We have experienced movie marathon many times in our lifetime. It could be in our home studios, or laptops, or going for the morning shows during college days where the tickets were the cheapest. While going for movies in theaters we have come across hilarious situations and it has occurred innumerable times. We have been annoyed, irritated and snapped the other person for not having viewer decorum, but all of it goes in vain as it gets repeated on our next visit to the cinema house. The other day when I went for a movie all of these incidents happened all at once. I remember handling these happenings one at a time in my previous encounters but this one occurrence got all of them together when I lost my patience. Let’s see if you can relate to it or not.

1. When the person sitting next to you cannot stop using his phone. The lights are disturbing and the other one does not realize that he is checking the time every 10 minutes. Why would anyone want to watch a movie if they are so impatient or are not enjoying the movie?
2. When people come in late and try to figure their seats out, and it happens right next to you. The confusion of the seats gets you distracted as the staff and the viewer are trying to find their seating, and discussing about it,
3. When the movie hall opens for the customers and each one rushes in with the feeling that they are going to miss the start, not realizing that the opening is with the advertisements and each one of them have seats allocated.
4. When people forget to put their phones on a silent mode is acceptable, but when they talk for five minutes about work, or catch up with the other person on the line is not tolerable.
5. When people book seats in the middle, they should be extra careful on not stamping the feet of the person who are sitting on the side or touching the hair of the individual sitting in front as they cross.
6. Let us not talk about how people cannot decide what to buy in front of the refreshment counter when their turn arrives to order,
7. There are times when people want to leave the hall as soon as the movie gets over, they push and make their way out thinking that they would be trapped in the theatre.
8. How can I forget that each one of us have been through the situation where the person behind keeps tapping the seat and one has to shut him down on a loud tone.
9. People forget to talk softly at times, and the unnecessary laughter and storytelling before the scene is super infuriating.
10. The funniest is when you overhear people sitting next to you, trying to explain the scene to one another, on what just happened, and it is incorrect.
11. The most maddening time is when someone else is sitting on your seat and while you question about their ticket, they do not seem to find it and do not accept that they are on the wrong seat.
12. There are times when double booking is done and the seats are sold to two customers or the billing of refreshments is wrong. One needs to recheck the receipts for confirmation.
13. It gets bothersome when people block your way for long while taking their seats and nothing could be worse if you are sitting with an infant who does not understand a word and is crying throughout the movie. Why parents get small kids to the theater, I wonder.
14. Lastly you cannot stop laughing when you hear the other’s reaction towards the movie ,story-line and the synopsis of the movie from their side.

The management is at fault when lesser staff is provided to guide the customers to their seats leading to commotion but at the same time the viewers need to maintain a discipline while watching in theaters with hundred different people or else they should enjoy the movie at their respective homes.