A child at heart:*

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I always thought that after a certain age, the child inside you seems to be lost, at least the mass of people, get busy with their lives, or they make their everyday routine so hectic, that they don’t realize how time just passes and years goes by and they don’t remember living life doing the small things that would make it more beautiful. All of us know it all, but time and again, we need a reminder telling us to do the things that we love to, which gives us utmost pleasure. I am sure the journey cannot be so tricky that you cannot divert your mind to the exhilarating and exciting things, could be the smallest or something that lasts for a couple of minutes but gets that smile on your face. How I wish each one of us would actually take an hour everyday for the things that they really are fanatical about.

So, this notion of mine was erased when I saw my grand mom of 78 trying to burst balloons at one of my cousin’s birthday. The sight was as lovely as it could get. We tried helping her the next time when she could not prick the red one. She was blushing and the smile is etched on our hearts. The next day I saw some kids blowing bubbles, and the junior ones were running till the bubbles were flowing. I don’t remember the last time I held a mixture of soap and water for the fun of it and it surely was plain fun.

The ride is surely a roller coaster, but you definitely have to enjoy the wind coming your way, and trust me, each one of is a child at heart, we just need to unleash it at times. Don’t think twice when you are about to do the things that will make you happy, make your day amazing and people around you happier. Each ones of us is a child somewhere and we would love to do things carefree and open ourselves to no judgement .

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Perfectly lonely:*


When the days are low, situations giving you a blow,

You have to be strong enough, never forget your glow,

It’s the test in your life, which makes you stronger each day,

Keeping you alive, even in the worst phase you could say.

It’s really hard and one of the toughest games,

Being all alone in the battleship or the war plane,

Learn to surrender yourself when the need to be,

Victory is not always achieved that is a guarantee.

Getting yourself back together in the best option,

There is no medicine given or a so called potion,

We can be by ourselves and our own support system,

That’s the beauty of the universe, so carefully listen!!

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You just gotta wait for your turn:*

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Everyone knows time flies fast, and the one who can respect time and make the best out of it are the people who have made history. One of the most important things is leading a balanced life – personally and professionally, prioritizing and being clear on different aspects of life.

It sounds really easy, but I am sure the age group from mid twenties to early thirties is the best example when I say this. These years are really tricky for each one of us. Some of us are juggling with work and studying at the same time, while there are quite a few of us who are in their specialized field already. Since studies had always been a rat race, and students were going as the herd was leading them, there were very few kids who went ahead with what their passion was and were determined to achieve success. As they cleared their exams and were rewarded with the results, they still struggled for getting a job as the competition had risen. Finally when you get a satisfying job, or say when you don’t have an option anything which comes your way, you tend to pick that up, so I am sure there are quite a few of us who have been in that situation too. And some love their work and want to explore more and want to spend their lives doing the same job. Undoubtedly, that is an experience and gets challenging, when the theory is all coming to a practical usage, your life is sorted.

There are the majority who want a switch after couple of years, they can relate to their passion than the work being done which is monotonous. They are looking for craziness, creativity, excitement, when work is no longer work and at the same time you get a chance to make it your career. This happens gradually, when you want to make that change, but after a while you cannot wait to get it. You are as confused as your heart wants something and your mind vouches for something else. It’s definitely the hardest time because there are so many other things going on in your life and so much of expectations from your loved ones. Some are lucky when they have the support from their family to achieve their dreams, and do not have a financial hardship.

By the end it all matters on achieving your wishes and what you wanted to be in this life, and trust me when you get that, the sense of achievement is way beyond the monetary level. It’s never too late to start something that you love you just need to be strong enough and have that patience to reach the top of the world.

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That’s how it works

It was already time for me to let go,

My heart aches as I say it on the floor,

Hoping things were just a dream,

And life was still with the cherry on the cream.

The castles were always ready,

As the fairy tale went steady,

I needed to realize before it got late,

The power of togetherness took the parade.

I have no questions, nothing to say,

Sooner or later things will be back in bay,

The bond and relation is the hardest to forget,

Because the memories are so fond and were never counterfeit.

P.S: Break-even: When a heart breaks, it doesn’t break even!!

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Stories told time and again but I still love it, and finally coming in words:*


Some of the most exciting parts related to my travel life coming up in this blog. To read it all you have to fasten your seat belts and get ready for the ride. All the stories are true and no fictional characters involved. If you are regular with my blogs, you might have read the first incident on the piece titled “THE FUN OF FLYING”, nevertheless here it goes,

This one time I was travelling to Mumbai, on a connecting flight and while we were departing from K- Town, because of the bad weather, it got delayed. I was sure of missing out on the next flight even if they were the same airlines. I was relieved when I checked the schedule of Spice Jet and -they had the last flight later in the night too. I did not want to get to my cousins that late, but I had no other option other than to take that flight. As we landed Delhi airport, my luggage was already on the belt before I reached the conveyor. I went to the other terminal and as I reached the counter, the lady was just closing the counter. I hurriedly went to her and told her about my situation and she said she can do nothing about it as the boarding was already announced. My confident lie on telling her that I had a job interview worked and she said we have one last seat and that is a BUSINESS class. Will it work for you?? I couldn’t thank her more for the princess treatment that I received till I board my plane. Happily, I called my dad about me travelling in a business class as I wanted to in that trip.

I surely have been a lucky one while travelling, but this story is when I could make a stranger’s day. I am super bad with roads and I hardly remember the narrow and inner ones. So, I got lost while coming back from work, as the road diversion led me to a place I fairly remembered, but not exactly. I followed with my intuition but I ended up losing the way. I asked this girl who was walking for a school, which is the nearest landmark to my house, and she was delighted as she studied in the same school. So, I told her to sit with me and get ready for the drive. She was surprised the entire stretch and the look in her eyes were just so fascinated and we reached in not more than 5 minutes.

