The joy of GIVING::*

All of us must have read a poem of the GIVING TREE. If not you can GOOGLE and do read it *The Giving Tree written by Shel Silverstien*. This is one of the poem which has left a great impact on me. We all know nothing Lasts Forever. Its just that one moment that one time that we have been given and we can just walk away or give our hand to the needy. Just an incident which i can recollect . I was walking across the street going for work at a bank and i just heard a screech . When i looked back an accident had happened between two wheelers. It was not much of a scene as the rider on the other bike fled away.And the old man did not get badly hurt as it was a minor accident. He took his bike on the side and  when he saw his ankle he was bleeding. I happened to pass right by his side and i usually keep a band-aid which i offered him and  luckily the chemist shop was right there . So i got him some cotton and antiseptic cream . And gave him some water which was inside my bag. And this old man thanked me and said ” You were an angel for me “. Trust me :: These words which I had no idea was coming made my whole week. Somewhere i started feeling good.

It has been quite a few times that at the times of need there are angels right beside  and are helping us. I am sure all of us have experienced that. The small things that we do leaves such an impact in the other person’s life which cannot even be explained. For example, when we are walking down the road and we see a poor kid it would not cost us much buying that Rs. 10 biscuit and giving it or probably get a piggy bank in the house and put a tenner everyday once you get out of the house .And when the pile of ten becomes thousands you can use it for the good cause. These are not social service neither you have to be working in a NGO or become a social activist . Its just on the everyday routine the situations we come across. It will create more of an impact if we could get the poor kid to study and he will not have to sit around the corner and ask for help anymore. I know this is asking for way too much and there are organizations solving these problems but the simple things can be done by us. Its really sad on seeing our human nature being so Selfish and self-centered.We have been so educated and developed with the times and being in he 21st century we are forgetting the Joy – The joy of Helping ::)   Moreover  If we enlighten ourselves the world will be a better place to stay for all of us.

And the famous line by Leo Tolstoy is so apt in this writing :- What much land does a man need?? All the land that he needs is a six foot long grave.


:: I <3 Basket-ball::

I haven’t been able to slam-dunk the basketball for the past five years.  Or, for the thirty-eight years before that, either.~Dave Barry

You don’t play against opponents.  You play against the game of basketball.  ~Bobby Knight

I look at the NBA as a football game without the helmet.  ~Tom Tolbert

The sport that you love is not only a game,it becomes your strength. Its just feels amah-zing when you dedicate yourself into something that you love. I don’t really remember when i first took the ball in my hands. I think it was at mt house when i would see my cousins play when i was 5 . I was really scared cause the ball was huge compared to my size and i would be really happy when i would try kicking the ball and it would just go a hand away. But nothing could beat the shining ping pong ball at that time. As i grew i learnt the ball in my school and i started loving it more when i started doing good at it and representing my school . So this morning when i got up my sister offered me to play one on one with her at the court outside the house. I was sure i would get tired in ten minutes and loose which was the case. But i still felt like playing. This is the spirit that you get from inside once you love something. You just need to know what you love. There are quite a people who drag themselves to the gymnasium everyday to reduce that 5 kgs. But i don’t think it makes much of a difference when you work out half-heartedly which loads of people do quite a few of times.This way it will never effect your body and the results wont come ever. Its no point killing yourself with low- diet either. I am not saying indulge into only desserts and skip meals. A balanced diet with some form of physical exercise is just the combination required.

All of us have played some or the other game in school and we had a liking towards it. So if we keep playing that sport be it anything , anything that you would look forward to . It is not necessary to excel in it, a liking is enough to drive you till the court with all the enthusiasm. The whole idea of it needs to be fun. And as its said Practice is the only medicine to become impeccable. It had been quite long that but it was crazy fun when i managed to do the lay up . You just need to give it a shot.I was never much on the defense , more of a scorer. And the baskets from  the side angle was the sweetest spot as some of my friends said. And  i am looking forward on playing this sport everyday !!

I hope you get your love too::)

The black stilettoes did the Magic ::*

Before we jump down to any conclusion on what the magic part is, i would just say it was shocking to see that my stilettoes were in the right shape after getting back home . I was so sure that those heels would break and i would have to walk bare foot. Moreover it was late in the night and there were no cobblers around. I had worn those 4 inch heels perfectly matching with the evening wear when we were heading out for dinner. I was on two minds on should i dress up on a casual note or go with something classy.  But it turned out that my choice of picking up Charles and Keith did me justice. No doubt the most comfortable footwear are flip flops and getting them in bright colors are just the best combination for summers. And nothing can be more relaxing on wearing a pair of converse for the morning workout.

