And they formed a family away from their own families:*

The feeling after each event at KTM Drive is so different; one has to attend these events to get to know what I am talking about. Each member of the event feels content and there is an inner satisfaction which is beyond description. We do miss our regular members on each event, especially, who are not able to attend and have settled outside Nepal, but I am sure they miss the events even more.


Last Saturday was our 75th event wherein we went to the old age home at Tinkune named Ni Sahaya Seva Sadan. We have been doing several events there like giving out bed sheets, winter socks, caps, gloves to the elderly but the best ones have always been Ice cream treat. We always wait for summers for this event as the elderly enjoy it the most. All of them have fun eating the ice cream and finishing the last bite on their cone.



On this event too, we took Samosa’s, ice cream, juice and biscuits for Aama’s and Bua’s. Since it was a Saturday, they were basking in the sun and making the most of the lazy summer day. Many of them had their relatives who were visiting them. As I saw them happily talking to their daughter and sons, it hit me again to see the unconditional love that parents have for their children. It is heart-wrenching to hear their stories and how children admit their parents to old age home. The bond between parents and children is so strong and strange that however ugly the situation is, parents spend time with their kids without any questions asked. This was exactly what was happening at the old age home.



Ni sahaya seva sadan has around 55 aamas and buwas living in a three storey building. IMG_20160625_124146
Each one of them have a different persona, some of them are chatty while some of them are quiet. They are usually busy making battis which reached to an average of 1000 per day. All of them are really sweet and they look out for one another. One of the Aama’s speaks fluent English and loves conversing and telling us stories and the other duo who are my favorite keep teasing each other like kids. It is so much fun spending time with them.


They are adorable and all of them stay together as a family away from their families. Each one of them gave their blessings to us as we promised them to come back soon. I could not believe that it was the 75th event of ours and we have been conducting these drives since four years. It feels like yesterday that we came up with the idea of giving out free tree saplings and we are really proud of where we are at this stage. We are at a point wherein we are sponsoring kids for their education, have worked with many organizations and spent time with the naughtiest lot with their innocent smiles. We believe it’s about giving the society, and the best way to do it is by giving our time.