25 crazy things as I turned 25!


Birthdays are super exciting, which ever part of the world you are in or whatever situation – exam time, work pressure , the whole feeling of the birthday coming up is thrilling. When you talk about birthdays, I believe it’s just a myth when it’s said that girls go crazy about the day and it’s just another day for the guys!! Everyone loves to be pampered, to be felt on the top of the world, the special one!!

As I was completing 25 years of my fairy tale life, I wanted to do 25 crazy things before turning one. It was just a wild idea and I started writing the fun things that can be done. Initially I thought I would do it on the birthday itself, but then the list seemed impossible in a week too. So there after a blogging I had a list of crazy fun things to be done and I wanted all my loved ones to be a part of it!! So If you are wondering what all were in the list, I will wrap them in 5 sections.

Anything given unexpectedly makes everyone happy. Be it something really small you get out of nowhere, you would be so glad!! So there were these five things that came on my mind which could be done for people I have never met, I will never probably meet them ever again. It started with giving a lift to a stranger, a rucksack of baby clothes in the slum area, chocolates to the street kids walking around, and the best one was while we gave bottle of juice to cart-pullers, porters, a lady finding something to eat from the waste. They did not say a word, happily smiled and took it. There was this kid who wanted to take the candy bar but was so confused should I, should I not?? And finally the look in his eyes said he wanted it. The last one on the list was giving out recharge card to the person who would sit on the table next to us as we went for coffee. Imagine being gifted out of the blue, how wonderful would that be!! And I exactly knew who would enjoy doing this along with me – Sachin. So this is where we went to, the house on the left

The next set was doing crazy stuff, wherein :20131023_123041

Make everyone sing Happy Birthday in 5 different languages,

Approach a stranger and ask him to wish Birthday

Stand in the middle of the divider on the highway

A quick test drive around the K-town, with the awesome people in my life, Khusboo gave in birthday wishes in 25 languages and my lil sis, Surbhi gave in 25 kinds of voice notes and all were birthday wishes!!

Adding to the set of craziness, I wanted to go to a place in Kathmandu where I had never been and it was to TELKOT, the best part was the ride with Sanjog! Baking a meal on the birthday eve for the family was ticked off after much of thought as I don’t like cooking till date!! And then came the interesting part 25 of 25, anything to be done 25 times!!





P1040860So, this time I wished to cut 25 cupcakes and not a single cake, and it was fulfilled by Ritima & Soky.

I always wanted to get a book published of my blogs.

Fly lanterns and get the feeling of the movie Tangled.


Have you ever thought of shop lifting?? Neither have I:P

How about giving in birthday wishes and shout out to yourself on air!?

Pamper myself with massage, prettiest dress which was perfectly shopped with Prakriti!

And yes to add to it, a coffee date with the International Fashion Designer: – Prabal Gurung!!

And what got cut from the list was I could get a picture with Prabal at the studio:D


And the list goes on with 5 more things which were super crazy ( Off the blog). And at the end made a list of 25 crazier ones to be done till I turn 26!! The best part was how each thing got cancelled from my list and each and every loved one was involved in to make it all possible with the best-est surprise ever and cancelling from my list – dining with friends and family on the birthday with the theme – Indian attire!!

P.S: The celebration started on the birthday eve itself, with cakes, gifts and a small surprise at home. And the day started with something I love doing, going on air and giving myself a birthday shout out from my listeners which was pretty cool, and the surprise breakfast and the rest of the day was just full of surprises. I feel so blessed and loved having such amazing sweethearts and darlings in my life and ending the day with FLYING LANTERNS from my home terrace. The wishes from all around the world made it all the more special!!


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We had been planning for this project since a month and when it happened successfully on 19th Oct, 2013, we loved the experience and we were really happy that the little efforts could make hundreds smile around. We had given in clothes to the needy on the streets as our last event, but this time it was different. We were preparing rucksacks (a bag/ slinger) and including things from a pair of clothes, sweater, winter caps, jackets, warmers, gloves, wallet, socks, and food to eat and a juice to drink. That was the whole plan and all would depend on what all got collected!!

We were sure that it would be a fun event and by the end we would be so satisfied and the blessings and the day would be imprinted in our hearts. It’s just not a drive of giving away old clothes, its being inspired and making others learn, so they could do what they can for the ones who need it. As we got enthused from THE RUCKSACK PROJECT- BRISTOL UK, we believe that some will surely get motivated through our acts. You know what the best part is when you let the person know who encouraged you. It makes the event all the more powerful.

