Where, how and what?

I wonder a lot of times,

Where will you be at this moment in time?

I wonder how and what exactly happened that morning,

Not realizing that there is no answer to the questioning.


In all this wonder world, people tell me to move on,

To this I want to say, that I don’t want to, he was the only one,

This phase comes often, where I remember what made me break,

Still want the memories from starting till the end, even if it makes me delicate.


In all this wonder world, people say you are with us,

In each step, in our journey, in our everyday task,

To this I want to say, we are there for/with you,

As you are by yourself and us together in a crew.


It is just not me but everyone in the family,

That misses your cord in one or the other degree,

It is just not us in the family, but everyone who knew you,

Feel blessed to be the daughter, of a gem of a person like you.


Travel Diary 5:- New York and Lake George

Every vacation is peculiar, each story is exclusive, each journey has its own charm. There are interesting incidents that happen during one’s journey and there is a different type of fun in each vacation. Some solo trips mark a memory, and some family vacations are perfect to spend time together.

While we left from San Francisco for a family vacation to Lake George our flight was going through a bad turbulence that could hardly get us some sleep, rather it made us think about hundred different things up in the air, even if the view was pretty. We reached White plains and were set for the long weekend getaway.  After packing all the necessary supplies, we left for Lake George, and made a quick stop at the Woodbury Premium Outlet (which wasn’t that quick), to make the most of the deals that start during long holidays. We were amused to see the longest line in front of the Nike store and the craziness for shopping. I guess it is smart shopping as you get the required at half the price but the place was packed. After our shopping spree, we reached Lake George. We checked in Dunham’s Bay resort, we treated ourselves with some hot Maggie and bread. We called it a day after playing some card games.  























      As soon as we got up, we were excited to do all the activities that we had planned and also the different things that the resort had to offer. The resort that we were staying at had a board game room, a barbeque grill set up for each cabin, the place for firewood, heated pool and jacuzzi, bocce ball and shuffleboard. We had to learn the two outdoor games as they were very new to us.  












After a good homemade breakfast, we left for Lake George beach. There were a lot of people already on the beach.  The view was splendid, on one side we saw the steamboat and on the other end was the vast waters. There were little kids swimming, and to our surprise, the water was not that cold. We took some rounds and played with our bubble wands. It was the first experience for the little one who was with us and we did all we could to keep her amused. There were little kids making various kinds of the sand castle on the beach. It was interesting to see how some kids loved being in the water, while some had a bit of fear.


After this we went to the Prospect mountain, the drive was of 5.5 miles around the gorgeous views of Lake George surrounded by the Adirondack Mountains. The winding road led us to The Narrows, Lake George, and the Eagle’s eye. These are three different spots that we stopped at to get some pictures ( I would suggest stopping on the second one) because all the others points were similar.  









While we reached the parking area, there were two options to reach the top, one was a short climb and the other was a bus which ran frequently from the parking. The views of Vermont’s Green Mountains, New Hampshire’s White Mountains, New York’s Adirondack High Peaks could be seen and it was a perfect place for a picnic. The remains of the worlds largest railroad could be found here. We had a great time and spent the evening walking on the roads of Lake George.








The hustle and bustle were super and it seemed like this destination was a favorite for many. The weather was perfect, there was so much to do, in and around. We ended our day with some barbeque which was an adventure in itself yet we had a great time preparing the burgers,  corns were the best.







The next day we explored the 32-mile long lake on a boat taking turns to ride it. We spent three hours looking at what nature had to offer and made amazing memories.





















We then got back home and ended our trip with the best way that one can explore the city:- the walking tour. These tours never disappoint and are fantastic to see the place in an exquisite way, to know the tales about the formation of the city, and different other interesting bits and history. The skyline of New York, the commotion at the subway, the murals, Soho’s impressive art galleries, Chinatown, the financial district, the vibe at Times Square, New York has an energy like no other.