:: I <3 Basket-ball::

I haven’t been able to slam-dunk the basketball for the past five years.  Or, for the thirty-eight years before that, either.~Dave Barry

You don’t play against opponents.  You play against the game of basketball.  ~Bobby Knight

I look at the NBA as a football game without the helmet.  ~Tom Tolbert

The sport that you love is not only a game,it becomes your strength. Its just feels amah-zing when you dedicate yourself into something that you love. I don’t really remember when i first took the ball in my hands. I think it was at mt house when i would see my cousins play when i was 5 . I was really scared cause the ball was huge compared to my size and i would be really happy when i would try kicking the ball and it would just go a hand away. But nothing could beat the shining ping pong ball at that time. As i grew i learnt the ball in my school and i started loving it more when i started doing good at it and representing my school . So this morning when i got up my sister offered me to play one on one with her at the court outside the house. I was sure i would get tired in ten minutes and loose which was the case. But i still felt like playing. This is the spirit that you get from inside once you love something. You just need to know what you love. There are quite a people who drag themselves to the gymnasium everyday to reduce that 5 kgs. But i don’t think it makes much of a difference when you work out half-heartedly which loads of people do quite a few of times.This way it will never effect your body and the results wont come ever. Its no point killing yourself with low- diet either. I am not saying indulge into only desserts and skip meals. A balanced diet with some form of physical exercise is just the combination required.

All of us have played some or the other game in school and we had a liking towards it. So if we keep playing that sport be it anything , anything that you would look forward to . It is not necessary to excel in it, a liking is enough to drive you till the court with all the enthusiasm. The whole idea of it needs to be fun. And as its said Practice is the only medicine to become impeccable. It had been quite long that but it was crazy fun when i managed to do the lay up . You just need to give it a shot.I was never much on the defense , more of a scorer. And the baskets from  the side angle was the sweetest spot as some of my friends said. And  i am looking forward on playing this sport everyday !!

I hope you get your love too::)

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