Craft sessions made a lot of noise at DNC:-

Another event at THE KTM Drive was conducted amazingly and all of this happened with the team of Saedi Works. Our 75th event was at Disable Newlife Centre situated at Gokarna. The kids were familiar with us as we had been visiting them time and again. They remembered us as the group who fulfilled their wishes, the ones who planted saplings around the premises, the members who spent Dashain playing kite and housie lotto with them.


They had no idea that we were visiting them on Saturday and the activities that were in store for them for the entire afternoon. We greeted them and divided them in groups as per their classes. As four sections got formed, the kids were still astonished, surprised and kept guessing on what was going to happen. We realized that the number of children at DNC had reduced, as ten of them were shifted to another hostel and some were missing as they were taking a shower.




We started the session with eight kids in each table, and one of the team members of Saedi works led the project. There were different tasks that had to be completed by each kid. The first lot made origami bookmarks, while the other set made small paper bags with IMG_1990drawings in the front and back, the next group made beautiful collages with waste paper. Some children had to be directed on the next step and the KTM Drive members who were divided in the group made the best of their time while helping them with the sessions. The naughtiest kids used their imagination and some finished the making of bookmarks before the leaders too. All of their craft work was impressive and neat, some were artists. It was really nice to see that they were looking out for one another and helped their partners to complete the work. As the children finished their assignments, they made themselves comfortable on the next table to learn more of art and craft. It was a chaos in the dining area and everyone was enjoying and making the most of it.


Lastly, when the tasks got over, each student got a round shaped yellow chart paper and IMG_1879they had to draw an expression that best suited the moment that they were in, including the members. It was entertaining how these little kids came up with funny emoticons.  We then treated them with some pears and ice cream and called the day off.


Since I have been visiting this differently able centre, since a kid, I have been familiar with IMG_2113each one of them. What surprises me the most is, the level of liveliness, enthusiasm that they have towards life. It is worth a salutation. Kumar, was the hero for the day as he helped us wrap the event by collecting all the stationeries and keeping them in place.As we were leaving, the kids asked us to come back again and sooner.  The didi’s at the centre requested if we could arrange toiletries for the kids. They are in need of bathing soaps and shampoo; and we promised them to get the healthy kits the next time.

Each one of us had an amazing time as the event was organized and managed really well by the energetic members of Saedi works. We thank them once again for coming over and conducting the event for these innocent souls who are full of energy, love, laughter and noise.