Ways of remembering our favorites whom we will never see again

Yesterday would have been Papa’s 60th birthday. As much as he didn’t care about birthdays and always smiled saying it’s just another day, we always got excited for his birthday. While I couldn’t wish him yesterday, I thought of writing this blog, which is my way of connecting to him. I was remembering all the memories that we have had when he would make sure to pick me up exactly on time from work the day, I did not have a bike/car to come back home. We would decide on our trips and I would be his advisor throughout our vacation, the way he would give time to each member of the family.

While I was in my memory lane, it just struck me that how less do I speak of these memories to anyone which made me actively call my aunts and ask them what was their favorite memory with Papa.  I was sure they had many but it was so good to listen to their stories, especially their chosen ones. Both of us smiled as we fondly spoke about him for 15-20 minutes. This exercise definitely got me closer to him and realizing once again how grateful I am to be his daughter. I have always felt closer to Papa, even if he is not around, his teachings and guidance have always and will always stay with us but just talking about him was the highlight of my day.

Having said this, there are some of us who cannot talk about the person we have lost, as that makes us just feel weird and realize that the person whom we are talking about is no longer around or I should say we are just not ready for that conversation yet. That’s completely fine because it does take a lot of courage to remember yet not break down completely. I personally feel the best way to give tribute is to talk, write, communicate about your fun and amazing moments with your loved ones. Trust me, it will just make you happier that you were connected to the person and make you feel lighter from inside. Thus, my sister came up with this idea and has created a platform for people to pen down their fond memories with their favorites and cherish their lives. The Instagram handle is @memoiroflovedones , one needs to direct message for her to publish your story.

As I leave you with the thought of cherishing your lost loved one, what are the different ways you remember the important people in your life who are not around you anymore?  

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