International Jet – Set ::*

The hustle bustle all around

Doesn’t feel like 4 in the morn

So many people the less the count

Travelling has become the new out bound.

People from varied cultures are all in here

Making there way around the sphere

So much of commotion is going on the mind

Even when the directions are given spell bound.

So interesting to listen to the talk

Each one trying to make their block

The atmosphere being so lively

OMG, the gossip can turn out to be way ugly.

But, nothing like travelling alone

Helps you explore, the more you grow

Rushing in a long line queue

When everyone has to board with the same crew!!


And there was L.O.V.E – The Summer Love::*

There is a long way to go

With you standing right on my door

Loving each day, living like a princess

My heart jitters with each caress.


The pamper and love that is showered

Will always remain forever and with the same power

The smallest things that is noticed

Gives a special feeling and gets you going.


I want the time to come by

Where the vacations gave quite a high

I want to feel the fresh air in the balcony

This was the first task in the morning.


Writing these couplets makes my heart smile

Recalling each moment and the happiest times

The walk has made us so strong till now

And as we grow I am in love with each flow.


Thankfulness is what I have to give

As you gave me the “mantra” to live

All the bliss on your way

This makes it a complete bay.

Hey Soul Sister::*


                                        ‘FRIENDSHIP = SISTERHOOD = PURE LOVE’

The bond that lies in a sisterhood is so strong and it’s just the best thing one can ask for. Staying in a joint family with cousins all over the place makes my house more lively. The other day I was just reading the book on Soul sisters and those stories did inspire me to write a small note for all the lovely girls out there.

The connection when things are unspoken and unsaid but yet there is a link that can be easily understood is the best part. The crazy stories of each one’s life and the random advices even when not asked for. And the suggestion being so spontaneous that if one had to follow, a second thought was certain. The shopping mode being at its best when each one of us entering the store at the same time and meeting at the billing booth after quite a few of hours. The secrets and the pampering at its finest, covering up for all the goof ups and at the same time the tiff on the smallest of issues leaving you in astonishment. The warmth even after meeting after a long time and the evening walks with the continuous talk. Laughing your heart out at the dumbest jokes and being able to talk about anything and everything.

This relationship is adorable and beautiful::*

P.S:: ‘The Sisterhood of travelling pants’ is a must watch !! I loved it..

Dream Orchid::*

Dreams can be so descriptive and expressive and there are times when we don’t even remember a bit of it. It just stays so hazy in our mind and even if we try remembering a part and link it to the rest of delusion, our memory fails. There are so many times those multiple visions that we have ends up intermingling each other and at times crystal clear.

I have experienced the craziest of dreams from some celebrity coming at my place in a limousine to take us out on a premier show to being the last person on earth. It’s mostly said that whatever you think before your beauty sleep is what lies on your unconscious. And so did my mom make it a habit for us to wash our feet and say a small midnight prayer before sleeping.

Sleeping can be a task at times when you are of the category that cannot get sleep even after an hour of lying in the bed. And when that mind is quite idle it starts wondering various thoughts, so the best medicine will be just to distract you by reading a book or probably watching a movie.

Now while writing I just happen to remember one of my dreams which was beyond imagination. I was watching a television-series and we all know how addictive that can make you. And watching one episode one after other you just don’t get to know how time goes by. And for time that you are watching you just feel like not stopping unless you watch till the last episode. Anyways, getting back to the dream I was at my house and the party was thrown by the hottest actor “Nathaniel Fitzwilliam” a.k.a Nate Archabald with a mix of other stars and who knows from where the swimming pool was there on the open space. So it was basically a pool party with all the Hollywood small screen actors. And the DJ was awesome. Like wait for it – LEGENDARY. So we were having a crazy time dancing and my granddad joined the troop. And seeing him dance was basically way out of the blue. And then suddenly the music slowed down and everyone was doing a ball- dance. And when I started dancing with one my best stars and that’s when our eyes met. I was shaken by the co-passenger in the flight if I wanted something to munch on. And the rest of the dream stayed unknown.

But I am surely taking up the idea of throwing a grand party at the backyard of my house!! And making a dream diary!!

