This is grief.

All of us have been through hard times, while we have lost our loved ones. We have experienced days which we never imagined and we hope it never repeats.  We understand the constant thing in life is change, and this is a temporary world that we live in, yet it is impossible to bid goodbye to our favorites forever who have been our permanent. Each one of us has struggled to manage the different situation, which was out of our control and many of us have been strong for people around us, our families, but at the same time, we have been weak in the inside. How do we cope up with these circumstances, if not today but in some years? How do we handle ourselves?

There is no right or wrong answer to it. It is a walk alone. There will be many who would be there to listen, but you will walk alone down your own path, your emotions. You will be there with your denial, your sheared off pain, your questions on “Why is it happening to me?” and “Why this beautiful person from my life?”. “What did they do wrong, this was not the right time”, all these questions will flood your mind and you will start finding answers when there are none. You will suddenly feel more responsible and mature, and you will come to peace, on your own, in your own time.

This is the period when you will be vulnerable to understand the vicious cycle of life and reason each thought. You will connect the dots and remember everything and each moment spent with that person. The loss of that individual will never be healed and there will always be a void in your heart.

There are some things that helped me during this unexpected situation when I lost my dad two and a half years ago. These are out of my experiences that I want to share. A part of my healing was writing, expressing how I felt, how it all happened suddenly and how I missed him so much. The next was embracing that he left us with so many learnings and wisdom and celebrating the person that he was by reflecting on his persona throughout. I am content that he did not suffer during his last few moments and I understand that today when I see many people suffering from different diseases.

It is never going to be easy, and we need to let it out, as much as we can, and believe that it is a plan that has already been designed and we are only following the steps. If we cannot realize that it is made for us too, then we are still living in the illusion, which will strike us again and it will be super duper difficult, instead of being super difficult. This awareness might make us do things differently, behave in an alternate way, and all in all, make us a better human being.