cause when it’s not meant to be it won’t.

Why don’t you share in your experiences and if you ever had that sign?

Romancing with the nature:*


All of us are fascinated with the ambiance, the greenery around, the different sketches of nature. Mother earth offer us with such amazing surrounding that we can never thank her enough. We are bestowed with mesmerizing views that is beyond comprehension at times. How the sun plays hide and seek in the clouds and does not leave us for the day,we sure have a best moment. Some love the sunset when the orange ball goes down in no time and the sky turns pink through the horizon and for some the white sparkling moon does it all.

20131016_111158Be it the beautiful sunrise spreading the shine in our day or the sudden downpour with hailstones which spread like white sheets in the garden making the green look all the more magnificent, changing the weather in no time. Each sight is lovely. As I sat for hours and made constellations or least tried my hands on astronomy, it made me think how we romance with nature. We are in awe with the clear blue sky and clouds forming different shapes, and surely when the sky turns grey at the time of thunderstorm. The ones who are fond of nature would surely go crazy when they see a different side of scenery. One of the amazing instant is when the sun tries to make its way from the clouds; a little ray it tries to confer us with sharing in a message that hope is always around in the grey patch. And how can I forget the rainbow which brightens the sphere? Isn’t that one of your best scene?



If you can relate to this piece and you are thinking that you have missed out on those pretty and spectacular time, make sure that you starting romancing with nature again, because the different tint of blue, green and milky white is sure a beauty and bliss. You really have to take some time out to enjoy the different shades, because some picture can be captured only by your own eyes and even the lenses do no justice.


Facebook Timeline:*


If you are thinking about the next status update on the social networking site, be it Facebook or Twitter, wherein you can fit in 140 words (I am sure most of us feel that it should increase to 300 words at least, if not 350). Go ahead with the article as it is apt for you. It also suits the ones who challenge themselves every 4 hours to come up with the most humorous writing or one liner and they know sub-consciously that their life has been rotating around these networking sites.

Let’s keep aside the stalking and addiction of checking the news feed or notifications every half an hour. You need to be happy on how those creative juices are flowing and you are discovering a new side to yourselves. Till date, you failed to realize how imaginative and artistic you could be. How beautifully you could play with words and make the readers laugh their hearts out or express a thought which was in everyone’s mind but never said out loud. You think twice before posting something or checking in, especially when you have to be in two places at once. Since these networking sites have made your life transparent you need to follow the rules well or else you are in trouble.

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There is one thing that is quite amusing, the expression or giving gratitude to the people who don’t use the web portal or will never read it. Why would you want to give out a shout out to your grandparents for their anniversary on Facebook when they don’t have an account? Why would you not want to celebrate women’s day each day and be reminded on how great we are every time? Is it because you have not updated your profile since a long time or is it because everyone is posting and you don’t want to be different. Anyone can copy the thoughts, it is how your mind works and words put together which gives it a whole new meaning. So be original and ingenious.

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SERENDIPITY – the word itself is so beautiful, isn’t it?? And the movie is all the more amazing and stands on my favorite till date. A romantic comedy film, starring John Cusack (The hottest), Kate Beckinsale and Jeremy Piven (One of the finest actors whose dialogues in the series Entourage are to die for) is all about destiny or fate and how two lovers unite after years. If you haven’t watched it yet, you need to take some time out and do that today. If you are flipping the pages in the dictionary or checking online on what does it mean, don’t bother, it means making fortunate discoveries by accident.

So do you believe in the effect by which you have accidentally stumbled upon something or someone truly wonderful, while you were looking for something entirely unrelated? Has it ever happened to you? Do you think that the number of people that you come across each day have some kind of connection with you? Do you think luck exists or say signs which lead the way for you each time?? I totally do.

While giving it a thought, there are signals and when things are meant to be, it does, no matter what. Seriously if you have not observed it, start noticing for a few days, how stuff in your daily life unfolds. It may sound dramatic but the act of giving out a 5 dollar bill in the world and that note coming back to you is quite possible. It is all about trust and belief that the universe comes together to give in those hint and indicators to make your journey all the more enthralling.It is revolving around each one of us, some kind of charisma that attracts the happenings <3.

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Sweet Child O’ Mine

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As my mom narrated my kid chronicles one after the other, it gave me a reality check. A check on how I was raised, the amusing acts of mine and how innocently naughty I would get. It was so much fun listening to the incidents and she smiled as she told me the stories where I had been the most troublesome. It was one such time that the flight was delayed from New Delhi to Kathmandu because of the weather, and it went on for hours. She told me how she carried me for six hours straight as I was sleeping and she did not want me to wake up. She was carrying less of baby food and the best solution was for me to sleep. When we finally reached home her hands were stiff and were swollen for couple of days.

