Hey Soul Sister::*


                                        ‘FRIENDSHIP = SISTERHOOD = PURE LOVE’

The bond that lies in a sisterhood is so strong and it’s just the best thing one can ask for. Staying in a joint family with cousins all over the place makes my house more lively. The other day I was just reading the book on Soul sisters and those stories did inspire me to write a small note for all the lovely girls out there.

The connection when things are unspoken and unsaid but yet there is a link that can be easily understood is the best part. The crazy stories of each one’s life and the random advices even when not asked for. And the suggestion being so spontaneous that if one had to follow, a second thought was certain. The shopping mode being at its best when each one of us entering the store at the same time and meeting at the billing booth after quite a few of hours. The secrets and the pampering at its finest, covering up for all the goof ups and at the same time the tiff on the smallest of issues leaving you in astonishment. The warmth even after meeting after a long time and the evening walks with the continuous talk. Laughing your heart out at the dumbest jokes and being able to talk about anything and everything.

This relationship is adorable and beautiful::*

P.S:: ‘The Sisterhood of travelling pants’ is a must watch !! I loved it..

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