Airport musings:*

There are some situations where the emotions is seen outwardly in the same way as it is felt from inside. The expressions reflected in the eyes are certain and it is visible around. There is so much that the moment explains and there are many who do not realize about these circumstances. That’s right; we are talking about travelers and also about lot of individuals waiting for their loved ones at the airport.

The airport of any place leaves behind many stories and memories. It is heartwarming to see when a family unites with their children whom they meet after years, friends reunited after long. The happiness, tears of joy, the hugs, all of it expresses so much. There are many for whom the wait is too long and they get restless at the airport trying to divert their mind checking the information of arrivals on the screen continuously. Some listen to music in the highest of volume while some initiate a small talk with the person standing next to them. Waiting is tolerable for people with patience or else it is a pain, but in all cases, the togetherness is the key ingredient which shadows “the wait time”. There are many who hold placard to reach out to the person they have never met.

The feelings are mutual when the person is leaving the country for the longest times, which could be for work, studies or more. It becomes worse when goodbyes happen faster than thought. Goodbyes are pretty hard; nevertheless it is wishing luck for a new beginning. Some travel for a new hope, a new start whereas others might be on a tour or adventure. We all know that anything for the last time creates double the impact and so does the last meeting with the loved one for the longest time. This can be apprehended only when it happens in reality.

On the other note, most passenger especially foreign travelers get an odd and unusual thought when the airplane takes off. The stay, the people met, the places explored, adventures, learning of a culture, language and tradition becomes their strongest memory. Some get a patriotic feeling when they leave their homeland even if they are off for a vacation and coming back in some days.

The most amusing part to observe in an airport is when people run to join the line to board a plane when the announcement is made. They do realize that they are to get on the same plane yet hurry. The next is when they are loud and everyone can hear the conversation around them especially when the aircraft lands and they use their phone. It is surprising how people are off gadgets during the time of travel considering the impatience they possess.

One of the saddest parts is experiencing a migrant worker travel. They only know their name, and have no idea what their documents are, where they are heading to, what is the procedure of travel. And at the same time there are officials who do not answer their queries and dominate them. This system should be abolished and the authorized should be given a training to regard each person as an equal. Nonetheless, it is interesting that the passengers travelling together are never distinguished by their creed, caste and color.

Just a thought:*


I was just thinking how”thinking” is one of the favorite for most of us. Some of us think on a particular topic and get in depth of it, trying to analyze every different aspect of the conversation or the discussion whereas some give it a thought about the everyday activity, things they see, situations that they come across, the surroundings they observe and experiences that they live. There are the rest who do not give it a thought and let situations take control. They are the ones who believe a little more in destiny. The thought process of each one of us is amusing as there could be moments which would strike one’s idea faster while the others will not be affected by it. There are a majority who would share their thoughts and get diverse information and sides of the same subject and there are some who would keep it to themselves. As these thoughts are kept to an individual, the emotions which come after a certain period could be uncanny.What kind of thinker are you?? Have you given a thought to that? I am sure this article will get a lot of thinking around people and make them question about their thought process.

All of us keep thinking in our idle time and also when we are busy (pun intended). Our mind is always occupied and even if there is nothing important which is going on, there are these random thoughts that we never thought would come to us. These feelings might not have a link with each other but they juggle in our mind. There are times when the idea vanishes before we can think about it properly. There is no end to thinking; some are taken to the extent of its action when it comes to a plan. The best is after the accomplishment when the direction towards it is exactly as designed. The worse is when we realize no output after a lot of thinking and energy used in it. We would not call it a waste but maximum are the times when the productivity does not match with the framework prepared.

An explosion of thought can happen anytime. It could be while taking a shower or driving or meditating or while one is on a vacation. It all depends on where we are and the circumstance or at times that is not required too. There are times when one thought leads to the other and so much gets added that one forgets where it all started. All of this gets me quizzical on knowing the best time that you give a thought to different matters, could be small or big. You can answer easily but if you need a little help, let us know when this piece that you are reading will get you thinking.