Another interesting story that I remember her telling was how I sneaked out to go to school when I was just 4. I studied in a nearby school and my cousins were in the same one. My cousins were getting ready for the day, eating their breakfast. I did not want to wait for them. So I quickly got out of the house without informing anyone and walked till my school. Everyone was terrified and they were searching the place for me, and finally when my cousins reached the school, they found me. My mom still remembers that day clearly. She can never forget that hug, she says. Little did I know what was happening, but listening to all these stories seems fascinating.

I am sure each one of us has these exciting tales, some we have heard of, and some we are yet to find out. The journey for our parents is surely more memorable. The different moments, especially our firsts and the phase of parenthood must be etched in their hearts and will stay forever. Since they are always around us, guiding in our life, protecting us even if we cross our teens, loving since the morning and covering up for the stupid mistakes, we are definitely the fortunate ones. It’s said that we will realize things and feel the importance when we go through that stage, but I think its each moment that we got to be thankful.

At times we overlook the whole course, and take them for granted. We forget to be grateful to our first teacher, the friend whom we shared our first crush with, that one person who have always motivated and inspired us and the person who has made us what we are today .

TRAVEL DIARY V – Drive to Seto Gumba :*


There are times when you have been planning since forever, and it is hard to recall how many times the idea has been cancelled. I am talking about a Stupa that I and my closest friend were thinking about going. It was really funny as we would decide the time to visit this beautiful monastery on a Friday night, and the next morning, we would be busy with something or end up at different places. It continued for more than a dozen times .So whenever we placed the idea in our minds we would laugh over the fact that it surely was not happening.

The same event occurred yesterday as we were leaving for the White Monastery. A clear day turned out to be gloomy, rainy and foggy. It felt that the universe was conspiring for us to not go. As we had left from our homes, we went ahead with the actual plan. Wishing for the downpour to get calmer and lesser, we reached the Hulchowk area from the ring road. The place is not that far from Hulchowk, Armed Police Force Headquarters. About half an hour drive inside from the main road, the roads are narrow and there are some slopes which are steeper, like scary steep. I have been driving since quite some time, but it sure was an adventure driving in those lanes. Since it was the first time for each one of us and me being the only driver, quite a thought was given before leaving for the height. I am sure, being on the wheels was decent (pun intended) and I did not horrify my buddies apart from the times when I could not stop swearing on the pedestrians who were holding their hands and walking. I still don’t understand why hikers would block the roads by clustering together. Anyway, we reached the entrance in few minutes and the tricky part was parking the car. Little did we know, there was a parking inside and we would not have to take the trouble of a U-turn in the most challenging way.

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Enough about the drive, let’s get on how wonderful the place was. In the rainy weather we could see hundreds of people around and I am sure they had no idea how the weather would change all of a sudden. Saturday is the only day this monastery is open from 7 to 5 P.M. Entry pass at the entrance of the Druk Amitabh Mountain leads you to 3 statues in a slope and each one of them is decorated beautifully with emerald, turquoise and other stones. The statuette on the top was surrounded by other idols. The statues made in ample space, we could see some gardening around. The place was clean and no plastics were forbidden. There were monks staying at the premises, some of them were really young at age. As we were on the height, the clouds were getting denser and in no time it started raining heavily.


After clicking some pictures and as we got done with the V-BLOG we sat in the only cafeteria for some coffee. The drive back was as interesting as the uphill was and we did lose our way to the main road once again. Seto Gumba is surely one of the attractive places but the best visit is on a sunny day as you can catch a glimpse of the town too.



Practical in Love:*


Can love be practical? Do we really weigh the realism? The number of times that we have been in love, have we been afraid of losing him/her forever, has the thought of future, commitment stayed strong in our mind?? If yes, we are not realistic in love.

We need to get some things straight even when we are truly, madly, deeply in love. Firstly, we need to maintain that attachment with our buddies before we were in love. That cannot be replaced at all. Secondly, prioritize the other side of your life and take decisions, as you would if you were by yourself, be in love, but don’t make it your life.

Each relationship teaches us so much about living, adjustments and a set of compromises, as we are two different individuals leading the same path. It surely makes us stronger and examines us in situation we had never thought. So there is this phase in our teens, when we fall for that one person, when the cupid strikes us and we think that he/she is the best one ever. We cannot imagine our life without them. The activities are similar and with the passing years, as we mature, we realize that there is nothing called one and only.

We could hope that the chemistry works for ever, for some it does and I am sure each one of us have met childhood sweethearts who are crazily in love till date. They sure are the lucky ones. When the relationship does not work, we move on and let go. Its sure is hard but we make ourselves understand that it was never meant to be. With the happy memories and cherishing those lovely moments, we are in love with the single status.In few days of being single, we recognize what we were missing on. This again depends on how our previous relationship was. There are couples who are independent with their decisions yet together, more like singly together and being practical in love. If you fall in this category, it would surely be easier for you to get on with the hard times faster.

As love makes us do silly and stupid things at times, don’t take love for granted, and don’t think about it too much. We got to be practical because this love attitude will serve us the best.