There is nothing certain; but the uncertain:*

We all know life is uncertain yet we fail to accept it fully. It is clear that anything can happen any moment in time, yet we chase after the material pleasures ignoring the simplest things in life. Many say life is complicated and confusing but when we give a thought with an open mind, it is pretty clear. Each one of us have different motive towards life. Some want to gain wealth, while some want to be famous and known. All of this leads to the most important thing that is happiness that we all live for.

It is strange how our curriculum of education has forgotten the most significant factors of life. They hardly focus on teaching students to do what they love to do which in return gives the child happiness. They do not explain how beautiful the nature is that they are blessed with.  They do not state how important breathing is and they should value every second of it. They forget that happiness can be found in the smallest of things instead they are pressurized to score better and excel in academics. This race does not get over in school but goes on throughout one’s life time. Many students stress over the placement in college, and when that is over, their worry is the deadline and performance for higher recognition and promotions. This might result in long time hours at work and one failing to balance between work and personal life. We tend to forget that our ultimate motto is and always has been happiness.

There are very few people who follow what they love to do or who are satisfied with what they have been doing. There is always a want for more and this never ends. That could be the reason that the entire focus of life becomes work for an individual one point in time. Apart from work, there are hundreds of different things that one keeps thinking on and worrying about. There are many responsibilities and duties one needs to fulfill with the passage of time. The quality of life can be determined when one enjoys their time while doing so.

We should realize that with these the days will pass by, so will years, and in no time we will be almost on the latter part of our life. Only if we are lucky and if our destiny permits, we will get the time to experience the different phases of life, if not we would not even know when it will get over. I am sure while reading this piece, the realization of how short our life is and the thought of what we can do to make it happier is at the highest level. The thought of how we have been missing out on the basics that we have been honored with must be revolving.

Alas, the sad part of this is that the thought stays for the least amount of time and we forget the words “Life is uncertain, and we need to live it to the most”. We forget that this is the reality that we have been overlooking when we are literally not sure about the next second in our day.

My feelings exactly after two months, I miss you even more.  

When you lose someone, who is a part of who you are, they say time will heal, but I guess no amount of time can erase the healing. This is something I have been experiencing each day. With every day, him not being amongst us is sinking in and the fact that we will never see him again keeps coming time and again. This does not mean that we are in denial of what happened suddenly on 14th January 2017, my dad whom I was talking to and chilling with the previous night, went apart from our lives forever. As we say forever is a strong word, facing it is more tough.

It was too soon for the almighty to call him back to where we all belong. The understanding of how the universe and a life of a mankind works is really difficult to comprehend. Even if one does try, and accepts the reality, keeping that awareness and being positive of everything happening for a good reason does not seem true in this case. This is not for the selfishness of the relation that each one of us had or seeing that void in each one of our lives now, but the unconditional love that we had for each other.

There are many instances in the day where I remember what he would say for a particular situation, or his reactions. There are many a times when I want to share the smallest detail of the day and sit around teaching him something on the gadget, or call him up, or let him know that I have boarded the plane for my next destination. I want to leave messages to him when I land safely in a new country which was the first thing I would do and I still do, but the only difference is I miss the reply “OK”. I know I am never getting any but I feel calmed when I send him one. My mom says, “Life feels like a dream and the next chapter is the one where we are today, when we get up and experience what has happened but can never get those moments back”. I feel the same, and reminds me of the movie Inception.

While I saw my dad this morning in my dreams for the first time, I did not want to let him go because it was so real. I was so excited seeing him like a kid is when they see their favorite candy in the store. We had a conversation for a minute and when I woke up, I wanted to go off to sleep again because I wanted more of him, I wanted more of my Popsy!

Relations made in every step of our life

There are lot of relations that we have during our entire life span. It starts with the connect of a mother with her baby for entire nine months, even before the child steps into the planet earth. Then comes the bond of nervous daddy, excited grandparents, thrilled uncle and aunts, and an elder brother or sister’s game to play with. These relations are made from heaven and is a part of our destiny.

As the kid grows up, he/she tries associating himself/herself with the nearest members of the family, especially someone the child sees every day. With time and in few months, the kid starts talking and becoming everyone’s attention in the family. As year passes, the teenage boy/ girl starts making new relations. They choose the people they want to be with. Many people come and go in their lives in the course from school till college. Some memories of theirs stay very close to heart and some fade with time. Decades after comes the phase when they choose to be with that someone special forever and tie the knot. With the celebration of years of togetherness, there is a little star in their lives. This is another important relation for them as they treasure it with their heart because it is one of them. This is a vicious cycle which never seems to end but the irony here is how the importance of a person changes in one’s life.

When they are toddlers, they cannot live without their parents, as they grow, they cannot imagine not talking to their best friend before sleeping. They are spending most amount of time in school and being around friends. The time spent with their parents reduces as they get busy with office work or the last coffee treat. How can the hours of talking to their beloved be forgotten? How can an individual not have a moment to converse as they are busy with other activities? For many parents, the love towards their better half goes to the newest member to the family. For many, office life does not permit them to spend personal time with family.

While some of us network and socialize so much that we hardly give time to the people for whom we were the most treasured one. We take relations for granted. It is so easy for us as individuals to be distracted and we fail to know our priorities. We need to select and give time to each relation, which is the supreme connection. If not, it might be too late to understand the value of a relation and most of us recognize it while we are on the receiving end.