Airport musings:*

There are some situations where the emotions is seen outwardly in the same way as it is felt from inside. The expressions reflected in the eyes are certain and it is visible around. There is so much that the moment explains and there are many who do not realize about these circumstances. That’s right; we are talking about travelers and also about lot of individuals waiting for their loved ones at the airport.

The airport of any place leaves behind many stories and memories. It is heartwarming to see when a family unites with their children whom they meet after years, friends reunited after long. The happiness, tears of joy, the hugs, all of it expresses so much. There are many for whom the wait is too long and they get restless at the airport trying to divert their mind checking the information of arrivals on the screen continuously. Some listen to music in the highest of volume while some initiate a small talk with the person standing next to them. Waiting is tolerable for people with patience or else it is a pain, but in all cases, the togetherness is the key ingredient which shadows “the wait time”. There are many who hold placard to reach out to the person they have never met.

The feelings are mutual when the person is leaving the country for the longest times, which could be for work, studies or more. It becomes worse when goodbyes happen faster than thought. Goodbyes are pretty hard; nevertheless it is wishing luck for a new beginning. Some travel for a new hope, a new start whereas others might be on a tour or adventure. We all know that anything for the last time creates double the impact and so does the last meeting with the loved one for the longest time. This can be apprehended only when it happens in reality.

On the other note, most passenger especially foreign travelers get an odd and unusual thought when the airplane takes off. The stay, the people met, the places explored, adventures, learning of a culture, language and tradition becomes their strongest memory. Some get a patriotic feeling when they leave their homeland even if they are off for a vacation and coming back in some days.

The most amusing part to observe in an airport is when people run to join the line to board a plane when the announcement is made. They do realize that they are to get on the same plane yet hurry. The next is when they are loud and everyone can hear the conversation around them especially when the aircraft lands and they use their phone. It is surprising how people are off gadgets during the time of travel considering the impatience they possess.

One of the saddest parts is experiencing a migrant worker travel. They only know their name, and have no idea what their documents are, where they are heading to, what is the procedure of travel. And at the same time there are officials who do not answer their queries and dominate them. This system should be abolished and the authorized should be given a training to regard each person as an equal. Nonetheless, it is interesting that the passengers travelling together are never distinguished by their creed, caste and color.

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