Turning another year older:*


So it’s just five minutes left for the clock to strike 12 and that makes me a year older. I can’t believe that I am going to turn 28! Just a realization of me reaching the 30’s is driving me crazy. I am usually super excited for my birthdays and I plan the day for myself. This year seems a bit different. I am not sure if it is because of the vacation that I just got back from or is it the apprehension of turning a year older, I haven’t planned the birthday month for myself. I know it sounds insane when I say birthday month, but I love celebrating it this way because there is so much to be done. The new idea coming up, book publishing, to Everest Sky Diving and Bhutan Diaries, all of it falls in 2016.


For this year, I guess the feeling is momentary and will be fine because I can already think about couple of things as I write this blog. Starting from the tattoo, piercing, flying lanterns at Swayambhu, giving to people who spend night and day at work on a minimum wage rate, it’s a long ass list. It definitely is going to be a fun week, more like a month.


I know for sure that age is just a number and has got nothing to do with how young a person is at heart. It’s just scary to be turning towards the later twenties, just the thought of completing three decades of my life. The entire journey has been an amazing ride with lot of twists and turns. I am so grateful to be blessed with amazing people around who love me so much. I am so happy that I got an opportunity to be taking different decisions in my life in terms of career. Being a Chartered Accountant, a radio jockey, working in an advertising agency, writing for Paradiso, travel blogs, making travel diaries and arranging events at The KTM Drive, all of it makes me so proud. It makes me believe more on my mantra of living each day to the most and doing what we love doing. There is nothing more precious in life then to spend each day to the most and productively working towards the dreams one has 🙂


On this note I need to make the bucket list of 30 before I turn 30 and on top of the list is 30things
going to be presenter for Travel shows . There a list I stumbled upon which needs a bit of editing, otherwise is exactly what my list would have.  Woah, Some have already been crossed. As the first call for the night is right here, I need to leave for the celebration to 25th October,2016 ~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME~