Some of us can watch any movie that runs on the theatre and do not have a particular genre, and some of us are really particular on the type of films that we watch. I can never watch a movie which is serious and needs much of thinking. Since I like watching action, romantic drama, movie with good humor, animation movies are my favorites.

Not been a fan of Nepali cinema, I have watched selected Nepali movies which can be counted – Loot, Mokhsa, Maun, Visa Girl , Sano Sansar and hostel. However, there is a different perception towards Nepali movies, as we have the notion that something will disappoint us in the movie. All of us find fault, could be with the story, or the abrupt scenes or in the script. We become pretty judgmental and look for the perfect. Nepali cinema has boomed in years, and there are different interesting stories which can be seen. People who do not watch Nepali movies will not go for it no matter how well it is made. It cannot be compared to the Bollywood but I feel the way the cinematography is being done, the quality has improved vastly. We should stop being critics and love the way the Nepali film industry is flourishing.

The recent movie that I watched was UTSAV. We had a great time watching the movie. Everyone looked super nice and the movie went with an enjoyable flow throughout. Each character had its own charm and acted superbly, especially the dialogue deliveries and the touch of emotions and humor together; it made one laugh their heart out and got really sentimental in some scenes. The story is about five friends and how their bond increases each day and how they are living at the present. A little of misunderstanding parts them as one friend does not stay in touch with the others. The changes in life and priorities gets them in different positions but the connection among them is strong as they come together to find their lost friend and his brother. That is just the outline, and for more, you will have to go and see it for yourself. The best part about the movie is the connection between Saugat and his brother, how Gaurav entertains with his jokes, the acting of Sanjog, the way Menuka delivers the dialogues, and the gorgeousness of Prakriti. Everyone has done great work.The songs in the movie are soothing with beautiful lyrics. The way different parts of the town are captured, looks beautiful. A fun and entertaining Nepali movie, if you haven’t watched it yet, make sure to go for this one and not miss it!! Highly Recommended.