Wanted to write since yesterday about how beautifully the festival of Mothers day is carried out. And I am finally writing it now.  I am not sure if it is observed worldwide but it’s a very special day in Nepal. This is the day where the love is showered by getting gifts and the ceremony is celebrated in a traditional way .Its a time for everyone to come together and everyone makes sure that they visit their moms. Anything on a materialistic note cannot be compared to how our mothers have raised us and made our lives a beautiful place to live in. The generosity and self-less-ness that they have is beyond our imagination. The home-maker of our family are the most important people and it sure is an art to be so organized and perfect in their profession. Here is a SALUTE to all the MOTHERS who have been there with the best smiles even when we are so reluctant and revolutionary (most of the times) .This generation where every child is known to be “A WILD CHILD” with the insignia being “RULES ARE MEANT  TO BE BROKEN” our parents have been so patient around us . And their love and support has been their throughout.

This year particularly I had seen so many status updates on mother’s day even when one stays at the same house and the lady who is to turn 60 this year does not even have a face-book account. It amuses me on how putting up a status (particularly what’s on your mind) has become a compulsion:? Expressing  LOVE to our parents can be done each day one just needs to express it:)

Our MOTHER NATURE has given us unlimited and its our task to give it back in return by using the resources properly and moreover respecting it which loads of us fail to (allow me to be a little serious). There are some relationships which are just there even when unsaid this is one of them. Its a one way relationship so REALIZE IT BEFORE ITS TOO LATE. TAKE SOME TIME OUT FOR NATURE AND I AM SURE YOU WILL LOVE IT. TAKE SOME TIME OUT FOR MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN THE ENVIRONMENT WHICH IS THE NEED OF THE HOUR!!

The artwork  above is so beautiful and the explanation is just the best given by the artist::

“A lot of symbols for those with a patient eye. I’ve settled on not explaining everything, but I’ll give some small hints.
Those who wonder about her collar;It’s a symbol of what is manmade. The pattern of the lace is shifting and not precise. That refers to us – we are not flawless. And yet she accepts it, and to some point she gladly wears our presents. The mirror;Take a look into it – Do you see yourself there? The rest is up to you.”

What other things that you can see so peculiar::??

A note saying – THANK YOU :*

I would start my piece by appreciating all the people who have read my blog and been following quite regularly. The views from different countries are quite impressive.Thank You Guys. The name THE MANGO GROOVE has actually come out of a restaurant which i had visited on one of my vacations. The ambiance was just amah-zing, and the food was delicious. Everything about that place was like a fridge that people just go there to chill and have a crazy time.

Its just been  a  month and a couple of days that has  passed since i started with my blog. WHOA… Quite some time . And  i am already nearing to  40+ posts . Some writings have been very random and some have actually always been on mind. There is so much to write that my mind keeps thinking but have not been able to put it up. Will be slowing down on my blogging for a few days though i am gonna miss it::)

Path of Development::*

All of us  have seen the Metro plan which has been proposed for the easy transportation and there is a map given which shows the Kathmandu Metro Feasibility Study. All the credit to the social networking sites that any news small or big can be spread across in no time. And after a few days I read an article on the flyover bridge which will interconnect the other parts of the valley. On overhearing the discussions and seeing the comments 97% citizens were amused by this strategy and some of them said it’s practically out of reach or even if some day it happens our great grandchildren might travel in metros in the city of Kathmandu. The government must have thought about something for sure as these research and findings are coming on paper. We should be optimist and think that it can happen in the given time in our nation. Why become pessimist and attract something which has not happened at all. It’s quite an impossible task but what if?? The benefit if it happens is countless. To give it a thought there are no public transport which run in the night in the K-Town except the taxis which are again super expensive for general public.

What my query lies here is :: Why is there no improvement in the current transportation system?? Why are the roads which are already there (the smallest lanes) in cracks and broken making it for the drivers so difficult to drive their vehicles?? Why are the potholes around the city left just the same?? The officials should make what is existing better. That should be there first attempt. Likewise there are so many small but very important issues which need to be tackled. The roads are being expanded and it’s a great movement but at the same time it’s just the main roads that are being stretched. What about the different lanes along the main roads?? The development has to be overall on each and every aspect  and not just some parts in the country.



