Dream Orchid::*

Dreams can be so descriptive and expressive and there are times when we don’t even remember a bit of it. It just stays so hazy in our mind and even if we try remembering a part and link it to the rest of delusion, our memory fails. There are so many times those multiple visions that we have ends up intermingling each other and at times crystal clear.

I have experienced the craziest of dreams from some celebrity coming at my place in a limousine to take us out on a premier show to being the last person on earth. It’s mostly said that whatever you think before your beauty sleep is what lies on your unconscious. And so did my mom make it a habit for us to wash our feet and say a small midnight prayer before sleeping.

Sleeping can be a task at times when you are of the category that cannot get sleep even after an hour of lying in the bed. And when that mind is quite idle it starts wondering various thoughts, so the best medicine will be just to distract you by reading a book or probably watching a movie.

Now while writing I just happen to remember one of my dreams which was beyond imagination. I was watching a television-series and we all know how addictive that can make you. And watching one episode one after other you just don’t get to know how time goes by. And for time that you are watching you just feel like not stopping unless you watch till the last episode. Anyways, getting back to the dream I was at my house and the party was thrown by the hottest actor “Nathaniel Fitzwilliam” a.k.a Nate Archabald with a mix of other stars and who knows from where the swimming pool was there on the open space. So it was basically a pool party with all the Hollywood small screen actors. And the DJ was awesome. Like wait for it – LEGENDARY. So we were having a crazy time dancing and my granddad joined the troop. And seeing him dance was basically way out of the blue. And then suddenly the music slowed down and everyone was doing a ball- dance. And when I started dancing with one my best stars and that’s when our eyes met. I was shaken by the co-passenger in the flight if I wanted something to munch on. And the rest of the dream stayed unknown.

But I am surely taking up the idea of throwing a grand party at the backyard of my house!! And making a dream diary!!

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