Dedicated to all the WANDERLUSTS:*

If you love travelling and exploring new place, time is now,

If you are in love with cities you had never been to, do not wait,

If you are in love with people you had never met, do not hesitate,

If you cannot go to the same destination twice, enter a new boarding gate ~

Travelling energizes, refreshes and gets the best out of you. You exactly get to know when your heart is made to travel and the word wanderlust is not just a word.

Understanding different cultures and meeting people from various parts of the world can be amazing and amusing at the same time. There is so much to learn, so much to love and so much to give. So, do not wait because the list of places to travel is long, as it is “EVERYWHERE”.

A Wednesday evening :*

It was a Wednesday evening as I got out of Pashupatinath temple after worshiping Lord Shiva. Since the temple was not crowded, I could quickly make my way out towards the parking. As I was heading to the gate, a little girl caught my attention. She asked for money to each passerby on a row. A lady walked in front of me and when she denied several times, she came running towards me and asked for cash. I was not carrying my wallet and usually I give money to the people who cannot help themselves.

As I walked on my normal speed, this little girl did not stop following me. Our walk led us till my bike and my inquisitiveness about her grew more. I wanted to know more about her and how long was she coming to the temple to beg. The conversation of mine started by asking her how much has she collected till now? She said it was 50 rupee in half an hour. What will you do with this money was the next question. She said the collection of money will buy her family dinner. The questions did not stop and I was taken aback when I got to know her sister who was seven was also in the premises of the temple asking for money.

She added that her mother prepared the food in spite of being ill and her dad had a drinking problem. I enquired about how much they collect in total. She did the calculation pretty fast and said it was around 200 in an hour on an evening. The fast calculation made me ask her about her school and subjects as she seemed very bright in maths. She said she went to school at Gaushala and earned her and her sisters tuition fees by herself.

I was amazed to hear that. A girl who is ten years old was taking care of her family, paying for her education and making her sister study. It was overwhelming to hear. She said on the day of Nepali New Year, she collected 2000 Rs as she sat in front of Guheswori temple. This is how she paid her school fees.

It was time for her to leave as she and her sister went back home with one of the members who stayed around Tilganga area. I wanted to see where her mother was, how did they stay and was that for real?? I asked her on what she wanted except money and she answered books. I promised her that I would meet her again on Sunday with another friend.

As I drove back with a name, that smile and a lot of thoughts in my mind I could not sleep thinking about the whole situation that she was going through. I discussed it with my uncle and many other friends. I wanted to meet her soon and get to know the reality.

I felt pity on the kids of this generation who did not value the smaller things in life and had no idea about what is happening around the world.

As promised I went on Sunday, but unfortunately I could not meet her. As we went around asking her name, the other kids got around us and we treated them with some chips and juices.I do not know if her story was true, if she went to school, if she paid her tuition fees or she had a sister, but all I know is there are many other like her who want to go to school, learn and not ask for money all their life.

The act of Piercing:-


The line which is frequently used: – the grass is greener on the other side stands totally true. Each one of us want things that do not belong to us; we love to follow traditions that seem more interesting. The amusing part is people from different cultures like the other culture. For example, westerners love the Hindu weddings and many Hindus love the Christian wedding. As much as the traditions and customs are declining there are people who love to experiment. People try new things when they are not abiding by the culture. I experienced this when a set of friends from abroad wanted to get piercing done.

They were deciding where each one of them wanted piercing. Most of them wanted to get their nose pierced while it was not fascinating for me. We discussed about belly piercing and people vouched that it does not pain after a month once it heals.

They were surprised to know that the ears of a kid are pierced on a size of a dot at a very your age in Hindu tradition. As I answered several questions for them, it made me realize the innocence of kids and how they would not understand on what is happening during the process of piercing.

Since I had seen many members around me with nose pierced, I never looked forward to it while I was a child. Piercings can be done at the most interesting places in the body as tattoos can. The only difference is the inking remains permanent while the pierce shuts off if one does not wear an ornament. To hear the various piercing stories have always been fun and I had fancied on getting one since a long time. My list had “anywhere in the body” except nose.

Since I had not decided where I wanted the piercing, it never happened. The plan got postponed time and again, and the options where I could get one kept on rising. After choosing from the several spots, I knew exactly where I wanted to get it done.

The experience of getting anything done for the first time is filled with excitement and nervousness at the same time. I had no idea on what equipment would be used as I was set for the piercing at the studio. It was just a pinch as the piercing through a needle got over in no time. The ears did become red and still hurts a bit while I happen to touch it when it’s almost three weeks now.

Kids and their wishes~Love the smallest things in life~


The events at The KTM Drive are so much fun and spending time with kids make us realize once again how we take the smallest things granted in life. The last two events were at Disable Rehabilitation Centre and Disable Newlife Centre. Both these places have around 45 differently able kids each. The structure and facilities at these centres are not the same but the experiences that we had with these children were similar and amazing.

We arranged for sketch books and crayons for the kids, and made them draw on a
Saturday morning at DRC. Some loved drawing, some did not know what to make while some kids made the members draw for them as they coloured. The creative images made by the children of different ages who were differently able were worth the praise. There was this little kid who drew how humans pollute the surroundings and the other girl made a house which was destroyed during earthquake and was being built. On asking her she said “The house will be built soon as our hearts are still strong”. These words not only got a smile but made us feel how positive and hopeful we should be in life. Some others who did not want to colour, we made them write jokes and poems.


The kids were enjoying the activities as much as we loved it. We gave juices and biscuits and then it was play time. As we IMG_20150530_143041_HDRhad gotten darts, football, frisbee and housie, the kids formed groups among them to play the game they wanted. The older ones were wishing their numbers to be called out on the bingo while the younger ones compete on their aim on dart. The little girls loved playing Frisbee. As we spoke about the coming session and their tuition fees with the management we hope that we can find sponsors for five kids for this year.


We were waiting for the event at DNC since the longest. Imagine the one gift that we have wanted and it being fulfilled by someone gets in the broadest smile for us. The feeling was similar as we fulfilled the wishes of differently able kids. Their wishes were things we could have never asked for or imagined. They wanted sketch pads, geometry box, hair band, ball, story books, and cycle. We got a car instead of a cycle and the fun part was when the toy car was given to the kid. They loved their gifts and invited us for a game of football. Their love for music was extra ordinary.


There has been a connection with these kids as we had number of events with IMG_20150613_114926them:- Kite flying session, drawing, plantation. It is hard to remember their names but it is easier to remember their emotions. We made them play a round of housie. As we taught them how to play they were really excited and were looking forward for the gifts for the winner. The day ended with ice-cream treats for all on a sunny Saturday afternoon. The events went more amazing as we were sponsored by For Education Foundation bringing smiles to kids each day.