All of us have been to various eateries and restaurants around K-town. We have had good experiences at some and not satisfying at the others. I have tried compiling different views together and started a food corner in the blog. The first one was “To slurp or ….” It talks about the food joints we have had bad experiences at and given a choice we would want to skip going there again. Be it the food or the service, something seemed unpleasant about the place. Give it a read if you haven’t and also share your incidents and add your stories to the blog. The whole idea is to get to know the best of places and not to miss out on any. This goes out to people who love hanging out at the coolest places around town and sharing their list with the others. If you are a foodie, you would definitely love it.

There are particular joints famous for various cuisines and eateries which will burn a hole f5ff7daba614565d01eeb71a91d34346in our pocket; it is way expensive for the deliciousness the food doesn’t have (Pun intended).  These will come in later section of the food corner. For now we would love to share with you the place which has the best customer service around town.

As much as we appreciate the food and ambiance, some of us look forward for a good service. We want the service to be perfect and the waiters serving us to be hospitable. We would really appreciate if they knew the answers to the questions asked. Some do not know the details of the food items being served properly. These are small yet significant things which are a turn off for some of us and we would not suggest the place to anyone. These are the places on the list where customer service is at its best.

The top on the list is the Red Mud Café, Jhamsikhel. The people serving have been trained so well and the best gesture that has left an impact was on a rainy day. My friend and I reached the cafe drenched and as we parked our bikes, the attendant walked towards us with an umbrella. The servers are welcoming which makes me visit the café time and again.


One of the places which can be counted as a place for good customer service is Tamas Laya, Naxal. Some of us might not like the price for the food  but one can return the food order if the taste unlike the previous occasions. There are moments when the order makes us wait, time is short, and the food order cannot be cancelled. At tamas laya, it’s possible.

Bricks at Kupondole, is another restaurant which gives a good service, and so does Sports Café coffee shop. Café soma at Jhamsikhel is pretty quick too and Sam’s Bar is one of the best places in Thamel.  What do you guys think?

*To slurp or ……..*

All of us love exploring new places and trying out new eateries. It could be for the food, the ambiance, spending time with loved ones, chilling on a Saturday evening or making the most at the end of a lengthy week. We are on a look out for the newest lounge or a coffee place yet some of us are particular about dining at our favorite restaurant and not trying a new joint.

With growing culture of eating out, the number of cafes, pubs, bakeries, restaurants is increasing and we can see crowd on stalls in front of departmental stores. After visiting and living in K-town for almost four years in a go, I can list out some place which disappointed me so bad:-

The list starts with Mezze. If you have not heard of it, this place is at Durbar Marq and is a part of Roadhouse. It has an open space wherein one can enjoy the view of the Narayanhiti Royal Museum. The ambiance has attracted many; but people have given unsatisfactory reviews on food. The worst was when I reached there on a rainy evening to enjoy some Italian, the water was leaking from the roof at two spots. They emptied the sitting at one and kept the ice bucket on the other. We were surprised to see a place like Mezze operating this way.

I cannot stop mentioning Fire and Ice on the list, which is the best-est place for the majority. One of the worst customer services can be found at the place where we drool for Pizza. The other day we waited half an hour for the menu card to reach us, and the next half an hour for the food to be placed. As we were waiting as hungry birds, we were eyeing on the waiters to get our dishes. When he walked towards us, we realized that the order was wrongly taken. This was not the end of our discontent, when the cheque was handed over; the total was twice the things that we ordered.

Attending the customers in the friendliest manner should be the most important aspect which definitely helps the restaurant-satisfaction-surveybusiness to grow. This is lacking at lot of places in town. Sumai Ghangri café being the busiest and the only place for open momos lacks this quality and so does Baker’s Den, the confectionary in Baluwatar. Mirrors, a lounge in Jhamshikel has been on the NO-TO-GO list because of the same reason.

Irrespective of the high brand names, The Yellow Chilli in Tripureshwore does no justice to the food that is served and Bu-ke-ba is just an organic name. “Falcha, at Jhamsikhel is one of the messiest places” says one of my friends who visited just recently.

These are just some places which are off my list now. With the critical reviews on one side, we have the next blog coming to you which is going to be on the best places that you have to go, while you are in K-town. You cannot be missing them at all.

And how we would love if this trend begins:-maxresdefault

P.S:- Do add in your experiences and let us know your stories.