Goodbye in words:)

Been in K-Town for more than two decades,

Was out for six years, such was the phase,

Born and brought up at 1045, since start,

Unlimited memories, get together, family being the best part.

As I travel across 15000 kms to start a new life,

Super excited, all set for the new jive,

As I go across the ocean with these smiles,

Wouldn’t have been possible without the blessings from all sides.

Be it work, social, radio, writing or exploring,

Each activity and event has been inspiring,

Be it with the kids, friends, family and the ones who have seen me growing,

Each good bye has been overwhelming:)

500 days without you:*

And they said “this is how life goes on”

They did not realize our hearts are still naive and off,

When they said “he is everywhere with you”

Did they believe it or was it only for you?!

I do not have more questions nor seek any explanations,

In all of this I would quote “its not the same”

My heart still melts when I talk about that day,

Wish it was still a dream since I have so much to say.

Its not just me, but expressing on behalf of everyone,

Be it mom or dadaji, who haven’t smiled since you are gone,

Home can never be the same, ever again,

Cause you are the one, that rare gem.