Road safety:*

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The other day I heard a series of unfortunate accidents been discussed in the group. I was shocked to hear about incidents where the innocent lives were affected badly. These individuals were not at fault and it was sad to hear them suffer. This has become a common topic of conversation as we keep reading about road accidents in newspapers every day. Who is to be blamed and who is held responsible? Are the careless pedestrians guilty or the reckless drivers wrong or should the fault go to the hasty riders? It is hard to put the blame on anyone and every accident depends on situations involved.

We should be extra careful and take precautions if we are walking or driving the wheels. It is our conscientiousness to analyze and calculate the risks involved. Most of the accidents happen due to speed as individuals are always getting late. No one wants to wait as everyone is in a hurry to reach their destination. It’s amusing how the vicious circle keeps going on. The drivers charge and get mad at the bikers, the way they ride and get their way out from the smallest gaps whereas the riders and drivers hate how pedestrians walk casually. When it comes to the pedestrian’s side of the story, they are annoyed how the riders and drivers do not follow the rules and how walking is a task for them each day. This has been going on for the longest times and to add to the misery there are the public vehicles which are the most irritating ones. The sudden halts, driving in a crazy pace, changing lanes, polluting surroundings with black smoke as they run, carrying double the number of passengers the vehicle can accommodate makes it more infuriating.

In spite of the strict rules and lot of effort by the police, there are cases of drinking and driving. The classes which are to be taken after one doesn’t follow the rules and fines imposed have made an impact among the younger drivers but at the same time, it has not been abolished completely. There are many different rules and laws that are being added for a smoother traffic flow. The traffic is a chaos if officers are not present for even an hour. So on that note, we should be thankful to the men/ women in blue who supervise and track the vehicles and maintain decorum. It is one of the hardest jobs to channelize and regulate the traffic with number of vehicles that we have around town and with no traffic signals. This is a duty which requires them to be on board not considering the weather conditions and the time of the day.

Some officers give in their best and some don’t, but we as responsible citizens need to be extra careful while we get out on the streets. As drivers and riders, we are responsible for ourselves and also for hundreds of people that we cross on our way. Also as pedestrians we should not be crossing the road except zebra crossings and walk on the footpaths and not on the road. It is maddening when people multi-task on their phones while wanting to reach the other end or when drivers use their phone while they should be concentrating on driving. These are small things that we are all aware of but do not follow them. Imagine if each one promises to leave ten minutes early, no one will be speeding and the ratio of accidents will lower, no one will be harmed, including us, all for those “ten minutes”.

Six degrees of separation:*

One of my earlier love blogs were on 5 reasons one should be in touch with their exes. The article convinced many on being in touch with their exes as there is so much that a relation has to offer even if one is not in a” love relationship” with the other person. Some denied and commented in saying one cannot be friends with people they have fallen in love with because if they still want to be around them then they should never let them leave from their lives.

Most of it depends on how break up has happened and this post is exclusively for
circumstances where there is a mutual understanding on the relation not moving forward forever. When there has been a bad breakup than the reasons for the differences is valid not be around that person. The difficulty is when one is still in love with that person and has to take decisions in regards of situations that each one is going through. This position arises after lot of thinking and positivity to carry on the relationship and if nothing works with time the individuals have to take the call of being out of each other’s lives. However weird and strange it gets, one needs to be strong after taking the choice. There are six degrees (pun intended) that one needs to follow for the separation. These could be for the shortest times but it is necessary.

