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Everyone knows time flies fast, and the one who can respect time and make the best out of it are the people who have made history. One of the most important things is leading a balanced life – personally and professionally, prioritizing and being clear on different aspects of life.

It sounds really easy, but I am sure the age group from mid twenties to early thirties is the best example when I say this. These years are really tricky for each one of us. Some of us are juggling with work and studying at the same time, while there are quite a few of us who are in their specialized field already. Since studies had always been a rat race, and students were going as the herd was leading them, there were very few kids who went ahead with what their passion was and were determined to achieve success. As they cleared their exams and were rewarded with the results, they still struggled for getting a job as the competition had risen. Finally when you get a satisfying job, or say when you don’t have an option anything which comes your way, you tend to pick that up, so I am sure there are quite a few of us who have been in that situation too. And some love their work and want to explore more and want to spend their lives doing the same job. Undoubtedly, that is an experience and gets challenging, when the theory is all coming to a practical usage, your life is sorted.

There are the majority who want a switch after couple of years, they can relate to their passion than the work being done which is monotonous. They are looking for craziness, creativity, excitement, when work is no longer work and at the same time you get a chance to make it your career. This happens gradually, when you want to make that change, but after a while you cannot wait to get it. You are as confused as your heart wants something and your mind vouches for something else. It’s definitely the hardest time because there are so many other things going on in your life and so much of expectations from your loved ones. Some are lucky when they have the support from their family to achieve their dreams, and do not have a financial hardship.

By the end it all matters on achieving your wishes and what you wanted to be in this life, and trust me when you get that, the sense of achievement is way beyond the monetary level. It’s never too late to start something that you love you just need to be strong enough and have that patience to reach the top of the world.

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