How did we start and what happened at THE FIRST RUCKSACK PROJECT:

We started with preparing bags and the prettiest was the baby bag – It had the cutest warm clothes, inner and set of socks and cap for the baby. We collected as many bags and apart from that we prepared cloth bags. We had 10 bags ready – some for oldies, some for women of thirties, some were for children.

We started riding around the K-town as we were targeting to give in to the people who are on the streets without homes. We met quite a few of homeless people especially outside the temples. Started our day with Jawlakhel, we went to Banglamukhi temple and then crossed Baneshwore, on our way to Pashupatinath and finally to Ganesh temple at Kamladi and the last was the temple at New Road.

20131019_133938On the roads we met couples sitting and waiting for someone to arrive and give them something, there were elderly ones too and this old lady shared in her story of how her daughter left her. There was a boy who must be in his teenage and he had no idea what was happening when we gave him the stuff. He was wearing tattered clothes and was just lying down. We gave him a sweater; he was expressionless and did not say a word so we thought what should be the next step. We gave him food and a pair of clothes and left the place. He kept looking at us but was quiet. And his silence said it all.

The best one was when these 5 kids were wandering on the road all by themselves, we called them and asked them if they wanted clothes, and naughtily each of them said yes. The tracks and warmers fit them so well and they could not stop posing. And how can I forget they actually knew that the clothes were huge or small for them and asked if they could exchange. They were about 6-7 years of age and after wearing the clothes the smile on their faces was beyond joy. I can’t imagine how delighted their parents are going to be when they get back home.

There were incidents where we gave out our rucksacks to people who asked for it people who were already working on the streets. Initially we were apprehensive but then: By the end it’s all for a good cause. 50 bags given out to homeless people this winters!! So are u coming for the next RUCKSACK ?

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My hearts a stereo:*


The love will stay till eternity,

The craziness never gets empty,

Is it you or is it our relationship,

Sure is the madness which keeps it crisp.

The small things that made us fall in love,

Each time we are reminded of the dove,

The fond memories which just reels,

Plays in like a movie which is on Repeat.

I feel there is something amazing,

As we move after the craving,

I feel there is something strong,

Which grows by each moment, each song!

My hearts a stereo:*

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A heart is made of wishes :*

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The breeze and wind around,

Does not make the day sound,

It’s been cold as winters are already here,

Getting on some warmers is the best fare.

The continuous drizzle and raindrops,

Is making my heart race and gallop,

There is no complains nor a shout,

Each moment with the music played loud.

The festival being celebrated all around,

The black clouds are not spoiling the ground,

Card games, reunions and endless conversations,

Wishing everyone a fun-filled and dreamt destination!

A heart is made of wishes :*

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Let the festivity begin*

The feeling of festivity is in the air. We love the smell of Dashain, time for playing cards, flying kites, some relaxation, and reunion with family and cousins. The most awaited festival is here and we are all geared up to celebrate with our loved ones. Even if you are not around your family, I am sure you are having lots of fun as each day is going. As time goes by so quick Dashain will be followed by Tihar and in no time we will be entering the English New Year. Somewhere most of us feel that the charm of the festival is reducing year after year.

This year I have hardly seen kites flying around the K-town. I still remember the excitement of getting different shape kites with the strongest kite thread before a month. The various colors floating in the sky made it beautiful. The kite- war between the next door neighbors, the endless hours of flying one, the fun times with friends coming over and the competition on whose kite is going to fly more higher. Those days are gone and there are few shops who have been selling kites and very less people are looking for buying one. Economically speaking, lesser the demand less is the supply.

In this age too, people sacrifice animals on the day of Navami to Goddess Durga. The tradition should change and we should bring the revolution. Spirituality does not become strong as we support the bloodshed. And some things need to alter. The animals have all the right to live as we do. And nowhere in the holy books is it written that Goddess is happier when the animals are given in as a donation to God. Think about it, and if you feel it is correct, support it starting this year. Belief comes from within.

Nevertheless, it’s the period of the year where you meet your near and far relatives, get their blessings and might just get lucky on all the card games. The festival break is the much needed one for each and every one of us to spend time with our family and here I have a quick trip planned up on my mind.

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Is there something called an unconditional love? Can you fall in love each day and how about the charm and charisma staying after years of relationship or does it fade with time? What if you don’t approve of certain things about the other one after being together for so long and you just think that you are still crazy in love. Do you accept how your love is or you would want him to change?? Quite a few of things stay unanswered and there is no reasoning to them. Some of them can surely turn out to be relationship killers.

