Distance means so little when someone means so much:*


So, what are the factors in a relationship that keeps it going?? How would you define a perfect bond?? There are compromises and adjustments in each relationship, the moments that you can’t stop looking at that person and the love grows each day and there are times when you do not want to see the other person – not for some years at least. Even if you have had the fondest memories with that special someone, you are in that position that you do not want to talk about him/ her. There are very less couples who carry on the relation even if they are not together. Does any of the heartbreaks relate to long distance relationships?? I have heard phrases like – I am jealous of people who get to see each other every day::

I just took a vote on one of my shows the last time and majority of the listeners were up for long distance relationships. Some of them have always been on one, some of them got into it after couple of years. Imagine you meet a friend’s friend at a party, and you guys have an amazing conversation and you hit off with really well, and you would want to give it a chance further. And once you get to know that person is not staying around and you might see him/ her after a year. Would you take that step of asking her out??? Does it really matter if the person is not next to you when you actually need it, or is just being emotionally dependent but either ways they are just a call away? I know it’s not the same but you could give it a try and see how it goes by. Relationship cannot be weighed on the basis of being in the same town forever. You might take some decisions later where you will have to go abroad or to another city, I am sure you would not think twice before taking that call, unless you are the type who is impractical and wants to give up on an opportunity. In fact distance relationship gets you closely as you have that space with the other person and you can do your own thing in your own way. It’s just about TRUST, COMMUNICATION AND PATIENCE which will keep your connection strong.You can always do the special and crazy things as Love cannot be measured as distance can . But as I say “It is not for everyone “.What do you think??

The power of first impressions:*

“People sometimes talk about the power of first impressions, and believe me, there is truth to it.”

Imagine if you could read people really well with their actions and conversations. This is a gift for some and some get it with experience and keep getting better day by day. I would not say it’s being judgmental but it is just having an insight about someone before knowing him at all.

It is the same way how Love at first sight works for quite a few of lovers. You just look at the person and you know she/ he is the one and you attract all the forces of the universe to get that person. This has worked for numbers and some it hasn’t. Some people are just pretty and when they actually start talking, you cannot have a good conversation in fact not even a conversation. They are again placed in a different category of people .You cannot deny the fact that the book is judged by its cover 90 % of times. And each ones perception can differ.


First impression lasts for lots of people including me. When I meet someone I want to portray the exact ME, and if that does not happen I am disappointed. There is no reasoning or analysis, but it just does not feel right. So whenever you meet someone for the first time, even if it is for couple of minutes, you got to leave that notion which clearly resembles your nature and not someone else and leave an impact that they would remember. A lot can be known from the eyes of a person and that eye contact. It is really easy to understand what the other one is thinking or going through. And at times your thought process is not correct and the person turns out to be totally different from what you had on your mind throughout. I have met couple of strangers and after knowing them more the tables have turned but the FIRST IMPRESSION HAS NEVER CHANGED.

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sweet_pearl_by_sternenfern-d4sjaopThere are varied nature people that you come across; some are really picky about stuff and some would not give a damn about the whole situation. Each one of us would react differently and can be really creative on handling any condition. I sometime wonder how can each person be so unique and how each of our trait is so diverse. We might not have come across a person who exactly thinks the same way, now here I am not talking about an opinion or a view but just a replica of the other. I have never seen my identical. Have you seen yours?? I am just imaging how this place would be if people thought in the same direction. It’s said: BIG MINDS THINK ALIKE AND AT THE SAME TIME, WE KNOW HOW OPPOSITE ATTRACTS. These are both contradicting each other. Moreover, it can be put as things don’t click with someone similar because we are exceptional minds in our own ways.

The best part is where each being is as beautiful as pearl and diamond and are talented. And some fail to recognize and find it. They need to be reminded about how amazing this wonderful life is .They just need to find there gift. And the basic idea is to just chill and take things easy by taking each day as an opportunity and growing more as a lovely person.