As I love trying new things for the first time, I wanted to experience some cup noodles as I was watching the Himalayas on my way home on the aircraft SG 045 which departed right on time . So, as I called for food, I forgot that my bag was kept in the cabin. I asked the steward to pass it to me, but he assured that I could pay later. I had the craving for brownies then, and guess what I called for them too and I made sure I keep the money aside when I get off the airplane. As I was paying, the steward smiled and said it’s on me. I was treated!!

This is one of the very interesting times when I was going to give my professional exams, and I got caught in one of the strikes, I had no other way than to walk towards my exam center. Half an hour was left for my papers to begin, and I was still running around the shortcuts to reach. There were couple of bikes but I had no time to call any of my friends to drop me. So finally I took a lift from a lady who was driving. Since the tradition of giving lifts is not there in Nepal, the lady analysed properly on what I was speaking, read my actions well, and finally agreed to give me a ride. And after some conversations we got to know we had some mutual friends too.

So from meeting people at the transit, talking to the next seat outsider, from trying to pooling in my luggage weight whenever I have had an excess, to interesting conversations with the steward. And how can I forget how I enjoyed the company of two brothers who got out of jail before 4 hours of the departure and were travelling in the same flight. The number of times I have been given the Business class and thoroughly enjoyed the service and choosing from the menu. Travels have always had something thrilling in store.

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P.S: Life in a Paragraph


There are loads of us who love a spicier life and something that keeps happening and a travel is what we need to rejuvenate and get our minds back in track. KARMA is one of the thing that we believe in – What goes around definitely comes around. Life is really simple, you got to just live each day for your dreams, do what you love doing, cause that makes the journey worthwhile and beautiful. You might be confused on taking decisions; you might make the same mistakes again. Try taking each situation lightly and remember: Shit happens, but there is always a reason of something good happening around you. Don’t ever lose out on that positivity and remembering how amazing you are. Try not to plan your future, cause it is already planned, you just got to take care of the present. Live in the moment, and try making each time productive. Ending up with the mantra’s: SPREAD LOVE, PAY GRATITUDE, APPRECIATE AND EMOTE.

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Not a drive by:*


Listening to the songs in repeat,

On a drive, at the highest speed,

The lyrics is making more sense,

To be true, it never had, in every chance.

Is it you, or is the word that you said,

Either ways, it’s the look that will never fade,

The feeling is different and cannot be related,

The first look is the best, neither over rated.

How do we know it’s not always the same?

How do we know it’s not the blame game?

Getting the little faith that is wandering around.

Ain’t love played well on a futsal, court or play ground?

Not a drive by:*

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Conscious us: *


There are so many situations and incidents that we keep repeating time and again even if we know it does not make sense, still we do it on an everyday basis. There would be loads to write in but let me just post in a few.

1. We for sure know that we will not be able to give up on the addiction for sitcoms once we start with it. Hours go by and one episode after the other and we are hooked on to our laptops like there is no other day. The Reel life is taking over our Real life.

2. If you are on the habit of getting up in the night, the first thing that you look for is your mobile phone, and the next would be switching on the Wi-Fi, and checking all the social networking sites one after the other. You just don’t realize you lose half an hour easily. You got to disconnect to connect.

3. Taking our loved ones for granted, even if we know that they would be the only ones by our side when you need them. There are many who come in our lives and go away, but only a few stay there forever. We forget to remind them how special they are.

4. We have forgotten how blessed we have been with a healthy body. We value it more once it does not function well. We surely wish we could rewind the time but it can never happen.

5. Stop cribbing about the place that you are in, the times that you have to go through, take it real easy and live each day as your last.

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Change is hard~


Each action has an equal and opposite reaction,

It makes a person firm, rough and strong,

There are good parts and the some real worse,

Like two parts of a coin when tossed and turned.

You got to believe and accept the situation,

Not wait for the time to pass by and get on motion,

The more you think about it and whine,

You miss the bright and pocket full of sunshine.

It is always easier said than done,

It definitely leaves you with a stung,

As time passes by, the wound is healed,

The fond memories need to be buried.

Change is hard~

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The sand dunes, the barren land, line of camels and the green bushes at a stretch, that’s not what the place of desserts is all about. The lifestyle of the people is totally different than what we imagine it to be. The villages have turned to mini towns and the place has developed as any other with all the necessary facilities. Each part of Rajasthan is different and there are varied types of people.

This trip of mine left me amazed when I could see the stars so clear and the sky was full of them. One of my best days was when there was a spot light coming in the sky because of one of the events happening around town and it felt as the stars were dancing with the lights on them. The view was spectacular and one of the most romantic ones. I am surely experiencing camping under the moonlight and with stars all around. The sunset were the most striking, was it away from the crowd, was it lesser pollution but we could see the sky turn orange and then a tone of pink as it became a ball of red.

The people staying in the area live like a family and are selfless as they have the feeling of being together each time, the bond being so strong. The roads are narrow and each lane looks the same. I am sure a newbie will lose their way for a week and finally figure out the ways. The palaces are magnificent and so huge. It took us half a day to explore the place that we were staying at. There were smaller rooms in every room and one of them had the fourth room, one inside the other. It was really cool and one of the best places for the kids to play hide and seek. The architecture was really old and the designs and carvings around the place made it more beautiful. We were lucky to get the antique pieces which are kept as a memoir and I am sure those are from the times untold.




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