Sketches of nature::*

Sitting at the balcony, with the cup of cold coffee, loving the weather outside looking at the birds tweeting. The view right now is so beautiful I can see the sunset across. Past fifteen minutes I have seen various shades of oranges (color: orange) and while writing this post it just faded. And the whole time when I was looking at, it was just so refreshing.

Spending time with nature is one of the best things one can do. There are so many things that we have been bestowed with and they are gratis. But as we all know the things without any charge has no value. Our life has been so fast that we have no time for the small beautiful things around. I guess that’s the reason that we are taught in our school to take some time for nature and pay a gratitude which I somehow can recall:





This appreciation and gratefulness even if I did not understand when I was a 5 year old, but now it makes so much of sense. The other day I saw a clear sky with the super-moon and stars all around. There was this particular star which was the brightest. And the various constellations left us guessing. Talking about moon and star how much ever cheesy it is, looking at it while taking a walk in the evening or just sitting at the terrace block with the favorite song  is breathtaking. It just feels out-of the world and going to the moon becomes one of my dreams. The milky white color and the clouds covering half of the moon, the view is splendid.

Try experiencing the fresh air, the sight of the sunrise, the magnificent flowers around, the greenery, the kinds of green all around, and the hills around the valley. Take some time out from your daily routine. Take some time out for yourself and the nature. Just ten minutes is what they are asking us and I am sure we can take some time out for the lovely things given to us, some time for the things that are given to us complimentary.

Beyond Belief::*

The conviction that everything happens for a good reason has been one of my code till now. The ubiquitous power that’s around us makes everything around next to perfect. The universal clout is right next to us and supporting us all the time. Nothing in our life can be impeccable, we all know that. It’s all about compromises and give and take and how can we adjust to the situation around to make it our journey a worth-while. There are so many times that things don’t go as planned actually most of the times. But the thought of something better is kept in store for us helps us keep going. It’s the destiny which is already inscribed and the least we can do is have faith in it and live up to the fullest.

There are so many people and infinite number of wishes that one has. The prayers for getting our desires which are limitless must be obnoxiously confusing for the super-power. And even if all the demands comes true, we, humans are so self-seeking that once our work is done there is no looking back and being thankful. Spirituality comes from within; one cannot be pushed towards. It is very true that the values that you have been given when you were a child stay with you forever but at the same time after a certain age it’s all on how you believe. It’s just the connection that you have or don’t with the omnipresent. It does not matter whom do you pray or seek your blessings from, cause they are all the same.

There are so many pilgrims, and the divine devotion that they have is so astonishing. They are so selfless and do not seek anything in return. The other time when I had gone to this temple in Shirdee, Maharashtra of Sai Baba we had to stand in the queue for about 6 hours and with us were thousands of people and when we reached the main statuette, it was such a chaos and commotion and we could be there for just some seconds. So that’s when I thought to myself that they are so many individuals right there and all of them for the same purpose.

There are so many incidents when all the awful things happen to the finest people around. Even if I try reasoning it, each time I am left clueless. God forgives all without reservations but at times it’s just so inequitable. And usually the threads are all connected, all related to our KARMA.


The wind knows your name ::*

What if we ever got a chance to change our name?? Hmmm… Would you change it?? Give it a thought. I bet some of us would want to. I somehow fall neutral. I can’t really make up my mind would I want to be called by some other name. We have lots of nick names given to us and we are called by shorter forms each different from our loved ones. People say what’s in a name??Does it really matter??

It’s said the name defines you. Its shows your personality. It’s what you are and the parameter of “THE COOL  ATTITUDE” . This is when I say that if your name is some ancient and old name, the perception towards that person is different. Just for example if I say how does Shrey sound?? And on a similar note how  is Mohan ?? So here you go.This is what I was talking about. Now, I am not being judgmental here. But that’s how our mind works. Can’t help it. But, when we are born noone knows what kind of traits will we have and what kind of individual will we become. Its so entertaining to me on how we act as a critic all the time.