Death is inevitable and all of us know the fact. Some can live up each moment and some wait for the time till they can appreciate the value of it and at times it just gets too late. Gets really late on loving your life and knowing what you always wanted with it. There are some who just do not worth life and rip things apart for the smallest reasons and start doubting this wonderful expedition. I have never ever understood how could a person not like his life so much that he/ she gives it away by themselves. It’s a pity to come across such news and people in this generation too. The term depression seems quite vague to me though. Everyone goes through ups and downs and nothing comes easy like breathing and being able to change the world by how you can with the power of YOU. The cribbing will do no good but what will is the spirit to fight and stay strong!!

Keep calm and watch TV series :*

-1So how many television series have you watched till date, asked this cousin of mine when we were at the breakfast table while taking her milk and cornflakes. I have never understood how someone can eat museli right in the morning or anytime at any point of the day. I totally know its healthy and one of the best meals but I just cannot. Not that I haven’t tried, I did and I have despised it till now. So coming back to the question, I was quite puzzled, as I could not remember the last time I was surfing the different channels with a remote, sitting for hours in front of the television. But I clearly remembered the nights that I had spent watching a particular TV series on my laptop.

So my answer still remained “I can’t count, there have been many “. The series can get really addictive and you would not know how five hours would feel like a half. And in so much time, you are just done with seven episodes of each. There have been crazy different kinds of sitcom from love triangles, funny, humorous, thriller, supernatural; profession and each of them are equally entertaining depending on the of a person. But TV series gets you glued till the season is not over. And it just feels so real that you are living that moment, at that house and it revolves around your mind so much that you can relate to it with your real life. At least it somehow gets into me that ways. There are numerous series and many actors that I have fallen for. But nothing can beat the story of PRISON BREAK and hawt-ness of MICHAEAL SCHOLFIED, the wittiness of ARI GOLD in ENTROUAGE, liners of BARNEY STINSON in HIMYM, chemistry between BLAIRE AND CHUCK in GOSSIP GIRL, and love for fashion in 90210, the secrets, the twist and turns in relationships, SUPERNATURAL making you believe that you are born with a power too. It’s totally crazy how these TV series can be your best companions at times.


I have always taken my time and watched the episodes. I mostly break them in parts to watch and never spent the whole day and night watching it.

I have checked torrent 50 times while waiting for this new episode on a Monday morning.

Love BLAKE LIVELY. She has an amazing persona.

I have dreamt about this party at my house where all the stars from 90210 were at my place for a pool party. And that is how crazy things have gotten when I watched a couple of episodes before sleeping, and moreover I was one of them.

I still have a collection of quite a few of them that I have not watched, leaving it for the time when I am all free. I don’t have to watch it once I get the set.

I hardly remember the dialogues as I don’t watch the same series again and again.

After each TV series, I wish I could change my profession, getting the reel life into real.

So which one is the best for you and you went crazy for??

The future belong to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams*

Even if a  person is chilled out about stuff, there is always a dream right in front of him, a dream that he has since he was a child, ambition_by_tja88-d49wpjqsomewhere he wants to be and the heights he wants to reach. And the feeling that you get once you are right there is beyond happiness. It’s the feeling that you were born to achieve that and you actually get it. It can’t be defined. You just go bizarre over getting it and with the utmost passion that you work with its just works out perfectly.


So there are a couple of us who believe in short term goal, rather than long term ones.  The day is planned and if things go by as the schedule, it could not be more productive and leads us towards our dream. Each small step helps add on to our results. And there are some of us who really cannot define our ultimate dream; working on it becomes a big question.  There are others who know what they don’t want and are not sure of what they want is correct or is the risk worth it or the chance of leaving what you have is a mistake?? But I guess you would not grow if you had not made those mix ups before. The worst could happen would be what you want did not work out but think about the best,what if it just clicks .You might just look at the day that you were confused about that decision you went ahead with and there was no looking back.  It’s correctly said- Follow your heart and their achievement will all be yours. So if you have not found your DREAM – think for a while, and once you know what you want just go ahead with it as I am going with mine. It might just sound out of the world and really hard but guess what you just completed the most difficult part – Finding out that dream of yours!!


There are so many things that a person is capable and it’s just a myth when people conclude that you cannot get it all. What you need is some patience, luck on your side, and smart work and most importantly BELIEF.