  1. It is very hard not to talk to a person whom one has been sharing most of their life with but that is exactly what is needed. An attachment exists if one keeps talking about every day incidents, taking suggestions and being in touch. It is super complex if one has the same set of friends around and meetings are frequent. One needs to limit themselves totally from getting to know anything about the other one.
  2. There are habits and behaviors that one doesn’t like or approve which exist in the person that one is with. There are two things which can happen in course of being together, one is the person changing as the likes of another one and the next is both individuals adjust with each other as they are. The first one is less likely as people do not want to change who they are and want to be accepted on how they are. With time since one gets to know the other one very deeply, there could be reasons that one would not have appreciated if they were not in love. These reasons can help overcome a mutual transition.
  3. There have been fond memories in a relationship and remembering each moment does no good, rather accepting the change strongly and if the past is spoken about, a smile is what should define it all rather than conversing about it. The things that remind one of the other person should be taken as token of growing up in a relationship.
  4. One needs to meet new people and be open to new relations. There is no point comparing the past relationship and how the other one was to the people one will be meeting. Each person has its own charm and flaws that need not be judged and one should definitely give a chance to a new person who is interested to know more. Unless one meets other people with an open mind and as a single, the relation will never work out even if tried to.
  5. Keeping oneself occupied and busy is the main mantra. Since it’s said an ideal mind is a devils place that is exactly what happens when a person is breaking up. There are reasoning and wanting to get back again, giving it last tries. When one is the busiest, thoughts do not wander and there is a straight line that one follows. Since out of sight, out of a mind is a famous phrase, it surely works out for many, indulging in the activities that one loves should be the first goal.
  6. The most important rule is acceptance. Everything gets down to this one rule. One need to be sure in their mind that the relation is not going to work later and it is for a good reason. It does no good to anyone when mind is strong but heart is weak; which when given a chance will fall for the same person again. One needs to built a strong connection of mind and heart and make them follow the same path. There is no point on lingering around one decision for long.

Having said that, it isn’t just easy to write and not follow these. These are required to follow for a short term and one needs to have peace with the fact that the relation is no longer the same. Undoubtedly, the heart will have the same respect and love even after many years because there is a reason one has been with that person for the longest time and at times love requires one to let go forever.

Purpose of life:*


The other day we were discussing about the purpose of life and how some people have not defined theirs yet. It sure is difficult to agree to one purpose as the situations and circumstances keep changing in lives of each individual but in a narrower note, one needs to find out what they are looking for in life. Is it the happiness of life that they are given to enjoy and grow or is it being content when things are not rolling as they want?? It could also be being positive in each possible way, loving around without hurting others or achieving one’s desired goal. It depends on a person’s mindset, thought process and notion.

Should happiness be kept for later phase of life when one is settled or is it a continuous phase? This is an argument which remains till date. Nevertheless, if asked the answer to the above question seems really simple, and majority will vouch for being happy all the time but the tricky part is when it is not followed in reality. We are always striving for more, and there can never be a balance even if we have achieved our short term goal. At the same time there are groups of people who find joy in the smallest things.

While giving it a thought, the famous personalities have had an interesting background, and there are people who have excelled in their fields without attaining a formal education. This makes me thinking how important is a degree for pursing ones passion? Which factor weighs more an experience or a grade? Why does an experience always start after obtaining a degree and why doesn’t it work vice-versa. The world would have been filled with people loving their work if the latter would have been followed. This also implies that a person should follow his interests for a year or two practically and if required he/she can get a theoretical knowledge to polish their activities. There are so many individuals who work only for monetary benefits even if they don’t like their work. There are many whom given an option would switch their career to something that they love with a lesser benefit. These are the people stuck with the job they have chosen and discovered their interest with time. They are afraid of the change because to start in another field, one needs a formal education even if it is for networking or a set off in an area.

There is no one to blame on this other than our education system which emphasizes a student to chose his interest at a young age when they have no idea about what it is. What I have experienced is the difference between passionately loving what one does and being remarkable at the job. One will continue working for some years if the pay is good or they are outstanding at it, but they need to realize that the work of passion is no work. It is living each moment and day to the fullest and making most out of it. A reminder: – It is never too late to change and to let the struggles make victory sweeter for a lifetime.

