~Counting the blessings~

We were going to the old age home after a long time, for our 63rd event.  While I share our story about visiting the elderly, I feel that everyone knows the old age home which is situated next to the Pashupati premises whereas people hardly know the others. Ni sahaya seva sadan and the other old age homes require equal help when it comes to giving and helping out.


The art of giving is not only about giving materials at the organization, it is more about spending time and listening to their stories and experiences. As we reached Ni Sahaya Seva Sadan in Tinkune, we waited for the rest of the members to gather. The need of the organization was bed sheets for the elderly and that’s what we had got for them. We also bought oranges, ladoo’s and biscuits.


The meeting of the management was being conducted as we settled ourselves inside the building. We managed the bed sheets in pairs while an aama helped us fold them. We asked them if they remembered us and the ice cream treat. Some of them nodded and said a big yes while some of them had no idea about the events we had held past months. It wasn’t surprising for us as we had been visiting them once every four months, which was a long time to keep in mind.



Many loved the color of their bed sheets at the first go, and many wanted to change it and pick another one by their choice. All of them gave us blessings on being successful and added that we do not suffer from any diseases. Most of them pointed out time and again on how the situation becomes when the body is unhealthy.


“He listens to us ever day, we were wanting bed sheets and here, we got them” This is what one of the Aamas told us making us the messengers sent for them. Aamas were sharing their experiences with usIMG_20160116_133802 and most of them were making battis. They said they prepared 1000 pieces in a day if they worked continuously. Each one of them were doing different activities, one was applying mehndi to her hair while the other one was knitting. Many of them were basking in the sun. There were two aamas sitting on the floor who were teasing each other. It all started when one of them who suffered from Parkinson’s shook and all her food items shifted to the other aama.




Aama’s had real life incidents to say, they wanted someone to hear their journeys which was worth a million, the sound of their laughter was a bliss ,their age, their wrinkles indicated smiles. The smiles in their faces made me wonder on why their children would keep them far from them. I had no answers to my feelings which were getting weak but the amount of magical blessings that we received was unimaginable.