Another YEAR, more RESOLUTIONS::>

So the countdown on my blog site for the New Years come s to an end. I am sure its going to be a great year for everyone. Wishing everyone an amazing new year!! Just believe in your self and keep the fire burning and your dreams will surely accomplish.  I am sure loads of us have made our resolutions (wait –up that’s already done on the English New Year). And some of us who got lazy to carry it on or for that matter could not really remember it after the first week ok January. Here’s another chance for you to go make those promises and this time you need to be serious about it as there is quite some time for the new  year to come. The best way to write up all your rulings and put in on the soft- board or on your wall where you can see it each day and it will surely inspire you and make you a step closer to your goal.

To think about it, there are so many celebrations that we have and in a way it’s really nice as it gets everyone together. There is so much significance about each festival and the different ways that its rejoiced is startling. There are only a few days that our generations really enjoy.  And we add up on all the traditional festivities we might just loose count.

“HAPPY NEW YEAR” followed by “What did u do on new years? “  is going to be the question of the day tomorrow. I have always wondered why does that question automatically pop out ?? It need not need a second thought and just compliments the wish. I guess that’s the things with us :: WE DON’T NEED A REASON TO PARTY:: REASON TO HAVE FUN:: LIVE LOVE AND LEARN..

One thought on “Another YEAR, more RESOLUTIONS::>

  1. Tshering Tamang says:

    Well, I worked on New Years would be my answer.
    And, Hell Yeah, we don’t need a reason to party! 😉
    Live, Love and Learn.

    Cheers to that!!!

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