Travelogue VI :- Pullahari monastery:*


Exploring a new place every week is working out well for me. It is amazing to see that there are so many places around and in town that has been discovered by few people. Kathmandu has so much to offer that one can keep choosing the things they want to do. There are different hiking trails for nature lovers, monasteries with detailed artwork, temples and ancient architecture that will make one love the place all the more. It is the hub for individuals who love adventure, cycling in unknown path and chilling by the riverside.


Visiting a place that I have never been to is one of my passions in travelling. It gives a different feeling and refreshes one’s mind and heart. It is a therapy for many. There are different types of travelers and their interests vary. Some love budget travelling while some are the bag packers, some only want luxury travelling whereas some want to cover all the places. It all depends on how one wants to travel; wanting to know the culture of the group, learning different traditions or only marking the list of places that one wants to go to. Some would find exclusivity in the drawings on the pagodas whereas the others would consider it a normal piece of work. As travelling is addictive, I take some time out on the weekends to go to a new destination. I make a video and a travelogue of the spot to give out a little information about the place that many have been missing out at. Whenever I feel the list is about to exhaust, many more locations are added to the list which leaves me amused. In this similar situation, we ended up going to the Pullahari Monastery yesterday.


Having no idea of where it was situated, we rode towards Bouddha with just a name:- IMG_20150322_125325Pullahari. On our way we asked the shopkeepers, monks and the pedestrians around that area. We interacted with about 50 people to exactly know the directions. Some did not know where it was; some had not heard the name and were asking us if we were sure about the name of the place. Some said it was just 5 minutes down the lane, which never seemed to end and some were guessing it wrong. We crossed the same junction in search of the place. Finally we saw it from far and were happy that it was within our sight. After some more information from passerby, it took us forty five minutes to reach. We did pass different monasteries on our ways which were beautiful. We got to the Gokarna forest and reached the monastery.




As we entered the monastery, we parked our bike and walked towards the entrance. The walk was short and we could see no one around. As we reached a little further, we could see some foreigners enjoying the view and some busy with their meals. We got to know that the place is open from 10.30 to 3 except Mondays. We saw some monks as we entered the main area. The place was well maintained as it was less commercialized. The building had scripts and drawings which looked magnificent. We could not get enough of the place with the beauty it was filled with.






On the other side, there were nine pagodas in a symmetry which looked splendid. Each IMG_20150322_133953one of them was the same and the sculptures on it were mind blowing. We clicked some pictures and saw people hiking towards the place too. The taxis reached till the top and were filled with foreign nationals. There were very less locals. We spent an hour and got back from a different road. While on our way back, we realized that there was an easier route to get to the monastery and the area that we reached was a familiar one. Nevertheless, the fun is to get lost, travel around and explore more. Adding one of the beautiful and must visit places for travel lovers: – Pullahari Monastery.



Educated illiterate:*


There are different categories of people around us. Some are hard to deal with and some are easy going. It depends on each individual’s nature, character, upbringing and thought process. A lot of it is the tolerance power that a person has. This article goes out to the majority of people that we interact with and we ourselves can be the subject, if we relate our experiences and style of living. These are acts that occur unknowingly or unintentionally and we do not remember unless someone keeps reminding us about it. As these points are written, one can think about the situations that one has come across with the educated illiterate. This term is specifically for the people who have had so much knowledge, schooling and degree but do not know the simple rules and practices.

Educated people are those who because of their literacy have learnt many things in their lives and achieved proficiency in general. They have used their knowledge and become successful with time. But the problem lies when the educated people do not change their established convictions. This is one part of it. The other part is when the proficient ones act ignorant.

This could be related to professionals honking continuously while they are stuck in a traffic jam or could be people throwing waste from the window shield of their car. There are individuals who do not realize they are littering the surroundings and some who cannot stand in a queue for any entrance. These could be professionals to high school students. They are instances when piles of garbage are seen around corners and how people spit on the road as they walk. Using plastic bags is another example on how one is lazy to carry a cloth bag while shopping. Wasting food while attending parties and ceremonies is a common sight as well as people bargaining on small services for minimum amount is a pitiable situation. The irony is how we react and take things for granted when no cost is involved. There is no end to the list of following under this category of educated illiterate.