There are so many times when things don’t go planned and you are so late for your program. Its just amusing that these instances occur even if you are so careful about doing your agendas and are very organized, Even if you have a to do list and a proper planned diary for the day. Taking all the different combinations that can happen and setting up the whole list still the future cannot be depicted. You just cannot make out when the earthquake will hit past (what just happened in Indonesia) and whatever you have thought of goes away in no time. Its just the destiny and whatever happens is not in control. It’s so nicely said that just keep doing and arranging what is in your power and leave the rest for faith to decide.

There are a quite a few situations wherein we happen to think so much about the upcoming future and the results which will occur post the events. Our mind is such a part which can think towards extremes. It happens so quickly and the whole screen of what can happen comes right in front of our eyes. Just for example you have got the latest gadget and one fine day you don’t remember where you left it in that 4 minutes you think so much about what will happen once you loose it, where will you get the data from, how could you be so irresponsible. There are so many questions and answers shuffling when you are not even sure of loosing it. Its not about being a pessimist here but this a very natural phenomenon and the fear and anxiety that you have during this time is just startling to observe. These experiences will keep happening as our fate is unknown and we cannot blame and hold our mind the CULPRIT but rather we can be A BIT MORE CAREFUL AND ALERT FOR WHAT IS IN STORE FOR US !!

The other side of the coin ::*

A very random thought which just struck me when I sat to write my blog was about usage of coins. I am sure the first thought on your mind will be who even cares about coins these days. It’s just there in the wallet and if at all we need to pay we usually give notes. It’s mostly taken out when you are paying the poor lad or throwing in one the bowl from a distance or a pointed top to make your wish come true. Personally, I really get energized when I get a new coin from the shopkeeper as a change and I don’t like using it at all. It reminds me of my coin album which was made by collecting various currencies from co-passengers and trading with them. It no longer belongs to me and is passed on to my cousin and the collection that he has now is pretty remarkable.

To think about it there are so many different coins and currencies of each country and each one having its own value. The coins are way better to handle as they don’t get frayed and tattered unlike notes (unless they are plastic quoted). So coming to the point as to what all can be done with coins?? It’s just the artistic mind of mine working.  To start with the sound of coins together put in a box can create good tune or can be a type of beat for music. Coins can be used in design of earrings and neck-piece. The old type of coins having a hole can also be used for making rings. That’s all I can come out of. It can be a wonderful help for shading and sketching.

As everything has pros and cons in our life. The round shaped coin also resembles that. With the heads and tails being so diverse yet it is the part of the same coin. There are so many of us who keep the notes unevenly. It needs respect and keeping it organized is the best. As we all know the more respect you give the more you will get it return. Works for everything::*

Another YEAR, more RESOLUTIONS::>

So the countdown on my blog site for the New Years come s to an end. I am sure its going to be a great year for everyone. Wishing everyone an amazing new year!! Just believe in your self and keep the fire burning and your dreams will surely accomplish.  I am sure loads of us have made our resolutions (wait –up that’s already done on the English New Year). And some of us who got lazy to carry it on or for that matter could not really remember it after the first week ok January. Here’s another chance for you to go make those promises and this time you need to be serious about it as there is quite some time for the new  year to come. The best way to write up all your rulings and put in on the soft- board or on your wall where you can see it each day and it will surely inspire you and make you a step closer to your goal.

To think about it, there are so many celebrations that we have and in a way it’s really nice as it gets everyone together. There is so much significance about each festival and the different ways that its rejoiced is startling. There are only a few days that our generations really enjoy.  And we add up on all the traditional festivities we might just loose count.

“HAPPY NEW YEAR” followed by “What did u do on new years? “  is going to be the question of the day tomorrow. I have always wondered why does that question automatically pop out ?? It need not need a second thought and just compliments the wish. I guess that’s the things with us :: WE DON’T NEED A REASON TO PARTY:: REASON TO HAVE FUN:: LIVE LOVE AND LEARN..

The new Beginnings ::

This feeling is so vague

It goes crazier day by day

Feels so safe and out of this place

That I cannot even relate.


So secure, such an inner peace

I am so grateful for this bliss

The spark is alive and of a kind

Exactly, how the moon comes with a shine.


The special days are celebrated

To embark how we are related

And time does go in a jiffy

And we just don’t know how we got so tricky


The affection needs to grow each second and mind not be in a fix

The genie is right along, just need to ask for a wish

I know for once that  you will make it right

I know for sure it will be alright.