At time couples get super busy with their professional lives that they just forget to stay connected which is super important in a relationship, you need to take some time out and make the other one feel special. There are so many ways that you can just make his/ her day. You need to be there when the other one needs you. You got to express, you got to let out what you feel is not going on correct, you got to communicate and not take the bond for granted. Sometimes those small things are just what are required.

One of the biggest relationship killers is not giving each other space. Let that person be how he is, you have fallen for him and loved the way he is, so why do you want him to be any different . And is not love all about compromises, adjustments, and not really counting on the give and takes. Let them flee and the will definitely come back.

The huge killer is talking about exes. Talking about the past is going round and round where there is no end to it. How does it even matter what happened in the past? Everyone grows in a relationship and it teaches you so much. You mature, you learn and you become a better person. You really need to understand the situation before really judging the other side. Having your own assumptions and inferences about is just not correct. Everything just turns out to be perfect with some time and less of ego. Envy and comparison can never go well if you are in love. So let the talk happening, be the genie for one another, fall in love each day because relationship might not last, but the memories lasts forever!!

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A Big No at the Gymnasium :*

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There are two reasons people run in for health clubs, one is for reducing weight and the next group wants to simply stay healthy. The ratio of members joining for getting that body in shape is the majority. Each one of them has a certain goal- some join for leisure, some for some gossip, and some sweat their heart out. There are some who check their weight before and after the workout is over. I am sure you must have experienced that around.

Hitting the gymnasium is the perfect combination of taking some time out for your body and burning those calories which were taken on the last visit to the theater or the last party that you attended. It definitely helps you rejuvenate and get energized. It is really hard to keep the count of the different nutrients in the body and balance it with the exercise. Any physical activity, any sport, cardio, maintains your body and is surely a must in a day. It could be for 15 minutes or an hour, working out in your room or jogging or walking on the treadmill, depending on the time you have and the things you can accommodate. You got to be regular and you need to enjoy what you are doing. Here are some of the thumbs down while exercising which people just don’t realize and I hate writing it: P

  1. There is something called deodorant, use them, and don’t just keep them on the lockers. If you think you need it while you are working out, use it thrice as many times as you require. Avoid the bad odor from your body. So this one time I actually told this guy that his smell made all the members sick. I had no other option but to tell the poor lad.
  2. Some people just over exercise even if they don’t have the capacity to. They work out for 4 hours straight, use the cross trainer for 2 hours and just don’t understand that it won’t make any difference if you give in so much time in a day. It has to be constant.
  3. Carry an extra gym tee if you sweat a lot, and don’t wear the same one without a wash. Sometimes it feels that people have lost the meaning of word HYGIENE.
  4. Stop staring yourself in the mirror, the six packs will not be made that soon.
  5. Are you guilty of wearing make up to the gym??
  6. And yes the last one –Cribbing about your weight each day is just not going to help. Each body is different and requires different level of routine. You cannot keep complaining about your flab each time and you cannot keep counting the grams you have put on or lost. Patience pays so just wait for the results or learn to have one.

We need to believe that exercise is beneficial at each step of our life, and it is the best if we can follow it regularly and not only till we reduce to the number wished.

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Our mornings are incomplete if he does not converse with us. His day starts up pretty early and ends up the last. He is always around us and takes care of each one of us. At every moment there is something that you can learn from him. He is a believer, an entrepreneur, a man with principles and rules. The man I idolize, I am talking about my granddad, and some day I wish, to follow his steps and rule the kingdom with hard work and patience.

At this age of 85, he is the active man I have met till date, the simplest person who has created an empire for his family. The mantra in his life has been – SIMPLE LIVING, HIGH THINKING which has got him to the place that he is today. It all started with little he says, and as time went by things fell in place and there was no looking back. On this day too he does not carry a wallet and believes in utmost saving. He has his values and he definitely has changed with the times. Everyone loves his company, be it an elderly person or a youngster or a kid, a stranger he talks to all and inspires each one of them. This is the best quality that I like about him. Encouraging us in academics and our ambitions has gotten us closer to him.

The other day while he was playing badminton with my younger brother, he kept telling him stories of him being a kid and how things have changed till now. Little did my brother understand but we definitely loved his real life incidents. The number of places he is traveled and the aura that he has across when he meets people is rousing. I feel like travelling with a V.I.P when he is around – Fluent English, charismatic nature, soft spoken, kind hearted. Learned and spiritual combined together best defines him.

There are some people who are rough on the outside and the opposite in the inside. He is one of them. It is just amazing to me how he can be so quick and sharp with the calculations and business terms. That’s when I salute his years of experience and his energy. I hope we do you proud as you did us and each one of us looks upon you as a mentor in our lives.

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