Luck in your stars

With the never-ending road construction around K -town, the traffic has increased drastically in different parts of the city. There is so much difference on the flow of the vehicles on roads before three years and now. The time that requires from one destination to another has almost doubled. There are a lot of people who complain about the congestion on the streets each day and spend a lot of time on their travel from home to their workplace. The problem is not just the traffic but the dust and pollution that has increased respiratory problems of many individuals.

If you didn’t know, the total length of vehicles operating in the Kathmandu Valley is greater than the length of roads. The length of the roads is 4.8 million feet whereas length of vehicles is 7.2 million feet. The number of vehicles has increased to 9 Lakhs. As per the statistics, the traffic police take action against 1800 people every day, while around 6 Lakh are punished annually.

The traffic police have been doing a great job, on the streets, at the main junctions of the town. They are doing their duties during different weather conditions. Be it heavy rain, scorching heat, dusty roads, they are always ready at their service. They have been controlling the traffic, vehicle movement at the best. But out of all of that respect that we have, there are many a times the traffic police charge us without any proper reasoning. There is a certain fine for each offence and classes that they conduct is very fruitful. The strictness in these laws have made many accountable drivers and riders.

In spite of these, there are times when the rules are different for the parking spot on the same day, the situation when all the vehicles do not get caught at a certain right turn is not correct. Have you been in any one of these situations? Undoubtedly, being behind the wheels of a vehicle is a lot of responsibility, for every other person that is on the street and especially for oneself.

Until we meet again

What I have realized is there is always so much to learn from a situation, a person, and even during the hardest of times, one apprehends how strong can one be. Among the incident and date which can never be forgotten in our lives is of mid-January. There are so many things that we have learnt from that one individual who has always helped people around him, gotten smiles in many faces, and has created an impact in numerous lives. There are many who feel blessed to be knowing a person like him. People from different walks of life remember him dotingly, as different age groups of people get inspired by his discipline towards life.

I am not done describing about that one person, my dad, who took care of me since I came to this planet, and took care of many others in his everyday life. He was a perfectionist, and his work would start and finish with detail and calculations. His principles were very strong yet he was open to suggestions.The calm and patient nature of his had left many mesmerized. The simplicity of his had taught many that life is all about the small things in life, happiness that could be acquired from enjoying a cup of tea, at the home garden on a beautiful day. I have seen a lot of people talk about it, but believing and practicing strongly has been really less. His love for nature made the garden space look different each quarter. He took care of the smallest maintenance in the house, fixing the tube light to getting the paints in the wall. He knew everything, he managed all of it, he was a superhero, my super dad.

His teachings on life were incredible, and the time that we had with him has become a treasure. While he is gone, he has left us so many things that we can still learn, that was the beauty of him. He has taught each one of us how we are stuck up in things which really does not matter in the end, he has made us realize how uncertain life can be, and one cannot race against time. He has made us question our purpose in life and why are each one of us struggling so hard for material things which is of no consequence in a larger form. He has taught us that a true warrior needs to conquer himself and he did that with his life beautifully.

He has given us many directions; it is for us to choose. What I feel is we could and would have learnt all of it, not on the cost of letting him go and not meeting him again.

P.S I miss playing badminton with you!


And, wherever you are, a reflection of yours is always around.

It’s almost a quarter of a year that you haven’t been around, precisely hundred and twenty days that we haven’t seen you. There is not even one moment that I feel that you are not here. There is not even one such time in a day that I don’t remember you. I can feel your presence everywhere I go. I can imagine your reaction to my certain statement and how I miss your spontaneity of anything and everything I wanted, or anyone wanting. How I miss your smallest questions about the simplest of things related to the phone and computer. How I miss sitting by your side and talking about random topics. How I miss you giving me the keys when we would go out driving. How I miss asking for explanations each time, and complaining about the little one in a fun way. How I miss you during each meal, and how I miss preparing the Sunday evening snack. I miss all of it.

Mom says that the destiny is written and nothing on earth could have stopped on what happened. She says if one starts thinking too deep, then it would just shatter each and every one of us. She is the strongest woman that I know in this entire world and I cannot imagine to feel and understand how she reasons out her thoughts. I still have lot of questions on life and still wonder why him out of the many millions in the world. I still haven’t given a proper thought on what happened on the Ghats of Pashupatinath or realized that I am not going to meet Papa again. I have been keeping myself busy in my everyday routine, and there is so much happening. The day I start to believe that I will not see him ever, I know, that I will break down to pieces.  I am not in denial but at the same time I do not want to accept.

There are many people who keep asking me if everyone’s fine at home. There are many who visit us and say that time will heal and how shocked they were when they heard how dad’s heart stopped beating suddenly. There are some who say distracting oneself is the best way to deal in time like these. They are happy to see me get back to my normal routine. There are some who have been a support all this while. With all of this I feel blessed with people being around but at the same time there is never being perfectly fine, there is no healing, and there is no normal. Nothing can overcome the loss of losing Papa, who was the shadow to Grandad.