TRAVELOGUE 4::Wish I was a Mermaid:*


We left for Belle Mare which is towards the east of the island, right in the morning, and today’s schedule was sport activities and more P1040713of water games. Quickly we finished the breakfast by 9.30 in the morning and were all set for an hour drive. And we started with tube ride and then para sailing was super fun. Some of us had already done them before but some had tried it for the first time and loved the experience. The water was virgin blue and the corals could be seen clearly. Sparkling water all around, we were awestruck by the cleanliness at the beach .The sea urchins around made us a little harder to walk around the shore. Then was the best part of the day that all of us were super excited for – UNDER SEA WALK – Had a wonderful time. As we put on the oxygen helmet in our head with jelly shoes we went straight under the sea. It was walk under the sea with fishes and corals. Going for the underwater Sea Walk is like going for an underwater tour inside the reef, walking between corals, seeing variety of fish, and discovering the rich sea life underwater in the crystal clear blue water of the lagoon. And there I wish I was a mermaid J and felt like one for one for next fifteen minutes. Under sea walk is not scary at all and usually people are afraid when they are more than 9 feet down, but with the oxygen helmet it is just fine. And they also give you instructions properly, in case you are troubled you can just show them a sign with thumbs up that means you got to go up and shaky hands are that you have a problem. And when you love it they just get to know with your expression. It is a true once in a life time experience for all the non-divers out there! And one off from the list of water sports:-Under sea walk 🙂


And the next half of the day we went to an island – Ila Aux Surfe on a speed boat ride. We could just spend a whole day there but we got only 2 hours to be there or else the boat back to the place where we started would be missed and we would be left deserted. It would have been WILD. And now when I think about it “What would we do if that happens?”. Call for help by burning shoes, oops we were wearing beach slippers. Damn, some other option then. So, it was swimming and chilling at the island and the next on the list is SCUBA DIVING.




All excited for the next day and with lots of chit chatting with cousins and deciding about the itinerary, we did not realize how we slept off really quickly. And as I wanted to see the morning view and sunrise I kept getting up every three hours not realizing the time had not passed much. How overjoyed was I that I wanted to see the same view that I saw in the evening, right before 14 hours.  And the funniest part was that I did not change the time as per the local one on my watch, and I was so early by one and a half hours. So the first thing that I did was going up to the balcony and took that fresh air and was enthralled yet again with the spectacular scene.

And after the breakfast we went around the city, which is really clean and greener. We hardly saw traffic lights but still the traffic senseIMG_3792 around the residents was quite amazing to see. Not a very developed city but the inhabitants are really sweet at heart. We went to different points from Ganga Talao where the drive was super fun, and then we went to Black River George National Park , where we saw Alexandria falls and then Bentier Island and Bidhu Cap and the day ended with Le Morne Beach. Each place was really beautiful. And personally I loved the shades of green I could see around. Seriously I saw hundreds of green. How I wish K-town was this green again. And yes how can I forget about the Papyrus tree. They were just amazing. Papyrus is an early form of paper made from the bark of trees. It was used in ancient Egypt  and they used this plant as a writing material for boats, mattresses, mats, rope, sandals, and baskets. The line of trees and the wooden benches and tables is a perfect destination for picnic. All in all we had a great day and amazing memories captured on the first day of the island.

2013-04-29 14.21.50

2013-04-29 14.52.29

TRAVELOGUE 2 :: And it was love at first sight :)

Delhi airport is quite entertaining and I think I could spend days here. From eateries to shopping, spa to massages you name it and its there. The best part about the Indra Gandhi International Airport is it is amazingly maintained and never disappoints us. Lakhs of people that you come across at one place and going towards their own destination  are people of different race, culture and religion. We failed to trace a salon and a kids section at the airport,otherwise the services are really nice. This time it was just a night, where we stayed at the lounge.We hardly slept as we had so much of catching up !!
And all pumped up for the vacation, we were set for a seven hour flight. And with coffee and conversations and back to back movies and music we were Making each trip of ours a voyage to discovery !
And there we are Finally among Breathtaking view from the balcony- Clear sky with tints of white on the drive by,and greenery all around :- Welcoming us to Mauritius:)


Finally the feeling of a vacation has started . Before a week I did not even realize that I had to pack my clothes and Saturday was right there . My mom kept telling me time and again to sort out my dresses,accessories, shoes, slipon and the required stuff. I would just listen to it and still act ignorant  about it and as always packing was done at the last moment.Thankfully this time I had kept a couple of clothes and beachwear aside else I would miss out on quite a few of things as I had so much of work on the last day.

