Travel Diary XIII – De last resort, all set for swinging :*


As the love for adventure sports grew, bungy jumping had to be on the list and that too from the height which is the deepest in the world – 160 Mts. That’s right it happens right here, in the Land of Himalayas, a three hour drive from the capital, Kathmandu. The world’s second deepest fall when it comes to bungy which has a 3 second free fall and the first while you are going for a swing at The Last Resort. They have canyoning and tandem swing too.

Some plans are best when not much research is done. It had to be sometime this year (hopefully) or later that I had no idea about, but it had to happen sooner. Its better when we don’t really know what we are in for, how the craziness is going to be?? I remember making plans for this activity couple of times and never succeed. So this time we were going even if everyone couldn’t make it. As the payment was done a day earlier at their office which is situated in Thamel, the videos were being played one after the other. The nervousness rose as we watched it, the confusion began on which adventure should we opt for as we filled the form and we were relieved as we got to know that we could chose any activity on the spot.

When options are given it gets confusing and one can think about it as many times and not get to a conclusion. This was exactly what happened to us. The dreams of jumping from a height which we had never imagined, the anxiety was mounting as the time went by. All the collective stories from different jumpers and swingers started coming together and we were going to be one soon.

20140522_083612 The three- four hour drive was fun and the view was super green on the way, as we passed Dulhikhel.20140522_142619 The last half an hour drive was a little patchy and the ratio of foreign nationals and Nepalese was the same. It was amusing listening to everyone as they spoke how scary it is going to be. Everyone was in the same zone- scared in the mind, but the heart wanted to go for it. As we reached the bridge at Bhotekoshi the feeling of the dive started sinking in and at the same time the view was breathtaking. Since the resort is on the other side, we crossed the small narrow link and we could see the platform where we were to jump from. As we reached the resort, which is beautifully made, with those camping tents, a perfect get away from the K-town.

We were given in a good briefing about bungy jump and the swing and were just instructed on one line- Keep your mind aside, and don’t think about anything, just go for the jump. We finally decided on the swing as it sounded more thrilling. And in no time we were at the bridge waiting for our turn. As we went diving one after the other, we could sense the exhilaration, adventure, apprehension on most of the faces. This feeling was pretty normal.


As the bungy jumpers were harnessed by the ropes on their back and legs, a small video was quickly made by the crew. The moment when we were geared for the jump can never be forgotten. It was such a weird feeling. We had no idea where we were going to go even if we could see the river flowing right beneath. As I stood on the edge of the platform, I forgot how beautiful the mountains looked or the view was, the only agenda was experiencing the most famous swing. It seemed really easy but the count of 3, 2 and 1 by the bungy master gave in a roll, and we were surprised we were up for the activity. It was super crazy up then. The 7 seconds of freefall went over 150 km/hr and got over in no time as we swang from one end to another. The starting 3 seconds went swiftly as we reached the end of the fall and realized the swing. And then was the best part as we kept swinging from one end to another looking at the clouds and the clear blue sky. Some seconds of adventure surely takes your breath away. As we spoke to others, they gave the same expression.


The half an hour uphill to the resort was so tiresome. It was totally worth the escapade. With that we were the swingers for the day, 22nd May 2014, wherein Prakriti, Arpit and me marked our adventure date. With some lunch and clicking session we were all set to get back.


image-f67ad306c8458b4fb258c610019cd4f92ebbc4c809583caa0ab262945681c51b-VLooking forward for more awesomeness, more journeys. On the list stands Zip flying, Canyoning, Sky diving, Para-hawking, kayaking and off the list have been many from Paragliding, Parasailing, Flying fox, Scuba Diving, Snorkelling, Jet – Skiing, Rafting, River crossing, Mud –biking.

P.S:: If you are thinking twice about going for the excitement, do not. It will end before you know it, you just got to feel like a bird and fly.

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What are you looking for??  

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This topic can be taken in different way. The title could be for finding the purpose of life or searching yourself within the crowd or something that makes you the happiest or it could also be about the dream job that you always wanted. As much as the theme is catchy, we are not discussing about any one of them. We are talking about how the search is never over. The search for that one person whom you think you can spend the rest of your life with.

Back in those days when you saw the cutest boy in school, your heart beat faster. You probably never got the chance to speak to him much but the slightest of conversation with your senior would be replayed time and again. That smile would sway your mind and things would be understood differently. Small talks and those mushy notes, that look in the eyes was worth the love dose.

The phase of puppy love got over sooner and there as college began; many followed the mass, and badly wanted someone in their life. Even if you were not truly in love, even if you weren’t falling for someone, you did not want people to notice. It might just be a statement of being with the prettiest girl or a tag of being in a relationship. You could hardly find one enjoying college days with the best bunch of friends and being single as they weren’t forcing themselves for the search. It amuses me how people look for emotional support, and don’t believe that they are always enough for yourself.

