Distance means so little when someone means so much:*


So, what are the factors in a relationship that keeps it going?? How would you define a perfect bond?? There are compromises and adjustments in each relationship, the moments that you can’t stop looking at that person and the love grows each day and there are times when you do not want to see the other person – not for some years at least. Even if you have had the fondest memories with that special someone, you are in that position that you do not want to talk about him/ her. There are very less couples who carry on the relation even if they are not together. Does any of the heartbreaks relate to long distance relationships?? I have heard phrases like – I am jealous of people who get to see each other every day::

I just took a vote on one of my shows the last time and majority of the listeners were up for long distance relationships. Some of them have always been on one, some of them got into it after couple of years. Imagine you meet a friend’s friend at a party, and you guys have an amazing conversation and you hit off with really well, and you would want to give it a chance further. And once you get to know that person is not staying around and you might see him/ her after a year. Would you take that step of asking her out??? Does it really matter if the person is not next to you when you actually need it, or is just being emotionally dependent but either ways they are just a call away? I know it’s not the same but you could give it a try and see how it goes by. Relationship cannot be weighed on the basis of being in the same town forever. You might take some decisions later where you will have to go abroad or to another city, I am sure you would not think twice before taking that call, unless you are the type who is impractical and wants to give up on an opportunity. In fact distance relationship gets you closely as you have that space with the other person and you can do your own thing in your own way. It’s just about TRUST, COMMUNICATION AND PATIENCE which will keep your connection strong.You can always do the special and crazy things as Love cannot be measured as distance can . But as I say “It is not for everyone “.What do you think??

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