And finally I am at the airport way before time all set for a ten day vacation to Mauritius. Loads of adventure sports on my list from snorkeling to scuba diving , chilling on the beach to writing a novel along the beach side. Lets see what all is in store but as of now I am excited. And as suggested by a buddy of mine, I am writing a travelogue of my journey. I will try to incorporate all the crazy stories unless some crazier ones which fade faster with time (wink wink) 🙂 As of now, I am loving the sunset which I can see right from my window ( Always insist on a window seat ) and the orangish light  coming right on my face and it feels like I am walking on the clouds with a clear view of the white candy !!


Each sun sign have their own characteristics .And there are many of us who believe in each quality that is described by our sign and most of us tend to behave as per the horoscope that we fall on. Yes, I am saying that the billions of people who are born on Oct 24 to imagesNov 22 are similar. They have a particular nature in them that makes them a true scorpion. The ones that I have met are really true at heart and down to earth and are adorable. Time and Scorpion do not go well together. They do not really care about punctuality and are mostly late for anything and everything. Their calculation of timing can never be understood by others. This one time a friend of mine was making couple of his other friends wait for half an hour outside his house as he had the keys, and we had to push him off as we were panicking about him being late. He was happily enjoying our company.

As all the work just turns out fine for them, as they are really good with reasons and are an expert in getting work done from others, the quotient of making them feel at fault is hardly there. Scorpions are really reasonable about situations but at the same time they are stubborn and envious. They can charm and woo people they have just met before five minutes. They can get as friendlier and make conversations very comfortable for a new person. Confusion is their second name and they are the most chilled out people I have come across. Even if they are running late to catch a bus, they will take their own sweet time to get ready, and the bus for some odd reason would be waiting for them.  Is it the luck or the behavior that everything will go on, and they cannot do anything about it, or is it law of attraction. I fail to understand. But it works around them. Are you one in the team?? Let me know if this defines you 🙂

P.S – Being a SCORPION, I can totally relate to this.


On the last show of mine, at Love- A-lution, a show which is all about love, we were talking about flirting, which was quite the topic and that too when one is in a relationship. So there were loads of themes on my mind when it comes to the cupid thing called love and I happened to choose this amazing subject suggested by a regular listener of ours. So while we got onto this topic it was crazy as many people had different ideas, some said that the talent of attracting people and charming is inborn and it cannot be learnt. And some said to keep it going as there is no harm till your intentions are correct. And some were of the thought that once you are in a relationship and one talk leads to another, you should not move forward with it as you are giving hopes at the other side. So what do you think about it?

Flirting is a kind of social interaction. We flirt with people whom we want to know more about, or someone we admire and adore. Some are gifted flirts and anything they say sounds so romantic without trying. Believe me, flirting lines really work; the only thing is you need to be confident in that tone!!

Is flirting cheating??Some say it is when you cross the line. Now what line are we talking about?? It also depends on your definition of Flirt_by_zorycheating again. Would you tell the person that you are in love with that you have been talking to this stranger for a long time and the company of that person is totally awesome. When I have to answer that question, I guess it depends on the person that you are with, if he is cool with the idea of you chilling out with others than you should tell him or else just let it be. Relationships are all based on trust and the space that you can give to the other person, accepting the person how he or she is and not to forget that you fell in love with the same person. So why would you want him to change now?? In this busy life, unless you are in the same field you are not connected all the time, but you are connected with multiple people on the other hand. And it is perfectly fine when your conversations go on and on with people you have just met. There are just two things that revolve around flirting where you need not think twice about it– You should be clear at heart and you have the power of wooing people around you. At times with a little of flirting, you do not even realize that you are .

There are times when it gets totally crazy when the other person is super possessive and would not let the other one talk and make conversations around. I guess for them, somewhere it always stays that they are going to lose the relationship they have and are really insecure. Moreover, I guess what they look for is the attention from the other one all the time. It is so insane when the small things turn out to be a lot more complicated and there is no reason for one.

I would just end by saying:”Flirt away. As long as your intentions are fine and you’re just having fun, it’s really no big deal”


On Vacation :*

A trip is a must
When you are all in a dustCurepipe
Every six months or quarterly
As soon as you take a leave with your daily!
Setting your mind free
With no thoughts and all in glee,
Enjoy,chill and just relax,
That’s what happiness is to the max !
Small things we forget while we get so busy,
With work and classes, life gets so noisy ,
Pamper and love yourself as never before,
With a massage or a vacation or much more !!


