The power of first impressions:*

“People sometimes talk about the power of first impressions, and believe me, there is truth to it.”

Imagine if you could read people really well with their actions and conversations. This is a gift for some and some get it with experience and keep getting better day by day. I would not say it’s being judgmental but it is just having an insight about someone before knowing him at all.

It is the same way how Love at first sight works for quite a few of lovers. You just look at the person and you know she/ he is the one and you attract all the forces of the universe to get that person. This has worked for numbers and some it hasn’t. Some people are just pretty and when they actually start talking, you cannot have a good conversation in fact not even a conversation. They are again placed in a different category of people .You cannot deny the fact that the book is judged by its cover 90 % of times. And each ones perception can differ.


First impression lasts for lots of people including me. When I meet someone I want to portray the exact ME, and if that does not happen I am disappointed. There is no reasoning or analysis, but it just does not feel right. So whenever you meet someone for the first time, even if it is for couple of minutes, you got to leave that notion which clearly resembles your nature and not someone else and leave an impact that they would remember. A lot can be known from the eyes of a person and that eye contact. It is really easy to understand what the other one is thinking or going through. And at times your thought process is not correct and the person turns out to be totally different from what you had on your mind throughout. I have met couple of strangers and after knowing them more the tables have turned but the FIRST IMPRESSION HAS NEVER CHANGED.

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