Papa’s girl

Popsy, it has been a long time we have had a call,

It has been 1095 days that we have tried knowing it all,

What we have realized is that your blessings are always with us,

Be it at home, while making a decision and on the other side of the world.

There is not even a single time that we don’t miss you around,

Be it celebrations, conversations or just some dialogues, profound,

From the person who has been trained from you, or the other way round,

Each member has sweet memories of you and keeps thinking about you at each bound.

A lot of times when I think of the Saturday, 14th of January,

I wonder how you felt and there must be so much to say,

And then I tell myself it would have been hard either way,

To let you go to the good place, bid farewell, and send you this far away.

P.S: We miss you and wonder where you are, how you are even if we know you are always with us.