And there was L.O.V.E – The Summer Love::*

There is a long way to go

With you standing right on my door

Loving each day, living like a princess

My heart jitters with each caress.


The pamper and love that is showered

Will always remain forever and with the same power

The smallest things that is noticed

Gives a special feeling and gets you going.


I want the time to come by

Where the vacations gave quite a high

I want to feel the fresh air in the balcony

This was the first task in the morning.


Writing these couplets makes my heart smile

Recalling each moment and the happiest times

The walk has made us so strong till now

And as we grow I am in love with each flow.


Thankfulness is what I have to give

As you gave me the “mantra” to live

All the bliss on your way

This makes it a complete bay.

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