What I am saying is instead of arguing who is responsible for the system, one should practice what they preach. If each one of us follow these easy policies in life and inculcate in our style of living the place would be much better to live in. We should stop being in haste all the time as life is nothing but a slow moving race.

Have you been inspired by The Ktm Drive?


You must have known what The KTM Drive is till now if you have been a part of my blog posts (Paradiso). If not, it is really simple; we are a group of professionals working on social cause events twice every month. The events are super fun and since each drive is different than the previous, we try giving our best to the society in various ways. The best part about it is the members keep changing in each event, as it is not compulsory for anyone. Whoever can make it to the event comes for it and whoever cannot tries coming for the next. After each event there is a different level of satisfaction that each one of us experience and we look forward for the next one. The activities have taught each one of us making it a learning experience. The day leaves an impact on our lives and changes an outlook that we have towards life. With all of these, we have gotten many blessings as we have spread smiles in the lives of hundreds of individuals.

Initially we sponsored our own events, but now we have individuals wanting to contribute for our events. Since their physical presence is missing, they have been helping us in the monetary level. These are people whom we do not know personally yet they want to be a part of our events. The best part that they think is how our events are run and our accounts transparent. For the people who don’t have an idea:- We prepare a budget, flow it on the social networking sites and are contacted through different greeners all around. It is encouraging to get positive responses, messages and notes from people on the events of The KTM Drive. We are done with 43 events till date and love how people have been a part of this group around the world.

Among all of this there have been times when there are volunteers who have asked us if we provide a letter of social work if they work with us. That’s when we realize that The Ktm Drive is so much than a piece of paper says. It is always surprising to see the mindset of people. We are happy to be an unregistered organization and loving the way it is being run. There is a reason when people ask us on why we aren’t getting it registered as we are about to complete three years. The simple answer is because we work a little differently, we do not want to be concentrating in one field and would want to work in the form structure that we have created without compliance and reports.

So the other day we had a meeting with an organization for conducting an event at their institution. They asked us on why are we not planning on a long term basis and focusing on a few people to change their future rather than many. This has been a thought which has been running on my mind since a long time but the only answer that I have for this is; we believe in spreading joy and happiness even if it is for a shorter time because we are doing it from our heart. If we were to think about long term we would have taken up one field and started a company for non profit. Since all of us are working in our own fields we want to keep it this way and for focusing on a particular area, there are many organizations that are established already. We are dedicated volunteers who love what we do and want to inspire, motivate, and learn on our way.

While I say this, we are proud of THE KTM DRIVE and each person being involved with it directly or indirectly as it has reached such heights with an amazing team. What do you think about the group conducting different activities each time as it has been running?? Have you been inspired by us in any way? If yes, let us know how and with that, you are always welcome for any of our events and giving ideas.

~Ending this note with a pat on our back for the awesome work ~

De talented group of kids at DNC :*


Our 43rd event at The KTM Drive was an unplanned and surprise visit at Disable Newlife Center located at Gokarna. The kids were very happy to see us as this was our fourth event with them. On the first event we had divided them in groups and planted saplings around the premises of the organization. We had also flown kites with the kids on the festival of flying kites. Each event gave us an amazing feeling and made us realize the small things that we have taken in our lives for granted. These differently able kids inspired us on how they have been taking care of each other and living their life without complaints.