As much as it sounds crazy, but the search still goes on to find that perfect one. It is not just with men but girls are on the watch too. Each one of us knows that everyone has some imperfection and we need to see beyond it. The best of qualities that made us falllarge in love with that person should never be overshadowed. Since you have been in love for so long and been in the happiest relationship where each day is full of excitement, charm and charisma. When everything seems complete, there are some who are still on the lookout. It is quite surprising to hear people falling in love when they are already in a relationship which they frantically wanted to be in. The feeling and emotions are not in control at times, you cannot keep looking for more. You need to be happy with that gorgeous gown or the newest gadget that you saved up for so long and not want everything that is new to the collection. But the irony is you always want more.

P.S:- Do what you did in the beginning of a relationship and there won’t be an end ~ Anthony Robbins~

It’s not only technology that is killing childhood:*

It’s so amusing to see the transition in this generation as we compare kids to children born in late 19th century. Not many years have passed but it feels like so many things have changed so quickly. I wouldn’t really comment if all is for good but sure can relate my childhood days. And as I am starting with the comparison I am wondering how difficult is it for our parents to see the transformation and accept it. It sure is an extra dose of challenge for parents to raise their kids. It is really hard to figure out how they deal with them and is appreciable how they are patient with the children. Each child is pampered to the highest point. It sometimes gets hard to process the unreasonable demands and the stubbornness of children. The interesting bit is all their wishes get fulfilled too. They do not have to choose between a pair of doll or toy cars because they know they will get both of them without trying much harder. Gone are the days when the color pencils purchased would last for half a year or say a quarter. Now, there are 5 different varieties of stationery and the kid wouldn’t even realize if something is missing. It’s just not about one particular child; the tradition is the same around each block. The custom has become such that parents while agreeing to the wants are making kids more carefree, forgetting to teach them the value of money, to take care of things and making them less responsible. As far as I have come across, kids have a gadget which belongs to them; they do not eat food without television or playing a game on the mobile phones. They are so picky with food, that making them eat a meal is the hardest task ever. Encouraging this act is nothing other than lack of discipline and obedience. Each parents dream is to be a genie for their child, but I guess they need to take it slow and go the old school method and teach them to be patient and fight for what the deserve and let them earn the prize. Certainly, the kids of this century are so informative, knowledgeable and tech-savvy. Thanks to technology. They exactly know what they want and how they want things. It is so surprising when they know the smallest details of the things they love and it is so much fun listening to the conversation between the teens. The smartest answers and the way they tackle different situations is commendable. So appreciate the way parent’s thoughts are changing and extra-curricular activities are given importance. They have started understanding what passion is and how any field is creative if one has passion for it. Nevertheless, how much we modernize and go ahead with times, the intuitive power and the innocence of child will always remain the same.

When opposite attracts:*


Every relationship is diverse, it has a special beginning and own charm to it. As each one of us have a love story, and each fairy-tale has two people who are crazily, madly and deeply in love with each other. Falling in love is different for everyone. Some might get physically attracted and then get to know more about that person and some might fall in love in the process of knowing one another. For some it just happens, and for the others, it takes a while to fall in love. By the end the cupid arrow does strike each one of us. We love the pampering, the feeling of being in love and the small romantic things that we do for one another. I so wish these small gestures stay forever.

It’s always said the element of attraction is when two individuals are opposite. That’s how the chemistry works. What do you think?? Has it worked in your relationship?? I guess being totally different from each other, the way you think and your interests does work well for a small term. At some point of time, you need a consent . Undoubtedly, you get to explore about more things and get an idea from various perspectives on general talks. But when the things are not accepted in the same way, there comes the tricky part. One always learns in a relationship and grows so much but if the liking and idea is not similar it does not last for long. So imagine if you are an adventure freak and you want to experience outdoors and you wouldn’t leave an opportunity to do so, and the person you are with doesn’t like outdoors. It would be such a bummer. These are small things but talking about priorities, likes, and the thinking process, it is the best when it is alike. Or else there has to be huge compromise and adjustments.

The relationship becomes more beautiful when one person loves the sunrise and the other loves the moonlight. It ends sooner when one person loves the nature and the other one doesn’t care about it. All I am trying to say is OPPOSITE ATTRACTS is just a phrase, and if you try to mold the person on how you are than you are changing the person whom you fell in love with. Similar taste in food and movies will not hold you together neither will different hobbies and passion drive you apart. It’s what you chose to make of these differences.

And as it’s said “What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.”