Each sun sign have their own characteristics .And there are many of us who believe in each quality that is described by our sign and most of us tend to behave as per the horoscope that we fall on. Yes, I am saying that the billions of people who are born on Oct 24 to imagesNov 22 are similar. They have a particular nature in them that makes them a true scorpion. The ones that I have met are really true at heart and down to earth and are adorable. Time and Scorpion do not go well together. They do not really care about punctuality and are mostly late for anything and everything. Their calculation of timing can never be understood by others. This one time a friend of mine was making couple of his other friends wait for half an hour outside his house as he had the keys, and we had to push him off as we were panicking about him being late. He was happily enjoying our company.

As all the work just turns out fine for them, as they are really good with reasons and are an expert in getting work done from others, the quotient of making them feel at fault is hardly there. Scorpions are really reasonable about situations but at the same time they are stubborn and envious. They can charm and woo people they have just met before five minutes. They can get as friendlier and make conversations very comfortable for a new person. Confusion is their second name and they are the most chilled out people I have come across. Even if they are running late to catch a bus, they will take their own sweet time to get ready, and the bus for some odd reason would be waiting for them.  Is it the luck or the behavior that everything will go on, and they cannot do anything about it, or is it law of attraction. I fail to understand. But it works around them. Are you one in the team?? Let me know if this defines you 🙂

P.S – Being a SCORPION, I can totally relate to this.

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