Letter to our angel, our guardian, our popsy:)

We know we make you proud each day,
Even if we cannot hear you say,
We know you are guiding us in each stage,
You taught us to lead a content life, not to follow the maze.

Your teachings were simple as you were,
Your virtues so strong, we try to follow the bar,
You were an example to many, and loved by all,
Your nature connected elders to the kids in the block.

Perfection in accounts and recycling the items which were old,
You spent time being creative in the garden during the cold,
You could hardly say no and make our wishes come close,
It is an honour to be the daughter of a man whose heart is of gold.

As we remember you each day and smile at the good memories,
A part of me still wants to drive you around, handle the car keys,
As we know you left all of us with happy health and life,
A part of me still questions that ending which would have never felt right.

Let’s write!

The other day we were having a discussion on how writing is a mental exercise, and it should be carried out more frequently, in each stage of our lives. As kids, we spend time learning and writing the alphabets of different languages, which in turn helps us write the first word which is usually our name. Then is the phase when we practice our handwriting in the handwriting textbooks, writing the same alphabet again and again. This eventually reaches the level of writing a sentence on our own.

As we grow old, we are taught to write essays on various topics for our curriculum and our holiday homework consists of one page of writing to better our skills. Even if we tried finding the shortest of sentences, this work was not the best of all. It would be so much better if we were asked to write and express our thoughts and pen down what we felt like. Be it book review or writing a summary or preparing for an essay competition, we were always writing on the topic given to us, adding a creative element to it. We were never encouraged to write in general other than the subjects discussed in school, this was not stressed upon. After school, the college was all about exchanging views, presentations rather than writing, so the most part of forming words were reminders, text messages, notes and emails.

Each one of us has a different flair of writing and it is pretty interesting to read thirty different approaches to the same subject and there can be so much that can be written about. Writing can be a stress buster and it can control different emotions that we have as a human in an everyday life. I would sincerely urge everyone reading this to make it a habit to write as we try to read some pages of a book in a day. It could be a paragraph or a one-pager that can be the target to write. It could be about our everyday routine or paying gratitude to the things surrounding us, or some thought that we are constantly struggling with. Writing is an exercise, which is a win-win situation for each one of us, the more we write, the better we get at it. We also get answers to a lot of questions that we are struggling to find as we get our thoughts together while writing. It is a beautiful and strong feeling that can only be experienced after trying. I had been missing out on it since a while but here I am to the art of discovering, with the art of writing. So, let’s write!

Happening now:)

“Listening to the different sounds of birds chirping,
Looking at the various shades of green changing,
Breathing the fresh morning air while writing, 
The swishing of the dry leaves and the rustling.

Getting up to watch the sunrise on a normal day, 
Watching the moon to greet goodbye to an awesome phase,
Have we forgotten to value these beautiful things as we live in a maze,
Or is it that we ignore the experiences in an everyday craze.

Paying attention from being awake in the presence, 
Can be the most beautiful feeling and a sign of happiness,
Practising gratitude that we are blessed with all of this and much more,
Will give meaning to our lives, feel content, it is the only core”