I had a thing for P.E.T.S when I was a kid, but since I never got a chance to keep one, now the feeling has all gone. The last memory I can recall was to get a horse in the house, and god knew where I was planning to keep it. And where was I thinking of riding it. This fascination withered since the day I was taken to a Horse-riding class by my school. I was ten then. Little did I know how to get on the saddle and the do’s and don’t when I sat on the horse. I was so excited and the whole charm on riding the horse was increasing till my chance had come. So when I finally got my turn I happily winked at the horse and smiled and expressed how happy I was. The first round around the ground was just perfect when the horse keeper moved along with us and when he asked if I was comfortable and wanted to take a round all by myself. My enthusiasm and thrill was shown right on my face. When I reached half the turn the horse started acting weird and I did what I was strictly not suppose to. I pat on the back of the horse. And with that scream it jumped and I was on the ground. And for the next week I was on a bed rest with my back gone for a toss. I never wanted to keep a horse as a pet again.

Whenever I would go to my relatives or friends I would be so captivated with the love and attachment they would have for their pets. And in the same way they understood everything that their master said. The loyalty and faithfulness is just spellbound. They are tamed so well and become a part of our family in no time. But at the same time when I see goats and pigeons being sold I feel like buying them all and setting them free. The fishes that are kept in the aquarium filled with fresh water. No doubt it would be so happy if it was set free and need not take rounds of that small glass bowl. The other day when I visited the zoo I could see just a single tiger in the cage sleeping peacefully. I am sure it would not be liking the fact that all the visitors keep mocking and commenting at it. The sight made me feel so sad about the loneliness that it would be going through .Certainly, everyone needs some companion. It would be of such a help if we could understand and talk or respond to the animals and get the exact meaning of their sounds. It reminds me of a movie called THE ZOOKEEPER wherein all the animals keep talking to each other and the keeper and how they fight for keeping their zoo forever and not letting other building come up in place of that area.

And somewhere within all social animals the care for their P.E.TS. is unimaginable!!

P.S. it’s also said that the one way conversation that you have with your plants makes their life longer.

It’s about how we think :: Time has always been a mystery::*

If I was given a wish I would ask for at least 35 hours in a day. The 24 hours seems so less as there are so many things to be done and there is always a time crunch. There are pages long list in my journal and the targets to accomplish and the stuff to be done. Out of 24 since I sleep like a log, I use precisely 14 to 15 hours very effectively of my day and still they turn out to be less. Now, here I am not talking in the context of the common phrases that we hear most of the time “I don’t have time for anything and especially people around me. I am really busy” and render that we are the busiest person on this planet. These statements are just excuses. How can one not have time for their loved ones?? And if you are the ones who don’t please try to make one!! You can’t be so busy doing whatsoever that you tend to forget the smaller things in life. And that day will soon come that you are free and you don’t have those special people around you as you were the one who were the busy bee.

Anyways, coming to accomplishments that one can achieve with the good use of time and doing various tasks is just amazing. There are so many people who are usually bored and keep cribbing about how there’s nothing to look forward to in the day. I wonder how. Staying idle cant be so fascinating. I wish I could accumulate the time of all who don’t know what to do with it. There is so much to do (not in the terms of studying since that’s the thing I have been doing recently) but otherwise. There is so much to learn and since everything is on the net one can simply get to know and be an expert on their interests. In the same way indulging into so many various things can be so fruitful. Now, if one does not have an interest in anything than no one can be of help. Hmmm. I think I can. Here it goes: If you live each day as your last the interest will automatically crawl out. This line was said by Steve Jobs in one of his interviews. I feel like treating myself for so many activities starting from squash, adventure sports in line, store – Cuppa Cupid , R-E-V-O-l-U-T-I-O-N (TEACH NEPAL ) !!

Every moment is so precious and the day you have used all the time productively you will have a different feeling for sure::


Sitting on the terrace brick

Trying my hand on magic tricks

Need to be smart and try it hard

For making no mistakes with the cards::

Mind keeps shuffling or is it just thinking

The strength need not go as you are no weak-ling

The career brink is at its cream

To achieve the finite dreams::

Learn, laugh and explore at the best

This is the one and only  test

Making the use of every break

With the cherry on top of the cake::

Life is all about rolling the dice

Need to choose all at your own price

Everything is so perfect and mild

As each one of us is God’s special child::