Relations made in every step of our life

There are lot of relations that we have during our entire life span. It starts with the connect of a mother with her baby for entire nine months, even before the child steps into the planet earth. Then comes the bond of nervous daddy, excited grandparents, thrilled uncle and aunts, and an elder brother or sister’s game to play with. These relations are made from heaven and is a part of our destiny.

As the kid grows up, he/she tries associating himself/herself with the nearest members of the family, especially someone the child sees every day. With time and in few months, the kid starts talking and becoming everyone’s attention in the family. As year passes, the teenage boy/ girl starts making new relations. They choose the people they want to be with. Many people come and go in their lives in the course from school till college. Some memories of theirs stay very close to heart and some fade with time. Decades after comes the phase when they choose to be with that someone special forever and tie the knot. With the celebration of years of togetherness, there is a little star in their lives. This is another important relation for them as they treasure it with their heart because it is one of them. This is a vicious cycle which never seems to end but the irony here is how the importance of a person changes in one’s life.

When they are toddlers, they cannot live without their parents, as they grow, they cannot imagine not talking to their best friend before sleeping. They are spending most amount of time in school and being around friends. The time spent with their parents reduces as they get busy with office work or the last coffee treat. How can the hours of talking to their beloved be forgotten? How can an individual not have a moment to converse as they are busy with other activities? For many parents, the love towards their better half goes to the newest member to the family. For many, office life does not permit them to spend personal time with family.

While some of us network and socialize so much that we hardly give time to the people for whom we were the most treasured one. We take relations for granted. It is so easy for us as individuals to be distracted and we fail to know our priorities. We need to select and give time to each relation, which is the supreme connection. If not, it might be too late to understand the value of a relation and most of us recognize it while we are on the receiving end.

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