So coming back to the MAGIC we were going for dining yesterday and the car had to given for servicing cause it was in a bad shape. The main start would not work at times leaving the driver stranded if he was driving by himself . The car needed a good push and once it rolled it would start . There was some problem in it which i fail to recall but the whole point is it need quite a strength to push the car. It was so much of a problem once when my dad was driving it and there was a huge traffic jam on the road which was up-hill. By mistakenly he switched off the car and when the roads were clear he actually had to gather people for him to start the car. So while we were going to this Italian place, one of our favorites of all times, my uncle was taking us for his birthday and before leaving i forgot to tell him that the car has a problem, you will have to drive the other car. And without realizing, we left the house and the same incident happened, my uncle shut the car on a traffic light. Ans the car just did not start. All cousins one by one had to get down and push the car which was a sight to see. We had never done that and it was quite a work for all of us. Late in the night , wearing heels and pushing the car for 5 minutes, we just took the advantage of the situation and had a hell of a experience. We got back the same road right back home and took another drive !! And there when i thought my footwear broke and  i was cursing  the  thought of not wearing casuals my heels were in just one piece …

And now i want to add a Hot Pink and a Grey to my SHOE OBSESSION::*

De “S” addiction

And i just love shopping and spa…These are two things i can wake up in the middle of the night and sign for. And when shopping is followed by spa that just becomes my favorite. To shop is like a medicine which cures when you are feeling low .. It works for me all the time.. And there are only a few people who  know this secret.. One gets so distracted while shopping that you don’t really think about anything else.. I surely love it and  the hole that it burns in my pocket is worth it !!  There is a never ending list on my iphone each time which increases time to time. I don’t mind window shopping too . There’s no harm in randomly trying out the beautiful dress that you see while you are passing by even if you are broke. You just go politely ask for it and confidently give it back saying you will come later to collect it. That later might just be soon or might take some time if we are talking about a Tag Heuer watch. I love to splurge on bags, shoes and accessories the most !! As i am a very confused person been that since FOREVER  i just wonder if i could buy the same thing in both the shades once i can’t decide. As people have TO DO LIST , i love maintaining ” TO BUY LIST”. Its best when you have a company cause its easier to decide, even when the person u are going with wants it to end as soon as possible as its a task. You sincerely take their advice when you ask on hows that stuff looking on me?? Nothing could be more sure than the person saying “Really nice, Suits you well” in a very low voice. The fun of shopping starts when you are a master in bargaining. And i would say i have done a degree on ” The tricks of Negotiation”. I am talking about the unbranded stuff here . I am  not much of a brand person but when it comes to Body Shop i can’t let it go.I just need variety of everything be it a brand or without. There are so many people whose best fuel after breakup is going on a shopping spree. Spa on the other side is so relaxing and energizing. The soothing ambience and the music is the most refreshing was to boost your endurance. However, there’s  no harm in trying out different types of spa !! I wish the weekend special – discounted spa’s would start around the town and i would be their first customer !!

” The land is now on sale. What are we waiting for ?? “

Its a very true saying that :: ” When it happens to you , it starts concerning you ” We can never relate ourselves with what the others are going through. I have been seeing demolition and destruction of road everyday on my way to work. I really feel sad when residential houses, shops have been broken down to turnout the roads to make it more broader. I would be the first person to vouch for the whole idea of making the road wider cause that’s the need of the hour for our city. But at the same time i feel its not being done very systematically. The broken buildings are a sight to see. And there is so much of dust on the roads that practically when you are riding you can actually feel dust all over your face. Moreover, the pillars and pole are still on the roads which are not shifted at all. So, i wonder even if the road is 2 lane we are gonna bump in the poles isn’t it??

I was a little relieved when i asked my folks back home on the widening of roads our side. They said it was already done some years back. To my astonishment i was told yesterday that the compound wall will be broken and we will have to give away 7 meters land . And with the calculation i think a part of my house will be disfigured. As its for me there are hundreds of people who are suffering from this. An average family will go through so much of a problem. The shops, restaurants which are the only source of income for people are going to be multilated. The question is how much time is it going to take to build one again?? And the finances are another issue??Demanding compensation prior to the demolition. is ones right !! And when the road obstruction is being done it has to be uniform and everywhere !!

The government needs to take every aspect into consideration because the country is for the commoner to live, and when the problem is being dealt in a way which again becomes a huge problem for the commoner its a TROUBLE::

There are several links worth reading::–in-against-govts-demolition-drive/348713/


Ultimate adventure sports to get a HIGH for::*

are just the needed energy – booster for all of us . All the fears that we have  pass away and its just the dare that’s needed. Life would have not have been so much thrilling & exciting if there was no risk and adventure.As they say more risk = more return !!