I simply love to spell. And till this date spellings and I go really well. And here I am talking about saying out the letters in a word in no time. This reminds me to go back to school and take a spell buzz (Competition back in those times). Spellings have always fascinated me and mostly been correct. The time that it has gone wrong is mostly with an incorrect pronunciation. While compared to then and now the spellings are just fine but the formation of my sentences at times does not make sense at all. I would give 50 % fault to the T9 dictionary that we have been hooked on to while we type a message or a mail and the way our thumbs work in a mille second is just fantastic. But the worst part is the message to be conveyed is totally wrong. And when you read the conversation again, it’s so funny that you cannot stop laughing. Sometimes the person on the other side has to ask what the reference is because the meaning turns the topic upside down. I have been warned by my friends to read the message before sending but as we all know Bad habits die hard. Some of my creation presented for a good laugh!!IMG_3702









There my uncle asked me to check flight tickets for his travel on the last day of this month while I was downloading applications on my phone and simultaneously replying to a mail and chatting with my college friends. So I went to him and switched on my laptop and started looking at different sites. When those sites started loading in seven different tabs, I started working on my phone again. I was doing all the work together and giving him the required information as soon as he asked me. After some time, when my uncle lost his multitasking (1)patience, he asked me to switch my phone and just concentrate on one thing and finish it off. And he told me at their times they were no gadgets to keep everyone so busy.

That’s when I got reminded once again that in this generation it is really hard to be doing just one thing and staying idle is just not our cup of tea. Give it a thought yourself. While you are walking alone or travelling alone, you are on a call (just so you can pass your time and reach your destination faster) or it’s the video games keeping you busy. When you are all by yourself, there is a gadget right beside you, be it your phone, be it your notebook. You are always doing 3-4 things at one time. While you are doing different stuff like working out, at a boring meet, the time just goes by so fast and at times the thing that you actually started your work with does not get done. We cannot watch television for an hour straight, without checking our phone once. And this goes to kids too. The act of doing different things at times is so unplanned and is not done deliberately. It’s the situation at times. Each one of us have become perfect in multi-tasking, even if the task performed are just the one or not.





In 2 years time that I have stayed in K-town, this was the 5th time my car/ bike had a flat tire  And each time I felt like it was the first time. The thought struck my mind – Is it my riding/ driving or is it because of the roads in the city which is being demolished in each side and constructed after weeks and weeks. Kudos to the project head when it’s finally done .You can ride normally without a bumpy ride and without waiting for half an hour to cross a 5 minute drive and thankfully no blocked roads because of the structure. I agree it’s hard to control the traffic when the widening of the roads is being done but seriously how long we have to use the diverted roads when it’s blocked. And to realize the poles on the side are still blocking the way of the car as it’s still on the middle of the roads. And there we have the next construction team working on that. Anyways, it’s always better late than never. What made me write was how your mind works when you see a flat tire.

1. Firstly, when you see a flat tire as soon as you are about to leave for your work, gym, appointments, the very first thought of how are you going to reach that place comes in the picture. How much time that you have, and how important is it to reach the place?? Alternatives, friends staying nearby who could drop you or taking a cab, all these thoughts keep shuffling in your mind. Informing the office or concerned person that you cannot make it on time. Calling up at your place and telling them that you are genuinely stuck for an hour at the minimum.

2. And there if you cannot leave your vehicle at the middle of the road, you tell your heart that everything will just be fine. And its just simple physics and everything is related to lever, recalling the fifth standard science. It is really easy.  Put the jack at the right place and turn and twist it upwards and take the lug nuts out of the tire, replacing it with the one in the trunk. You can simply do that.

3. With all the willpower that you have, you go to change the tire  realizing that the tire is super heavy and you cannot take the one in the trunk out all by yourself. Moreover, finding the iron is an easy task but the jack raiser / lower is not, if you really have no idea about mechanical parts of the car. And the last resort is to find someone who can change it for you.

4. Switching on the “Around Me” application on an iphone does not really work at places like K-town where you can get to know the repair shops and how far it is. Asking the cab drivers, barging into a stranger’s house and asking the owner if their drivers are free has mostly worked out for me. The worst situation that I have been in when the spare tire is also punctured and there is no workshop nearby. Walked a kilometer and a half and I came across a repair shop, and I had to use my charm to get the mechanic to the place I had left my car.

5. Once again I realize how important it is for a driver to know how to change the tire of the car, it has to be one of the conditions of getting the license (Wild thought). And learning how to change a tire was on the top of my list. This was the first thing that I did after reaching home and second was writing this piece.