Do you believe in signs? I am not talking about zodiac signs neither talking about the assumption of traits. The book clearly defining the person or depicting that the set of people born in a span of a month are similar. Neither am I talking about the signs shown on the roads to follow traffic rules or at public places.

The signs which give you a warning that something might go wrong or a caution signal which says things won’t happen correct. This is the indication I am talking about. At times we forget these and carry on with our plans especially the immediate ones. Those that are made in no time and gets us super excited and we are looking forward for an adventurous day. Nothing beats an instant plan, the one made at the spur of the moment.

So this trip started with making a few calls on a lazy Saturday afternoon where we decided to visit Joamcho, which is at Nagarjun Hill. It is some kilometers from Balaju and not that far from the town. This place is reached in about three hours by hikers. The path is beautiful with greenery all around that takes away the tiredness to walk an uphill. The Shivapuri Nagarjun National park is one of the famous hiking trails. The entry is shut at 2:00 P.M sharp for people who are driving uphill as the gate closes at 4 in the evening. It is closed earlier for the people who walk. Since it is a protective area and one has to climb about 754m to reach the stupa located at 2128m the hike is suggested to be started earlier.

Our trip was a last minute, and as we reached the gates at around 2’o clock we requested the army personnel to let us in as we promised to get back on time. Our drive to one of the most beautiful forest had started and we loved the different types of trees on both sides. The pathway was so pretty with leaves falling off trees. The trail was filled with colors of brown and green and we were in for one of the best drive. The road was narrow and we reached the next army point where they gathered some information about us and gave us the number to call in case of trouble.

We did have the number, but we were into the wild. It was driving in the woods and our minds kept thinking on what could happen. There were no shops, not many people could be seen, and residential houses were seen far away. We were having fun imagining various situations in this place. We thought what If the tire went flat or something happened to the vehicle We were at the forest and the first thing to expect were some wild animals and our discussion on the 20140315_142609strength of a black bear paw started. It was all for the fun of it. As we were talking about different animals which could possibly encounter if we get stuck in the middle of nowhere. Our conclusion ended and we decided to run for our lives at the farm house which we saw at the diversion.

The adventure had all begun. We crossed a number of taxi and bikers so we had an idea that there were a number of people visiting the place. So we took the car in that bumpy rocky road, it was a hard drive but we made it for an hour. It was already 3.30 P.M and we weren’t even close to our destination. So we thought the best for us would be to get back as we were asked to be back on time. One of the narrowest roads to take a U-turn but finally we got back to the base with the car breaking and making some noise. The drive was super fun. We could not reach the top and missed the view but I am sure it is going to be sooner and gave us a reality check.

The signs all started with the confusion of picking the car over bikes, filling the petrol at the last moment, and getting late for the entry. At times we should not push things to hard, cause when it’s not meant to be it won’t.

Why don’t you share in your experiences and if you ever had that sign?

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