As it’s said that it doesn’t matter on how many years you live, it depends on how you have lived it. But you surely can make a mark on others and that’s when  your name does. There are so many places where our name is asscoiated to from all the legal documents  to writing a customer service form in a restaurant. Each name is so different and with a meaning and is given with so much of a thought. And when you get to know how popular your name is around the place you don’t really like it. Similar is the feeling when the name of the person is right there in your toungue but you forget it while you randomly bump. The best way to greet anyone is using their names on whereever you go be it while you are on an aircraft or out on a dining. This gives a respect to each being whose name is so special as yours is::*


Waves of CHANGE::*

There was a glow on my face today, when I heard there was no bandha in the morning. I bet thousands like me must have been so relieved. The everyday bandha around the valley is getting us nowhere. Agreed that the bandha has been called by the citizens at times for a purpose – for a stabilized government. But most of the times it is “Word of Mouth” like it was suppose to be today and the whole week until the constitution date 27th May 2012. There are so many other things that our country needs to look after. I cannot even count them on my fingers. There is a long list that needs to be addressed. And on top of that so much of trouble for the citizens on everything. We are being deprived of the basic necessities.

These are some of the things which are way more important than the shut downs currently:

The destruction and demolition of buildings in the town for broadening of roads. The streets are in a chaos as there is so much of dust that one can actually feel the sand on the mouth. The roads look wider, no doubt but things need to be done post – destruction too. There are pillars all around and the broken walls and remains have not been cleared. We are talking about flyovers and metros. Like SERIOUSLY. We ought to be realistic.

There are so many tourists who come to visit Nepal for its scenic beauty and seeing a sight like this affects the tourism to a great extent and the short trip of theirs never happens again to the beautiful country.

So much problem of water in most of the areas. It seems that power cut will remain for the whole year. There is not a single day where we will have electricity for the entire day. And the petrol scarcity is yet another problem.

On a very real note, my mind is boggling between numbers and the calculations that I can make. Let’s say out of 365 days on an average a student has 115 days of holiday including Saturdays, Dashain, Tihar and other public holidays .This is when I am taking the winter and session breaks too. So these kids have 250 days of schooling and another 50 days of bandha which is very common in the capital. So children only go to school for half a year and in which they have 3 terms and so many activities happening around the school in those 6 months .It’s like being promoted in 6 months. This is all on the minimum level. There are places outside the capital where the shut downs are happening every alternate day .So, half a year the school is run and out of those 180 days I bet the school runs for 90 days that is 3 months. Is this so fair for the upcoming generation. We say the young are going to be the face of tomorrow. But if the education goes on this way it is going to make our country what we cannot even imagine in a few years.

The bandha not only affects the economy loosing crores of money because of the strike but our day to day schedule is also getting affected. It is a pain for the people who have emergency and the students who have to go walking during exams from one end of the city to another. There is so much going in the mind of the kid and the fear of reaching the exam centre adds on. The shops are closed again depriving us of the smallest things and the rallies that go on after other and the burning of tires and other vehicles is scary. The workers who work on a day to day living cannot even earn a penny on the day of bandha .The transportations are closed, the factories, the banking sector affecting the lives of millions.

And until now we are counting on the constitution and there are small rallies everywhere for making it on time. This issue was going on throughout the year. Why do we act like something can change in a fortnight?? We need results, we need action no doubt but these 14 days will do no good if a bandha is called every day except than causing more difficulty. We have yet another topic where we have protest going on-the division of Nepal in terms of community. What are we doing?? Where are we going?? We as citizens are so helpless and on the other hand we cannot do anything about it. This needs to be changed. Something needs to be done or we might lose what we have as all of us know:”BANDHA IS A VICIOUS CIRCLE”

It’s Raining Men! Hallelujah!!

It’s raining all over the valley

I wish I could go out for some Bailey’s

Got to stick around for a while

Or else the work will be so futile….


The branches are swinging left and right

I am scared if it will stay upright

The view of the nature is so pure

And the blow of wind touches my ear….


The raindrops on the grass so wet

Looks equally beautiful like the flowers in the shed

I just love this season of shower

With the sunset always late than an hour….


Conversations and coffee at its best

It’s time to buckle and finish that test

With that note I finish my verse

As I need to get back to my course !!

Moon – Struck::*

I can see it from my window

What is it; I am in love with the glow

Looks like a crescent, coming out 365 times

It’s that time when we greet Good night.

It just looks like it’s kept in a bowl

I feel like wrapping it in a shawl

Far away far away and far too long

But it comes back each day and helps me write a song.

The moon shines so high

Making my heart go blind

That shining star just made my day

Couldn’t thank better than this way!!