Where, how and what?

I wonder a lot of times,

Where will you be at this moment in time?

I wonder how and what exactly happened that morning,

Not realizing that there is no answer to the questioning.


In all this wonder world, people tell me to move on,

To this I want to say, that I don’t want to, he was the only one,

This phase comes often, where I remember what made me break,

Still want the memories from starting till the end, even if it makes me delicate.


In all this wonder world, people say you are with us,

In each step, in our journey, in our everyday task,

To this I want to say, we are there for/with you,

As you are by yourself and us together in a crew.


It is just not me but everyone in the family,

That misses your cord in one or the other degree,

It is just not us in the family, but everyone who knew you,

Feel blessed to be the daughter, of a gem of a person like you.


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