There are a whole  bunch of crazy experiences yet to be done. Outta these, starting from the top we have Zip line, ZORBING, Mountain flight , scuba diving, canyoning , hand gliding , Sky – diving, jet- skiing , para hawking, surfing, mud- biking, parasailing , bungee, and CLIFF- JUMPING  !! I am done with 3 of them 11 more to go !! These are all in my BUCKET LIST::*


Come and experience what we thought was :: PATRIOTISM

We have been patriotic since our childhood. As we were taught being spiritual at home, while we were given a touch of patriotism in school. Each school had different prayers but the national anthem was a practice. Even if there was no assembly because of the rains our teachers made it a rule to conduct the anthem in the class. Our schools have made us on what we are and how we are .It is our second home. And when the public holidays like Loktantra Diwas, Rastraya Prajatantra Diwas, Sahid Diwas came, even  if we did not know the exact significance we would be happy. Knowing about our nation was a core chapter in the syllabus from the national flower to bird to color and emblem.

The younger generation has all gone abroad for their further studies and I did analyze a little on why they not want to return back to their home country. I think not to deny the fact that once when people go to the other land they get attracted by it so much that they do not want to get back after their studies. When earnings are more and the standard of living is high, not facing the problem of normal necessities and importantly the INDEPENDENCE and the FREEDOM. But then if you are such an individual who has settled there you have no rights to remark on your own country on how it’s facing problems and sympathizing. Do something about it and help or else don’t gossip about the short – comings. It’s your homeland that you are talking about.

It’s the youth, the budding citizens who are the face of tomorrow. Being a leader is not the one and only option on how you can help the country even the field that you have been educated you could probably set- up   related to that. It might sound really difficult but trust me, if we make opportunities in our own country and start from the scratch it might be so much of a help to the coming generation.

In all we are the one who are answerable and liable to the  only HINDU KINGDOM…

And if we all had the PASSION KEY::*

Those school days were so much fun, when we did not have much to worry about and could be so carefree about everything. The mornings always started with the assembly, where all of us would stand in lines  and would listen to out seniors giving away news, special items followed by the prayer .And some years later we were standing at the podium giving away speeches. We had various cultural programmes, fests, fairs, inter-school competition ranging from elocution to spelling competition. The day outs to picnic and exhibitions were the best. The uniforms which was the symbol of each school signified the unity.Our education system is so puzzled when we have to learn so many things which we will never use in our lives.  If we were given practical classes with games and discussions, our leaning would have been an experience and as kids we would never  wait for a holiday . Knowledge  is infinite , it  makes a lot of difference on how it is imparted.

It was a general  question by visitors coming to our places on what we wanted to become when we grew old. And the answer for boys would usually be cricketer or an astronaut or pilot and for girls it would be a doctor or an engineer or a simple I DON’T KNOW would also do. Not even knowing what you have to study in it we would fantasize ourselves becoming one and would sound so confident while answering. Now when I look back upon I find it so silly on how the children are not asked  on what do u love doing?? Some kids don’t like reading and they get scared of seeing the size of the book ( I am talking about novels here), they can see the movie.By the end it’s the understanding that matters.

There is so much pressure on the kids for studies these days that except school, they have various tutions in a day. It would be so much of a help if we were exposed to all the  co-curricular activities from various sports to dancing to instruments to singing.  No doubt each  school has its own activities but usually the one person who is best at it always leads. All of us are gifted, if we  specialize  in what we love and what we are  good at we will do wonders . A 10 year old would not know what means passion, forget knowing what his passion is. And that’s when teachers and parents do their duty on finding out what is the best quality in a child.

Its no point becoming a JACK OF ALL AND MASTER OF NONE::* AIN’T IT::?


7 Wonders of the Universe::

“When the power of love,
conquers the love of power,
The world will know PEACE.”  
At times our own light goes out and is ignited by
 a spark from another person.Each of us has cause
to think with deep  GRATITUDE ::

COMPASSION will cure more sin than CONDEMNATION

PASSION is the key to LIFE










So the other day I was asked on what horoscope was I and without a second thought I said “Scorpian” and a lady sitting right next to me at the airport who was reading a book on Linda Goodman’s SUN SIGNS turned on the page which titled my sign and asked me if I wanted to read as I was just fiddling with my I ipod. I told her I do not believe in it so she started speaking endlessly about my traits and how our behavior is in general. I was surprised on how can an author analyze and write so much about a person just with the birthdate and the month that you are born in.

We read newspapers and unknowingly our mind does want to read that last page where the everyday fate is given with the stars. It amuses me on how each one of us actually have faith and picturize our day to be the same as stated. It gets more corny when in school the kids look at their sign and the next the ones they see is of the their crush or so called puppy love. The strength of astrology is so strong and we tend to blindly believe in it and read it right in the morning as a ritual.

We have become so advanced, but still when it come to some bad incidents happening with an individual he/she goes to the priest and shows his/her hand. The destiny is what we make and how we shape our future. It’s true that its all written. We should not keep blaming our zodiac sign and just see it as a hard luck . And if we attract and dedicate ourselves to what we want, somewhere it will all turn around and we will not have to follow our horror-scope everyday!!