We gave them stationery which included an exercise copy, pen and also with that IMG_20150314_120827distributed a juice and biscuit to each child. As soon as each one of them received the copies, we asked them to write or draw the first thing that came to their mind. As soon as they heard that, they asked if it could be anything, and as we agreed to it, we said whatever that they wanted to. There were smiles on their faces when they heard “anything that comes to your mind”. They thought it was a competition but we cleared that question of theirs. Some started sketching, some started writing poems, some wrote jokes, and some had no clue what to write. Pasang
who cannot speak and write properly was having trouble writing her name. When one of IMG_20150314_121439IMG_20150314_121729our members wrote the name for her, she blushed. There was another child who wrote a beautiful poem which had a deeper meaning. One of the smaller kids who couldn’t write properly drew and when I asked him what it was, his imagination made a round shaped object a cloud which we would have otherwise taken as a sun. Some thanked us for taking time out to visit them. This other kid made three houses in his drawing for the three of us who were there and when I asked him what about his? He said I don’t have one yet. The talks, conversations, expressions from the kids made us emotional and question why people are not born the same, with equal rights and opportunities.


As the others completed the task, we were surprised to see how innovative they were. It was astonishing to see the output and just then we asked them to write a wish of theirs and what they wanted to be in future. Some wanted to become an artist, some wanted to be a nurse, one wanted to be a web developer, the other one wanted to become a doctor. Some chose singing and each one of them had a dream that they wanted to pursue.


If we were given one wish, I am sure each one of us would have a fancy one, but these little kids wanted drawing copies, geometry box, hair band, some clothes, and more love from us and such days to be repeated. Some wanted pencils, erasers and sharpeners and we fulfilled their wishes then. It was amusing how their wishes were immaterial and the smallest. They showed us their sketches and drawings which were amazing and some of them sang for us. There was a poem written by one of the kid expressing his thoughts to his mother which was very touching.



They thanked us for a wonderful time and we wished them luck for their exams. Spending time with these kids and making them do different activities added more fun to the day. They asked us to come back sooner which we surely will be going with their wishes. We did not want to leave as we were attached to these kids but we had to. The day left an impact on each one of our lives as much as theirs. It surely was one of the memorable days of our lives as we learnt so much from them.




Travelogue V, 2015 :- White sand all around~


Some days are added as the best ones in our journey of life. It could be because of particular adventure or could be with the awesome people that we are with or could be amazing conversations or something that we love doing. One of such days was over the weekend which started with Ktm Drive event and ended with a place that we decided last minute.

We had planned on visiting the tea garden early in the morning on a Sunday. That plan got changed to a drive towards Sindhuli highway as soon as all of us got ready for the drive. The three hour drive was perfect with the views that we experienced and the conversations we had. We saw clear mountains ranges and the roads had twists and turns. As we crossed every bridge it gave each of us a feeling on being outside Nepal. The narrow roads were smooth to drive and hills on the other side looked magnificent. The river patch made the place more beautiful.


As we drove we saw very less houses, minimum eating joints and one school on our way.IMG_20150315_101507 We spoke about how tourism needs to flourish in Nepal, how these places are not discovered yet, and how lesser facilities are around the place. We were discussing on how difficult it would be to get a mechanic in the middle of nowhere if the car broke down. On the other note, we were happy to see no traffic as there were few vehicles on the road. The greenery was at its maximum and we could see different types of trees.



IMG_20150315_104322 As we drove along the road, we had good conversations and we were getting to knowIMG_20150315_104329
each other better. Just then, we crossed an area called Nepalthok where we could see white sand near the Sunkoshi River. It looked surreal from the road. We asked for directions to get there and as we were driving towards the sand we met two kids carrying sack of potatoes and walking towards the river side. They were below ten years and were carrying weight double their size. We gave them a quick lift and reached the banks of Sunkoshi River.


We were at the paradise and the place was perfect. The view of the hills from the white sand and the sound of the waves of the river was bliss. We rolled, jumped on white sand and finally got to the riverside. A four wheeler drive was super fun and so was chilling near the river bank. We stayed for a while as we basked the sun after playing with water. We captured some moments but the beauty was already captured by the lenses of our eyes.










It was time to head back as we took a different route and it was an adventure crossing the gravel and rocky road. We searched for a restaurant and finally found one. After a great meal we head back. On our way back we had the most interesting talks as one topic lead to another and we were back home in no time. It was one of those days which has been the best on our list.